Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


A lot of the freshman introductory courses are huge.. The professors won't know who you are and you'll sit in crowds of over 300 at times. But once you get past freshman year, almost all classes are pretty small, less that 20 students usually. There are great career opportunities here, both while in school and after graduation. Academic prestige is certainly on the rise.


Above a 3.0


It really varies from major to major. The school places very little importance on its communications programs and it shows. The teachers know your name in upper division courses, but in lower division there's no way that they can. Lower-division classes can be very large. I was in a 240 person class. What the school is really lacking is a variety in its available electives. For the most part, your electives will consist of taking upper division courses in majors you won't have an interest in.

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