Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Georgia Tech is it's ability to be very work oriented and full of research, studying and education, but then to also know the importance of having a good time -- especially in the Fall when football season is in full effect. This school prides it's self on working hard and playing hard, the epitomy of a Yellow Jacket!


I love the fact that everyone here is very serious about their education and careers, all the way from the professors to the students. Though friendships and socialization are also important aspects of the college experience, it feels good to know that everyone has their end goals about their careers and jobs in sight. This makes for a very competitive environment at this school, which pushes you to be your best and excel. This is excellent preparation for the real world and employers know this when they come to recruit at our school. Go Yellow Jackets!!!


My school's greatest attributes are its' educational assistance and its' ability to provide numerous incredible opportunities. With all of the help on campus, including: professor's office hours, free tutoring, PLUS sessions, writing/communications lab, math and science help desks, and the Teaching Assistants. There is always help readily accessible if you need it and at an academically rigorous school like Tech, it helps a lot. Also, Tech's reputation allows for students to succeed outside of the classroom as major companies, like Google, Microsoft, and Boeing to name a few, are fervently recruiting us.


The connections and networking, becasue you have a lot of mentors willing to come back and career fairs/info sessions.


I enjoy the Clough Common building it helps students to come togethor to soliaze and study. At Georgia Tech, networking with students and facualty is critical to survive in acemdic challenging school. The Clough Common can offer students tutoring service .


Georgia Tech teaches you to learn. It challenges you to rise above what you thought you could do and learn things you never thought possible. So once out in the real world you can learn and do it quickly.


The focus on academics and especially research enables the students to be taught by professors who are leaders in their field. Also, the students learn how to think in novel ways and find out information for themselves.


The best thing about my school is the difficulty and talents of students. Georgia Tech is one of best engineering school in the country, and by default it have some of the most talented and gifted students. From my spective, I was on the wait list, which means I was on the bottom end of the spectrum. I was intimitaed but I was not defeated. I learned that through hard work and deciation, I was able to do the work and pass the test. Georgia Tech brought out the best of me and other students here.


The best thing about my school is that it offers a great education combined with amazing people I can relate with. I find that it would be very hard for any other school to be able to have so much people like me and for me it is very important that I get socially engaged with the people at my school. Because of all these similiarities it is also extremely easy to get involved in the universities clubs and activities making my college experience extremely enriching.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is the opportunity it offers for career development. They put in a tremendous amount of effort in getting companies to come on campus to recruit. Additionally, there are dedicated departments to help the students to find the internship/co-op/full job they desire.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is its professional atmosphere and its ability to prepare students for their future careers.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is how industry views the students at Georgia Tech. Companies actively recruit on campus for internships and full-time jobs in many different fields. Georgia Tech students are known for their results oriented work ethic, an attitude that is valued highly in the workplace.


Although the school is notoriously known for its academic rigor, the feeling of accomplishment when you do well is unparallel. I love that my inclination to always work hard is celebrated here both by the university and prospective employers that understand the challenges Georgia Tech students face. However, even though there is a great push to academically succeed at Tech, there is a certain camaraderie that exists between peers that makes those long nights in the library bearable.


The name association is the best part of my school. Everyone thinks its wonderful I go to Georgia Tech and we have a great job percentage upon graduation.


The amount of help available the toughness of my classes and the carreer help the school provides.


The willingness of the teachers to help with any problem is the best thing about this school.


The endless possibilities in the professional world are the best thing about this school. Having a degree from Tech on a resume is a powerful tool that will open many doors.


One of the many highlights about Georgia Institute of Technology is its proximity to such a busy city like Atlanta. By being so close to a business area, there are many recruiters and companies nearby that you are able to visit. It is a large school and almost everyone has heard of it. There are many parks and restaurants nearby if you ever need a study break. By being so close to a city, yet semi secluded, you are guaranteed to be safe but still have all the benefits of Atlanta's business district.


I consider the wide range of opportunities being the best thing about my school. The reason why I say that is because given the face that I love sports and my studies equally, I need both of them in my life. My school offers so many different intermural and places to play any sport you can think of to play on your spare time. On top of all the sports opportunities they also also offer many people and places to help you succed with your studies. They want to see you succed in your studies and have fun also.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is that it's a college in every sense of the word. There is pride, there is alcohol, and there is the stereotypical college experience that everyone has in their four, five, six years of college. And within this college is something better than the best thing: a community. Imagine 12,000 undergraduates, every one of them equally gifted with intelligence. Now imagine that this community also encompasses every type of student imaginable. Here, ideas and ideals are allowed to mingle to create an enriching student body - and everyone starts the same.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is that it provides students with every possible opportunity to succeed. Whether providing work experience through various internships and co-ops, cultural experience through the Study Abroad and International Studies Program, or academic experience through research studies and a well-qualified academic staff, Georgia Tech provides every opportunity a student needs to succeed and pursue his passion. Students are allowed to explore their surroundings and the opportunities present around them. They are allowed to make their own educational path, one that benefits them the most and provides them with the greatest academic success.


My school is one of the most difficult universities around the world, and because of this challening enviorment many job opportunities and internships are available from the best of companies, wanting undergrads and are willing to make accomadations.


The best things about Georgia Tech is the academic drive that it instills in all of it's students. The abundance of resources, and the genuine interest and passion that the faculty and staff possess about their subject matter truly inspires me to be the best student that I can be.


The reputation once I earned the degree. Campus is great and everyone is pretty like minded.


It is a top ranked school so provides more career opportunities




I feel that the best thing about this school is the ability to broaden your horizon of learning through different courses. In addition to the courses, the professors make lots of time to individually support students.


Good reputation and quality education.


The school spirirt presented at Georgia Tech allows groups that come from all walks of life to unify as though they has been friends for ages. This is important in the stressful environment that Tech presents. It allows all religious, ethnic, and sexual oriented groups to feel more comfortable around each other and more willing to be open with each other. This allows our students to be more assimilated and work together to overcome academic difficulties. in a school as diverse as Tech, this allows our students to build confidence in dealing with other people before entering the business world.


There is a lot of support on campus. Tons of resources to help students out, including career services and advising departments. I also have a great social life on the weekends. Our football program has been great recently, which makes for a great Fall Season if you're into athletics.


Location and quality/practicality of degree


it's number 1 in the country for my major


The best thing is the tradition here at Georgia Tech. The school has always been known as a great academic school, so when you tell people you go to Georgia Tech, they know how smart you are and how hard you are working. Besides academics there is so much tradition in sports. Georgia Tech is one of the top athletic programs in the country and has been for a long time.


Everyone at my school seems to have a general understanding and appreciation for what Tech is. They all know how challenging most of the classes are and how their GPAs at Tech are unlikely to be anywhere near what they were in high school and that there will be countless nights with little to know sleep. Overall, the school has a generally cynical yet humorous understanding of the challenges that face the students, which tends to bind students together as a larger community. It's kind of hard to describe; you have to be there.


The balance between academic achievement and sports is the best thing about Georgia Tech. It shows the well rounded ness of the school.


I know that when I graduate I will be leaving a lot more intelligent and well prepared than I ever could've imagined. I have made amazing friends that I hope to still be seeing 60 years down the road. All in all, GT will definitely give you the education you want and as long as you are willing to work for them, the friendships too.




It is a well-known technical school that offers numerous readily available resources to help you excel in your major/career choice


I like Georgia Tech's ability to combine a spirited campus life with academic excellence. The competitiveness of the sports program and the abundance of social activities on campus make the students feel like a part of something truly special, and fun of course. At the same time, I know that classes and research experience are helping me take significant steps towards becoming a well-trained professional in my field.


The CRC (campus recreation center). It is full of new equipment and convenient facilities.


When you graduate you will be highly sought after by many companies.


The best thing about my school is that it is a great place to recieve an education. A degree earned from Tech is one that is often held in high regard and those who recieve one are often successful in their chosen field.


The expertise of the faculty.


Our school has great connections. There are always career fairs and Georgia Tech really pushes our Co-Op program. Over half of Georgia Tech students either Co-Op or study abroad which I think is really important in order to build your resume.


Our reputation as a first-class Tech school really gives a lot of power when applying for jobs.


The life-long oppurtunities that a degree from Georgia Tech brings. Not only does becoming a Georgia Tech alumni bring numerous and exciting career oppurtunities, but you also enter into a close knit group that will be your friends for the rest of your life.


Georgia Tech is a strong engineering school with heavy focus on career and internship related activites. Research is also one of the strengths of Georgia Tech as a good proportion of funds are allocated to research and research facilities. Buildings are constantly being renovated providing students with cutting-edge facilities.


It's more than where a graduate gets his diploma. It is his alma mater. It has a strong alumni return rate and community feeling on campus.


I made the best friends I have ever met. I was surrounded by intellegent people just like myself.


The best thing about the school is the challenging academic environment.