Georgia Southern University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Most people see this university as a party school. This is a very inaccurate observation. This is a good amount of alcohol and drug use, but it is no more than any other school in the US. If people look past this false accusation, then they would see that GSU is a very good school. The classes are small and the professors are very helpful to the students and most of them give out extra credit opportunities to help the students be successful in their class.


This school is best known for it's Business, Computer and Information technology program. Also this school is best known for it's campus beauty, and awesome research facilities.


I'm not really sure, this is my first year at this school.


Georgia Southern University is famous for its friendly atmosphere on campus. It has all the resources that a student could find at a larger university, but it has a small college feel due to the attention professors give to each individual student. Even if a student is unable to reach a professor for help, the university offers many peer lead study groups all throughout the day, every weekday.


The strength in the classes and how they prepare you to substain a career. The school is also known for the amount of parties. employeers know that if one can succeed in a school full of distractions, then that makes them that much better.


The school is best know for its Education, and Nursing program. The Business prorgram gets a lot of acknowledgement as well. Those are the programs that are stressed the most, but many of the programs are excellent.




Unfortunately, partying. However, it is definitely an excellent academic institution and research center. The name carries some distinction.


My school is best known for its large-scale but small-feel college. It has a loveable campus and feel to the school. The campus life is exciting every day and there is always events and activities going on. The students are always active on and off of campus. School spirit is greater than any school I know of, especially to its alumni. Georgia Southern University is the perfect school for any student looking for a great time along with a great education.


Their Education program s well known in Georgia.