Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


One thing I discovered upon leaving Georgia Southern University and starting my role in "the real world" was the lack of fundamental training on software that is used across all industries. I find that this holds true for most, if not all universities. There is an emphasis on memorizing class materials which has a negligent presence in corporations across the country. Instead of the traditional educational approach, I believe universities should purchase and provide training on software packages that major organizations are using. This way students can come out of their education gaining a valuable, technical skillset.


Lack of healthy options for eating for the students who are forced to purchase the dining plans.


The worst thing about my school is how big and spread out the campus is. The lack of parking will be an issue as well.


Honestly, I haven't found anything wrong with the school. Being a freshman this year, I am still getting used to everything and everyone around me. Down the road, I will probably find little things here and there, but for right now I haven't found anything wrong about it that I need to go run and tell anybody about.


There is only one Walmart, which serves 4 other counties


Limited access to the big city. I lived in a suburb of Atlanta and now I'm 45 minutes away from any meaningful Mall shopping or a wider choice of physicians.


Again, I would have to say the location of the school. There isn't a wide selection of things to do outside of the University grounds.


The worst thing about southern is the heat. It gets unbearably hot in the summer and you feel as though you may melt!


The outlying community is very small. Not people wise, but business wise. There are not a lot of things to do outside of the campus, which probably leads to the 'party-school' reputation.


The weather and the availability of the buses and bus stops.


Finding a compatable roommate. (Heat & bugs are somewhat of a problem in fall.) There isn't much I don't like. I really like the campus, the professors, and the classes for the most part. I don't like having to use the meal plans . I feel I have to get those in before Monday or I loose them, so that makes me pretty much have to eat on compus a lot. However, I do like being able to use my meal plans at the campus store to get milk, bread, water or things I might need.


There is nothing bad about my school


The only bad thing I could say about my school is the lack of shopping around it. There's isn't much of it from about 45 minutes.


The available parking would be my thought. I say this because you have to have a parking pass no matter where you park and if you don't have that pass your most likely going to receive a ticket. It is a pain because parking passes sell out quickly so if your classes are all in one area and you don't get the parking pass you need you will have to walk a bit to get to them.


The worst attribute associated with Georgia Southern University is its lack of ethnic diversity. I feel if more international students were to attend the school then each student could experience how different groups of people live and interact with each other.


The worst thing about Georgia Southern is there seems to be more room for emphasis on academics. In my opinion, some course could be more challenging.


This is a difficult question to ask because Georgia Southern has hardly any flaws. They are very stern about the rules they set, especially concerning alcohol and drugs, and treat these situations no differently than a normal authority would. However, the administration also understands that they are dealing with college students who are very curious and this is taken into consideration if a student has been caught their first time.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that people who do not or have not been enrolled here often consider it a "party" school. It is bad because many prospective students rule it out before they even visit and get the chance to see all GSU has to offer.




I believe the worst thing about Georgia Southern University is the professors in some departments. It is extremely hard to learn from a professor who speaks English, but with such a heavy accent, it's difficult to perform at your best.


The worst thing about GSU is the parking situation. At a school with 20,000+ students, it is a fact that the campus is not small by any means. Unfortunately, the parking facilities are limited, this leaves certain students either lacking a parking spot or walking a substancial distance to every class. Class is not the only problem, there are facilities such as the library which also lack parking accessibility. Around finals the library is home to many students and the parking situation leaves many walking long distances in the dark. If anything could be changed I'd pick parking.


Kent State is big which makes it diverse and creates a lot of research and internship opportunities, but it is too big. It's hard to find friends because you don't feel a personal connection with anyone here. Everyone is doing their own thing and has their own group.


They do not have their bus shuttle system set up to where it runs seven days out of the week. The bus system also does not take you to any stores or places away from campus unless it is an apartment complex.


The large class sizes because it doesn't give students the opportunity to communicate and collaborate ideas.


The worst thing about my school its its on campus smoking. They have to eliminated smoking on campus, but they are working there way towards it. Once smoking is eliminated from campus, there will be nothing that will make me complain.


The party school atmosphere


The main concern incountered as a freshman is that there is so many people and things to do that it can be a rush to get work done. Once you get behind you continue to put things off and attend things that do not affect your grades and then you realize its time to set back time to do just school. with so many things going on its tough to pick up the books instead of your keys and heading out of the door to go have fun.


The worst part about Southern is that everyone considers it a party school. Without a doubt, parties are easy to find. I have managed to make it through my entire first year without going to any party. Partying is not essential to the lives of Southern's students. I can assure anyone that is considering Southern that if you want to find something clean to do on a weekend night the school will provide it.


I consider having teachers who don't care that much about the academic and comprehension welfare of the students, a major problem. There aren't many, but the few that we do have purposefully make it hard for any student to achieve anything in their class.


The worst thing about my school is all the smokers on campus. There are more black cigarette ashtrays than trash cans! It would be better if smoking was not allowed on campus.


Since transferring to my Georgia Southern University I realized it is a very large school. With a population of almost 19 thousand students, it lacks the teacher-student relationship that I was accustomed to. When that relationship is present you obtain the opportunity to ask important questions during lecture, that might have gone unnoticed in a class with over two hundred students.


I love the school I am attending. There are a lot of majors to choose from, however the worst thing would have to be that my school does not offer architecture. I am undeclared at the moment, but am considering architecture. If I decide to change my major to architecture I would have to transfer to a new school and leave the school that has become my home.


nothing about the university in general, usually just problems that arise because of classes.


Sometimes the location, is a little to small town for me; I grew up in Atlanta, where everything was so close and there where tons of things to do. So sometimes the remoteness of the location can we less than diserable.


The worst thing about Georgia Southern University is the lack of minorities. In hig school you take a lot of things for granted. One of those things is the diversity within the student body. At Georgia Southern there are many white and black students, but when it comes to other races we lack. You start to miss the conversations in spanish you would hear walking the halls, and the sounds of asian instruments coming from the chinese club. If Georgia Southern accpeted more minorities, then it would seem like more of a melting pot .


I feel that the absolute worst thing about this university is the financial aid office. When going through the meetings and touring the school the staff of Georgia Southern heavily emphasizes that they are easy to work with and everyone should be able to pay for college. This is not true, the staff in the financial aid office are not at all committed to helping students pay for college they are in fact rude. Also Georgia southern is not easy to work with in financial situations, they only accept certain loans making it hard on students and parents alike.


The only thing that I really do not like about my school is that the off- campus hosuing is cheaper than on campus. Off campus housing is further you have to ride the school buses or you can walk(its not that long I'm just little . Everything else is great.


The worst thing about Georgia Southern University is the mandatory rule that all freshman must stay on campus in the dorms. It is a lot more expensive to live in the on campus dorms and when one adds on the cost of books and meal plans it becomes very taxing. I believe that if a freshman wanted to live on campus they would get the first pick over upper classman but i do not think that it should be a requirement.


Georgia Southern is amazing with small class sizes, large campus atmosphere and great dorms, teachers and technology but some disadvantages at Georgia Southern are the low admission standards and fact that there is nothing to do in town. Georgia Southern is a great value school that is unknown but really a outstanding school but the school has a high admission rate and that is one issue. Many of students on the low standardize test score side come here without the intent to really dedicate themselves to their studies, that paired with the small town leads to alot of drop out.


To me, one of the worst things about my school is the lack of fastpaced city life around. Although this is a matter of opinion, it can be cultureshock to someone who comes from a big, fast city, to the quiet and mellowness of my campus. Although there are many exciting things going on around campus, a person should consider the entire atmosphere of the city. Although the campus might not be walking distance to some of the latest fashion boutiques, this is made up for by the many other activities on campus.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of traffic. Since it is a small campus there is alot of traffic moving all around campus. People tend to walk out in the street, people speed, run stop signs, etc. But this is what you would expect when you come to a smaller sized school in a small city.


I believe the worst thing about my school is that it is not a four year degree school. You can only get your associate degree from this instituation and I think it would be wonderful if you could get your bachelor's degree.


The worst thing would probably have to be the housing. The dorms are some of the greatest I have ever seen on campus, but they are in such high demand that if you are not a freshman you are entered into a lottery where only 600 people out of a few thousand non-freshman students can get on campus housing, that truly is more expensive than off campus apartments of comparable quality


The worst thing about my school is that it is somewhat know as a "party" school. I consider this the worst thing because by me attending this school in which the majority of the students here party people would automatically assume that every student at this school parties which is in fact not true.


More jobs are needed.


I would say that the Financial Aid Department is the most challengeing area simply becuase of the high volume of issues that the students face. Fortuantely, faculty in the Financial Aid Department is willing and working to quickly resolve student issues.


i love my school


The meal plans are the worst deal ever. The school is stealing a lot of money from the students.


In my opinion, the worst thing about Georgia Southern University would be the communication between the different major departments on campus. This year, I began my Junior year and my core major classes, and being an International Trade major, I am required to take business classes as well as international studies classes. I have discovered the lack of communication between those two departments when it came to be advised for the upcoming spring semester. I believe if the different college departments here communicated more with each other, it would ease a lot of frustrations students have.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the availability for work. My school is located in a small town where jobs are scarce. It makes it very difficult to not have a job and to defend for yourself. It's hard to buy groceries and other necessities.

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