Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


To attend Georgia Tech, you need to be intellectually curious and be able to appreciate understanding how things work. You will need to study and always remain focused on doing your best in every class.


Someone interested in Math and Science should absoultely consider Georgia Tech. It provides incredible opportunities within any notable engineering discipline. People who will do well here are those interested in putting in a quite bit of effort over the course of their time in college. Don't let that deter you, though. Those who graduate with Tech degrees boast some of the best returns on investment when compared to any other school in the country. This is particularly true if you live in Georgia and have received the HOPE scholarship.


This school is perfect for people who are very driven to do well academically and desire to have close relationships with industry leading companies. In addition Geargia Tech offers many cutting edge research opportunities. Many of these research opportunities allow you to work hands on with faculty memebers. The majority of the faculty members at Tech are well published and recognized as leaders in their individual fields. Campus life at Teh is vibrant and very accepting of all religions, races and ethnicities. You do need to work hard to succed here, but it is well worth it.


This school is for people who are consistently able to remind themselves that a positive end result is worth the hard work right now. Students will be faced with a tremendous amount of work, but also given the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual. High school students should consider Tech if they are interested in becoming elite engineers through hard work and dedication.


Only dedicated, hard-working individuals should choose Georgia Tech. There is a lot of wok, so if a student wants to do well in school, be able to join a few clubs and organizations around campus, and still have time to share with friends and family, he or she must be really wise about time-management and organization. Don't expect to get by in this school if you did so in high school.


The people who should attend this school should be a hard and dilligent worker. They must be committed to doing the work and making the best of their classes by interacting and learning.


Someone who is really focused on what they want to do in life. Students here know what they want and sometimes seem bionic in that we can handle a lot of academic work load and still have a social life. If someone is unsure as to what they want to do it is also a great place to find out who you want to be as long as you are academically focused and know that in general you want to do something big in life.


A person that wants to be challenged and does not mind putting in the hard work to be successful. This school is a good fit for someone that wants to have a social life and network, but also wants to get something out of their college education.


Whoever attends Georgia Tech needs to be driven. They need to want to excel academically and professionally. Also they need to be able to handle the pressure that comes with working with smart competitive people. Even though this is a competitive environment there is still time to have fun and socialize. They should be able to look past there work and see the silver lining from the long hours studying. To sum it up they need to work hard and play hard.


Tech is definitely a school to consider if you have a passion for science and learning, but I feel that the most important quality a prospective Tech student should posses transcends intelligence. It is tenacity. Tech is a very challenging school where you will be constantly pushed to surpass your intellectual and creative bounds, but it is unbelievably rewarding for those who are able to take hold of opportunities and run with them.


The students who attend Georgia Tech are not afraid to take on a heavy work load, because they consider learning to be a privilege rather than a chore. Even though Tech is famous for catering to engineers and computer scientists, there are other degrees that are offered as well, thereby allowing a broader range of students to attend.


I feel like a person who is interested in engineering and likes math and science. If you are interested in research there are many opportunites. You canbe nerdy but we're also very school spirited and football games are generally packed. There's a place for anyone as long as you put yourself out there.


The person that should attend Tech is someone who is persistent and is ready to work. This is a very challenging school but you can be successful. It will require dedication and hard work, but in the end, it will pay off.


Only someone with dedication and drive should attend Georgia Tech. The classwork is very challenging and you have to be prepared to tackle the long days and sleepless nights.


Georgia Tech is designed to prepare an engineer for a challenging but rewarding career in the field. To succeed at Georgia Tech, a person must be driven, well-balanced, and ready to face a challenge. I believe that having an innately competitive nature can have a significant impact on the ultimate success of a prospective student. Socially speaking, an outgoing student would be more successful at Georgia Tech. Most students in the student body are overly reclusive in social situations. An outgoing person would help counteract the barrier.


People interested in an engineering or science based education with a strong work ethic and will to dedicate time and energy into their future should consider this school.


A greeky, male engineering students or anyone with a strong interest in science


The most motivated and creative students should attend this school. Georgia Tech is one of the premier universities in the world, and there is a large amount of work involved, as a result prospective students should be hard-working and driven individuals. It is also important to be an open-minded person; there are a large number of international students and students that come from all walks of life, so it is beneficial to be accepting and understanding. As long as the student is willing to accept the Georgia Tech community, he/she will be accepted back.


The person who is not afraid to show off how smart he/she is, and who is capable of backing up the statement. This person cannot be afraid to work nor can he fall behind, but must remember that there's more to life than just grades, studying, and a GPA. Of course, know when to work and know when to play, and know that independence comes with heavy responsibilities. Someone who understands this should attend Georgia Tech, and will succeed with these words in mind.


A person attending this school should be willing to learn, a hard worker, and have good study habits.


If you're looking to go to college simply for the experience and fun, this school is not for you. If you want to go to college to prepare yourself for your future, both socially and academically, then you should attend Georgia Tech. Students who are serious about their studies and want to immerse themselves in a diverse and open campus community would like this school. Individuals who like to be challenged also will thrive here, as they will be challenged each day to do well in all aspects of their life.


Someone driven and internally motivated, very competitive and individually motivated.


Smart, hardworking, knows computers, and knows what they want in life


Students who are self-motivated, inquisitive, and mature enough to know when to ask for help would be a welcome addition to the Georgia Tech student body. Classes are tough, but those who can accept help will go far.


A driven student that is interested in exploring new horizons should attend the Georgia Institute of Technology. Someone who is willing to accept a challenge and full of ambition will greatly succeed at Tech. One should be excited to live among such a diverse group of students full of exceptional backgrounds. The student must be willing to get involved on campus whether it's through Greek life, student organizations or athletics. A school spirited and curious individual ready to be submerged into new knowledge is the perfect match for such a respected school.


Technically and mathematically savvy individuals who work hard and stay focused on their goals are well suited for Georgia Tech. A positive attitude toward learning is important because most students don't "succeed" in many of the tasks that are laid out for them, but rather solve enough of a given problem to learn from the process. It is also important that students are willing to seek the help available on campus if they are struggling in a particular subject. People who enjoy exploring various approaches solving to a problem will likely find Georgia Tech's carriculum agreeable.


A hardworking individual who is willing to do everything in their power to succeed, because success at Tech is very difficult to come by. A person who is not only striving for knowledge but also yearns for it. They need to be brilliant, active, and determined. Have great time management skills and a level head.


The person who should attend Georgia Tech should be hard-working, math and science oriented, multi-faceted, determined, and prepared not to ever get enough sleep. Classes are in general difficult, but interesting, so if someone does not mind doing the large work load associated with classes, he or she will enjoy learning about fascinating topics that people will not learn in most other colleges. People who attend Georgia Tech feel accomplished after passing hard classes and spending time getting to know other people who like science and technology as well. People who enjoy extra-curricular activities should come.


Georgia Tech is very unique in the fact that, although it puts students through the rigor of a stressful and somewhat frustrating curriculum, it still maintains a strong sense of school spirit. Students do sulk about the work they must complete but, in the end, they embrace the history and tradition of excellence. For that reason, a student that has had a history of great academic performance and work ethic, will find it easy to fit in with the students here as working hard comes natural to us and is a critical part of the school spirit.


Georgia Tech is for those who are serious about getting an education. The professors are tough and the classes difficult.


Someone who doesn't care about taking art or literature classes. Wants a good education for fairly cheap, likes living in Atlanta and might be interested in joining a fraternity or sorority


Someone who is very technically sound but has culture and strong motivation to study and do well in school. Someone who can contribute to the campus from their past experiences and will help build the communities established. People who are willing to help each other out and work well with groups. Those that are on a budget to go to school. Like to see diversity.


Someone who is very academically stable and financially stable. Only those students who are very into their work and can focus. Students who seek a career in engingeering should look at this school. Also, those people that like the city should attend this school because it is located in central atlanta.


People who are naturally smart or have the ability to work. Skipping class is a no-no.


A person going to Tech should be motivated and dedicated to school work. it is a very challenging school that requires a lot ot time allocation to work. A student should be very studious and should know how to prioritize and have good time management skills.


Someone who is extremely focused and driven. A person who knows what they want to do, something engineering/science related, who has a strong work ethic and doesn't require a large social network.


someone driven to be an innovator in their chosen field


Someone who is very interesed in academics and doesn't mind not seeing any girls for four/five/six years.


The ideal person for georgia tech is a bit of a loner, or someone who doesn't need constant social interaction, who is highly self-motivated and pretty smart.


Someone who wants a great education and can get along with different groups of people- some nerds and some partiers.


Anyone of strong character who feels the need for a challenging academic experience. Georgia Tech does not allow for the faint of heart or the lazy to succeed, so only driven, focused people should attend. People who like to take advantage of resources available to them, above and beyond the classroom, would also be well suited here.


Some one who is not afraid of hard work and spending lots of time studying.


Someone who is open-minded but still goal-focused. Someone who can get along with others and offer to study with others, rather than just stay in their dorm all day playing games or sitting at the computer. Interaction is really important to help the community stay a community.


Someone who is academically competitive, enjoys social activities, and is active in their community


To succeed here, you HAVE to be driven, goal oriented, and extremely focused on what you want. If you are not motivated to excel, I promise that you will not.


Anyone who likes the colors white and gold! And who is willing to study and do what they need to in order to succeed.


An academic who wants to have fun, we have a lot of nice people and a lot of normal people. We all like to have fun here, but school always comes first ( at least for most people)


This school is good for anyone who likes living in the city, but not in a very urban campus; people that have a very mathematical or scientific brain (even if you're majoring in Political Science (our International Affairs and Public Policy majors) or English (Science, Technology, and Culture). This school is definitely for you if you plan on majoring in Computer Science, any type of Engineering, or Science. Also, whether you like to play sports or video games in your free time, Georgia Tech has something for you. It's a very diverse school.