Georgia Southern University Top Questions

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My school is unique compared to the other colleges I considered because it is larger than the community college in my home city but smaller than the other universities I did campus visits on, so it fits me. There is a large community of people who relate to me on campus, and I have not run into anyone who isn't friendly yet.


My school is like a family. Everyone that goes here loves the school and wants to make a difference here. During sports events, all the locals come and I think that is very unique.


The quality of the campus up keep and on campus housing. The university is continuing to imporve itself and upgrade academic buildings.


There are many unique things at Georgia Southern, that many other schools did not have. For instance, they have varsity athletics, the Greek system and many other clubs for any type of person, but they still remain a smaller university. Also, the weather is great year around and it is one of the most beautiful campuses that I had ever been to. Finally, the people here are very nice and helpful and they truly represent southern hospitality.


Georgia Southern offered a small campus feel. They provide a very personalized assistance program. As a first year student my fear was not being able to find the help I would need, but they discussed this with us at orienation sessions and really made me feel confident.


A mojority of the dorms are suite style, as opposed to traditional, but theres still a dorm feel. It's still easy to get to know your neighbors and stuff.


It is vastly known for its big school, but small feel school. It is the only school in Georgia that offered Forensic s as a concentration for the Masters program for Accountancy.


I considered attending Georgia State University. The factor that determined whether I would be attending Georgia State or Georgia Southern was Georgia Southern's beautiful traditional campus. Being that Georgia State is in the heart of downtown Atlanta, I felt as though its lack of a traditional campus would hender my college experience. Georgia Southern is also located in what some would call a "college town". Therefore, the school spirit is amazing and everyone makes Georgia Southern students feel right at home.


I love the student oriented way of thinking of faculty and staff! This school pushes us all to excel and give us all the resources needed to do so.


GSU has an unparalleled amount of school spirit and pride that transfers from the football and baseball fields to the classroom, making it exciting for students to say they graduated from Georgia Southern.