Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus?


While the people here are nice, most are introverted; therefore, it is hard sometimes to carry on a conversation with those who are introverted. In addition, I wish that clubs of interest would promote their meetings/events better. While sending emails sort of helps, sometimes a visual cue around campus could jog my memory of when a meeting is better than searching throughout my email for the information.


When people say that Georgia Tech has the toughest workload in the country, they are not exaggerating. Deciding to attend Georgia Tech is making the decision to accept several hours of homework each day and sometimes even stay in on the weekends to finish work or study. While this seems rather bleak, they are still a plethora of opportunities to get engaged and involved around campus. Those who are most successful on campus are individuals who do get involved, but are able to balance all these obligations at once.


The most frustrating thing for me is that I very rarely get any private time to myself. I value time to myself, and with so many people in one place, not to mention having to share a dorm room, I find it hard to get some alone time. However, after my freshman year, more housing options open up, so I should be able to get some more privacy in the next academic year.


The lack of financial assistance for those with financial need.


The most frustrating aspect of school is that almost all of my classes focus on problem solving. Having to learn how to efficiently solve problems by using complicated mathematics or writing successful computer code is tough, time consuming, and stressful. The process sometimes involves disbelieving in myself, having to ask for help, and dealing with feirce headaches. However, having to learn to problem solve is also the most rewarding thing about my school. Once a solution is discovered, the reward is good grades and a higher self esteem.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the professors and sometimes, the academic workload. Some of the professors are not available, thereby relying on TA's to answer your questions.


Most classes are incredibly hard and require a large amount of studying. The stress that is caused by all of the classes gets in the way of having a social life.


It is not that difficult to make B's in most classes, but it seems extremely difficult to make A's. The grading scale is different in this school compared to other schools, which does not properly standardize your GPA compared to other schools. I have also felt the class workload is so great that it impedes me from making progress in other extracurricular activities.


Certain classes have easy but very time consuming graded homework assignments. It functions as a grade buffer and good study material, but the assignments get repetitive and tedious very quickly. It is nearly impossible to avoid them, since many of these classes are graduation requirements for almost every major. These classes take away a considerable amount of time from studying and club activities, so it is vital to take these classes in small numbers per semester or stack them in one semester and get it over with (at the cost of doing nothing but tedious work for a semester).


The most frustrating thing about my school is that at times I feel as if I am learning so much that it feels as if I were drinking out of a fire hidrant. Sometimes, it gets to the point of where I eat, sleep, study and repeat the cycle for four months. Honestly, time management and good organizational skills are just as important as intelligence itself.