Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Friends, I've made so many new friends here and I've kept my old friends as well. Walking to and from classess allows me to run into people that I may not see otherwise.


Learning is learning no matter where you go. But the out of class environment is unlike any other. An important part of college is to know how to balance both work and play. The latter aspect is definitely catered to at Georgia Southern allowing for that perfect balance between the stress of papers and projects and the relaxation gained from video games to intramural sports.


The thing that I brag about the most when I tell my old friends about my school is probably the wide variety of classes that we have available at Georgia Southern. We have so many differnt classes and for most of them, you can choose to take a smaller class or a larger class depending on what makes you feel the most comfortable. I found this very comforting because I came from a smaller school where we were close to the teachers. The teachers are often very nice and willing to help because they want us to do our best.


When I tell friends about Georgia Southern University I brag about the campus. The campus is so gorgeous and even though a lot of students attend GSU it still has that "large-scale, small feel" atmosphere. There are also so many places on campus that students can sit and do homework or just rest and hang out. For example, Sweetheart Circle is perfect on a sunny day to rest in a hammock, lay on the grass, read a book, or a play a game of frisbee. It is personally my favorite place.


The two things that I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is, that our football team is great and it is really fun to go to the games. I also brag about the professors and classes here. I tell my friends that not only are the professors very nice and great at teaching, but they also go out of their way to help you as long as you make the effort to get the help that you need from them.


TRUE BLUE! Georgia Southern has so much school spirit. Our football team is doing amazing. We are a D1 school and are about to move up to FBS! This is so exciting. Our school is beautifully built and we are remodelling our football stadium and expanding. Georgia Southern is AFFORDABLE and is an amazing school with an awesome environment. There is support and groups all over that love envolvement from students. I love SOUTHERN.


One of the few remaining true teaching institutions, specializing in providing the undergraduate student with instruction by highly educated professors (best Ph.D. faculty to student ratio for public institution in Georgia) with the highest focus on student success. Each student is placed in an environment that nurtures the desire to enhance their abilities and success, post baccalaureate, while providing a positive ecomonic and social impat to the surrounding community.


I do online classes so I never attend the campus.


Georgia Southern University is a home for all of the students and it is vastly known for its big school, but small feel school. How many schools can not only say that, but actually mean it. The administration understands what it is like to be away from home and start on your own. They do everything in their power to make you feel at ease and there are so many events on campus and you are so busy with schoolwork, you don’t realize you are no longer under the watchful eyes of your parents. Also, the roomates are nice.


My sorority


The best thing about Georgia Southern is the diversity and community feel of the university.


I tell them that we're one of the top 5 most popular universities in the Nation. The teachers really care about you , and there is always something goin on on campus.


the professors and campus life.


I love that I get to take writing-specific classes on great subjects. I've even taken a class about comic book writing!


It is really clost to Tybee and Savannah. If you get involved on campus it is a kit more fun.


the campus is absolutely beautiful! It is big but not too big.


There is always something fun to do and everyone is down to earth and friendly. It is a big school with a small town feel.


The beautiful campus, how easy it is to get from one building to another, and all of the activities offered to students to get to know each other. Plus, our new gym equiptment is awesome!


I brag mostly about the closed in college campus, most colleges are spread out around a whole town or city, Georgia Southern on the other hand is all together, and it's easy to get around. Also the professors here actually enjoy doing their job and are more than happy to help with one-on-one if needed.


My sorority and roommates because they are the only thing I have come to like about this school. However, I do tell people I am just unhappy here and that they might truely enjoy it.


I generally brag about the resources on campus. This includes the library and such. It also includes the resources that are used for classes, especially the science labs. The classes are great and the teachers here are incredible.


That the campus is small enough that you can walk to all of your classes and still have some extra time to relax before the next class


I mostly brag about how big the campus is and they campus life. I also brag about how well the classes are and how there is so much to do around here. I most importantly brag about the eateries on campus. These are things that surely have students coming.


It is small enough that its education is more personal.


The atmosphere of the campus and town. Georgia Southern and Statesboro are the epitomy of college life. The campus is covered in trees around massive buildings, all in the center of a small town in the middle of nowhere. The people are kind and the school is big enough to feel like you are in college but small enough to feel like you know people in every class. The professors are wonderful and friendly and truly try to invest in the lives of their students. My major, international studies, and the people involved in it couldn't be better.


School Spirit, Friendlyness of Students and Faculty, Activities and Entertainment, Academics, Sports


The class sizes are small enough that you can actually get to know the teacher and interact with them. The campus isn't really spread out and its really beautiful.


I usually brag about the Center for Wildlife Education Center. It is an awesome place. I have volunteered there many times and have always had a good time. They have a wide variety of animals which is very intriguing to me because I am a Biology major. I also tend to brag about the professors and the many research opportunities they have presented me ever since I've been going there. It is such an awesome school!


The thing that I brag most about is the academic levels. My school focuses a lot on education and I always brag about what exciting lab we did in environmental biology lab or what crazy topic I just had to research. It's great!


Georgia Southern University is a medium sized university with many of the same amenities as the larger universities in Georgia. I tell them the quality of education I have found at this university is the number one reason I have chosen to stay here.


I brag about our awesome amount of school spirit that flourishes throughout the University. Campus is beautiful and has a very comfortable and peacful setting, which helps to remain positive. There are several computer labs and my technology fees can be used in numerous places that I take full advantage of. Most professors and advisors are extremely helpful and are willing to work with students who try their best and put forth their best effort. They will help you if you first help yourself. GEORGIA!! ....... SOUTHERN!!


The diversity within Georgia Southern, there are many different ethinic groups, religious groups, etc., here at Georgia Southern that you don't feel like an outsider. I feel as if Georgia Southern is very accepting, and its students are as well. So, people who are skeptical about going to a college or university due to the fact that they are "different" shouldn't be scared to attend Georgia Southern.


The parties and our recreational facility for intramurals.


Our school campus is absolutely stunning. No matter what season it is, I always find something beautiful about it! Whether it's charming sweetheart circle, or our awesome brick walkways, I always tell people how beautiful Georgia Southern is.


Georgia Southern University is a small university, but has all the advantages of a large university. There is always something to do. It's easy to meet new people and get work done on time. Georgia Southern gives you an experience that many other universities will not.


How friendly and helpful all of the teachers and staff members are.


The business school's accreditation The amount of information I'm learning that applies to real life Our new facilities


nothing really


The campus is beautiful. The college all the technological advances you could need.


People that i've met while being a student here, traditions, and school spirit.


It's academically challenging, but students also have a good time. It's also ethically diverse, which I believe is a good reflection on what the real world is like.


I never brag about Georgia Southern. The faculty and staff are difficult, and the local people and police are racist.


Girls are hot, Clubs are banging, and you learn ALOT!


I usueally brag about any kind of succes; whether sporting, academic, or woman of triumph. I usually tell stories about my life. I tell stories of the past and aspirations for the future. I believe my friends and family are the most valuable thing in my life.


I mostly brag about the social aspect of my school. GSU is a very friendly environment and even though Statesboro can seem like a dull town, there is always something happening on or around campus. Events range from football games to religious conferences to political rallies, yard shows, and probates. Not to mention the variety of intramural sports, student organizations, clubs, and interest groups. So no matter what your interest may be Southern has it.


I can walk to class, most of my friends commute to their school.


The quality and amount of work that I am given in classes, along with my internship opportunities.


The campus is utterly gorgeous. They do a good job on keeping up appearances and the faculty are easy to get along with. The Georgia Southern experience is basically what you make of it and that is a good thing considering that it was not my first choice. You can get involved as much as you want to get involved and it is really easy to become overwhelmed with overdose of involvement. You definitely get a community feeling from the school.

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