Georgia Southern University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are all very naive but provide a supportive environment.


Georgia Southern is a very open and friendly university. There are students of many different varieties. Finding friends is one of the easiest obstacles in going to Georgia Southern. There are students form all over and of a variety of colors. There are hundreds of clubs that support interactions and friendly gatherings. With the number of majors at Georgia Southern, there is a wide span of students with different interests that one could connect with. Also, there are thousands of international students who are amazing to have as a companion and to learn from. The opportunities to meet new people are endless.


Some of them are hardworking but some of them do the bare minimum.




Everyone is friendly and helpful.


There are a lot of different kind of students here. We have a bunch of transfer students from other countries. Many of our sport programs recruit over seas. The largest group of students come from the Atlanta area. Just about everyone I know is somehow involved in the school. We have TONS of opportunities to get involved, whether is be club sports, leadership positions, or working on campus.


Down to earth; friendly


I thought this school was really segregated. Not on purpose, but it just happened. The African American community is small and you will quickly recognize one another. Racism is noticeable from white fraternity members and with the local bar doormen. All kinds of students are accepted at this school.


My classmates are a very diverse group of people with a will to learn and are all proud to be a Georgia Southern Eagle!


These are students full of energy, eager to further their education, and come from diverse backgrounds which is awsome. They work very hard, but also know how to have fun. School spirit and hosting school events are very important to students as well. The ability to express oneself and it be safe is very important to myself and peers. The size of the school is great as well, not too big or too small. My peers and I have greatly enjoyed ourselves, and I encourage you to consider this school as one in your top five.


Georgia Southern is full of diversity, so my classmates come from a variety of countries and/or cultural backgrounds.


My classmates are smarter than what I expected, I am impressed with the fact that the majority of them have a high level of intelligence.


here in college you are not as interactive in class as much as in other schools. Once you learn who you like in your new environment and your classmates you all get the chance to work together and get help for everyone and get the correct support that is needed to push yourself forward and love the school. The people here are the most respectible than anywhere else that i have incountered.


Mt classmate are driven, strong, and motivated people who are not afraid to voice their opinions and are very willing to help anyone in need.


my class mates are attentive and intelligent.


My classmates are all extremely different. They range from the computer science majors in my english class that keep to themselves, or the pyschology students in my freshman seminar that are always asking about my day. The people I surround myself with are mostly friendly, smart, and cultured.


My classmates are people I love to be around and love what they are doing.


Unmotivated and very close minded are the majority of the students but there are some people who actually want to learn and leave with a degree and are not here just to party.


My classmates are wonderful, I will probably be frieds with some of them for life.


They have a strong head on their shoulders.


Everyone is not always after the same goals


Most are upper middle class to upper class students that balance school and fun well.


In upper level classes people care about how they do and in core classes it seems that no one cares.


Those who choose to excell and succeed within the classroom will do so, those who do not simply will not expand their knowledge nor continue to grow throughout their college careers & future.


Classmates tend to be helpful!


My classmates are there - usually, when they decide to show up.


My classmates tend to flock to the people they know or have previously met before coming to class. They interact with the teacher, but as far as peer interaction, they lack.


My classmates are generally happy and usually pretty darn good looking.


Classmates are helpful to one another and tend to interact.


My classmates are enthusiastic and eager learners.


My classmates were friendly, determined, and very open-minded.


My classmates pretty much party until finals week, then suddenly it's all about cramming as much information as possible to pass the final exam.


work hard, party hard


My classmates tend to be a diverse group of individuals who will help their fellow classmates when they need help and are willing to ask for it.


Eager and willing to make new friends .


Fun and willing to help.


My classmates are either focused on work or partying and then there is the mix of the both.


My classmates are bright, focused individuals that know how to relax and have fun.


fun and exciting


Strong-minded, friendly individuals who vary in their dedication to schoolwork, social lives, careers, etc.


To them selves


My classmates are friendly, helpful and understanding.


Fun to be with, create a good learning and party enviroment.


Everyone is very outgoing, friendly and social. Most are willing to help out in the classroom and outside of the class room.


My classmates are very Diverse, coming from different places, income levels, and other such things


City kids that felt the country atmosphere would not get them anywhere with there future career goals.


My classmates are extremely diverse and unique in every possible aspect of each word.


So of them are very helpful when it comes to studying for a test or doing homework.


My classmates are diverse in every way. Any type of person you can imagine, my school has it. No one should ever feel left out at this school. Everyone can be themselves. There is a strong presence of fraternities and sororities, but you still have a social life regardless if you are in one or not. People are usually very friendly and helpful if you ever have a question.


I would have to say that the best way to describe my classmates is people who are just here to get an education but also know how to balance the need for a social life they also tend to enjoy life and take it easy and that is what Georgia Southern is all about.