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What kind of person should attend this school?


I think it is extremely hard to narrow a student to a particular "kind of person". While at GSU, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet students from all over the world. There is an international presence at the university that brings wonderful diversity and pride to the campus. If I had to list a kind of person, I would say one that is committed to school, and not there to "party". Too often students had to leave due to poor grades, and not taking their education seriously.


You’re going to want to be polite, and have a lot to put on that application: do some stuff with clubs, student government, intramurals/other sports activities, possibly go greek, and of course have good grades!


Some one who is willing to meet new people and learn. Also someone who want to have fun in the process.


This school is great for students that love sports and/or working out (generally, any athletic activity), the Greek system, and who have a lot of money to spend going to the club/bar to kill time. Also, if you can afford to purchase a parking pass, then you have more money than most of the students here.


A person who enjoys being in a southern enviorment, where people are very hospitable and treat one another well. Not to mention the fact that Georgia Southern is a party school, so if a student likes to party they will enjoy it here. Not all students party hard here, there are plenty of other students who are academically focused and actually want to do well in school. This school is for students who are good with diversity and enjoy a good southern atmosphere.


Someone that likes having a big school, but if feels like a small one because you get to know everyone. A person that truely cares about what they do in the future should attend this school. It prepares you for the real world.


I think that all kinds of people could attend this school. People looking for a big city feel or want a large city feel probably wouldn't want to go here.


Someone who doesn't want a big school but doesn't want a little school. They care about their academics, but also wants to grow as a person. They want the 'at home' feel with the thrill of being out of the house.


A person who would like to be successful and thrive should attend Georgia southern.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who likes diversity and a person that is not afraid to get lost in the crowd.


I bekieve this school is perfect for anybody. Georgia Southern University is a large scale school with a small college feel. Students have the opportunity to meet thousands of individuals without being overwhelmed by too many people. There are plenty of majors to choose from which creates great diversity making it a perfect choice for anyone interested in furthering their education.


Anyone who has a drive to succeed and get ahead in life but is looking to enjoy his/ her college career too. Anyone who is searching a large college, but is in need of personal attention to succeed.


Someone who wants to learn and love their school. The person should enjoy a large-scale college with small-class feel. They should want to know their professors and have the professors recognize them. This school is perfect for students who want that balance of good classes, interested professors, and a social life that is what the person shapes it to be. This is a school for people who want to be involved with their school and in clubs that fit them and support their school.


A student that is interested in a small town atmosphere and southern hospitality at its best.


A person that is really social and thinks that the only way to have a good time is by getting drunk and partying. Also, a person that doesnt mind being in the country, this place is not meant for city people.


I believe Georgia Southern is a perfect fit for any student. There is such a diverse population here, it really suprised me. There is such a wide variety of majors here that you can pretty much find anything that suits you.


Someone who enjoys warmer South Georgia weather. Someone pursuing a degree in business, nursing, or education.


If you like a school that is small enough to get involved and big enough to never be bored, then GSU is for you. The campus is set up so that you will constantly be in interaction with other students. Classes are small, so it is easy to make friends, and almost everyone walks to class so it is easy to socialize. GSU offers many clubs and activities so that students are never bored.


Georgia Southern is a very diverse school. I have met people from several different countries and ethnic backgrounds. Everyone that I have had the opportunity to speak with, really enjoys Georgia Southern and feels right at home. I feel that any kind of person, looking to study any subject would enjoy Georgia Southern. Not to mention, Statesboro is a very nice town. All of the local businesses and stores welcome the college students.


A person who attends Georgia southern University should, be ready to work hard to get the best Education that they can, they should be willing to study and they should try to get involved in campus life. The kind of person that should attend Southern, should be a person with a good work ethic, organizational skills, and have a fun and energetic out look on life.


People who want to be among a lot of people but in a small town.


An outgoing, fun, loves to learn and get things done, and one who should lead.


Any student who is willing to work hard would fit in well at Georgia Southern. The school is known for it's "party school" name, but students who don't focus on their classes never do well. The classes can be fun, but also demanding. I would suggest this school to any one who is willing to work hard, have fun, and still get a great education.


Someone interested in a run of the mill college experience.


I believe that any type of person can attend Howard. There is something for everyone on this campus. I have noticed that the variety of clubs, organizations, and groups on campus fit a wide variety of interests and people.


The student cummunity welcomes all types of people. It's a very diverse campus.


Anyone who is looking for a great academic environment, extra curricular activities and a nice and friendly atmosphere. I think Gergia Southern has something to offer for everyone. Staff is helpful, although Statesboro is a small town, there is lot to do for the students, and getting involved is very easy too. But one of the best things about Georgia Southern is that anyone feels welcomed, and it is easy to feel like home -even for international students!


white person


Someone who likes big schools with plenty of campus involvement available should attend this school.


Someone who is outgoing or wants to meet new people. There are a good amount of shy people here though. It is extremely considered a "southern" school.


Any person can atted. We have a very diverse population of students.


I think the person that should attend Georgia Southern University is someone who is looking for a toned-down type of campus where you can mix and mingle and get to know people of various backgrounds while in a hometown environment.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is very dedicated to their school work. It is very easy to get behind in the classes because there is so much to learn and little time in a semester. The professors here expect alot out of the students, so you have to be prepared to give it your all to succeed in these classes. Study, study, study!


Anyone that is sociable and ready to further their knowledge and career.


People who are very comfortable in social settings and are willing to work to earn their grades.


Students straight out of high school from rural areas or students who have been sheltered should not come to this college because of how easy it is to get drugs and alcohol. Those students who do not have strong desires to party do well at GSU. Also, those who transfer from a community college fair well.


A person who is deticated to their future careers, but not afraid to go out and have fun along the way.


Some one looking for a great school a decent sized campus with excellent facilities!


A person who likes to have the access of a city near then without being in the city and wants the convenience a fairly well sized city, not extremely rural or urban. Someone who likes to play sports, especially football.


Someone who is outgoing and exciting. There is lots to do but if you dont get out and make friends its hard to function here. Someone who loves to be involved in the community and fitness. It can be very hard for someone to enjoy it here if they have to work 30 hrs a week. That was the hardest thing for me balancing a social life, and being dedicated to my community and atheletics.


any type


Someone who enjoys people, sports, acedemics and truly wants to network. The school really helps you find your way and what you want to do in the future.


To be honest, there isnt a specific kind of person that should attend my school. Georgia Southern University has a diverse environment. Students range from fresh out of high school to those who havent gone to school for twenty years. GSU has something for everyone: sports, clubs, activities, just about anything you can think of.


People who should attend Georgia Southern should be ready for a change in their lives. They should be open and willing to think outside the box. They should be energetic and ready to learn. They should know how to balance work, school, and social activities.


Someone who wants to learn a lot but with out the high pressures of a school like Georgia Tech or UGA.


A person who is willing to have fun but at the same time willing to wake up and go to class. Georgia Southern is known as a party school but it is quickly turning that reputation into a school that focuses only on academics. The last couple of years I have noticed a different kind of student attending Georgia Southern, a more motivated and focused student. To be honest Georgia Southern can accomindate any kind of student. There are state-of-the-art buildings and a brand new library but there is also bars and a huge social life.


Georgia Southern is a good school for any student. Everyone has a place here.


Conservative that likes to drink


Honestly someone who is from a well to do caucasian family.


White, southern male or female. I would like to see that change though, and I am a white, southern female.

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