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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Corey, WOW senior year, what a memory! Look you are gonna have to buckle down. I know you have a job, and wanna do senior activities, but youre screwing up! You need to apply for college and do your financial aid!! Trust me jobcorp does not work out and you will be pushed againt the clock to sign up for college, but you do make it in to GMC so thats amazing! Now College proccessis very Hard, Tiring, and Drives You Crazy!!! But you can handle it i know you. Just get on track


If i could go back in time and see myself as a high school senior i would let the things follow as they should because i feel that the things i went throgh in high school help me to the adjustment of life as a college student. the hard work and long nights of studing til you can't keep your head up in the class, going to work and trying to find that peace of being a teenage is what made me who I am today. I know there will be others who would tell their pass self the hardship of college, but i feel that it will change the way that past you would do in their future. but there will be one advice would give to my past self is this " school is always frist and study harder then the one next to yoiu and work as hard as the one who working hard than you," because in the long run all that hard studing will past for great work.