Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school are the types that are not serious about their school work and life. One of the most dangerous things to do is waste your time because time is the currency of life, and time wasted is life abused.


Someone who wants to go to a school in a big city


Someone who cant keep up with their classes.


Statesboro is a small town. If someone is looking for a big city lifestyle then statesboro is not for them. The nearest big city is 45 minuites away (Savannah, GA). Making that trip isn't bad but that is where the nearest city with a large shopping mall and a vaariety of stores is.


Any student that absolutely abhors sports, the Greek system, and does not want the feeling of being “lost” in a medium-sized school should probably stay away from Georgia Southern University. You will probably hear a good number of students talk about going to a party or club/bar at night. If that bothers you, GA Southern is not for you.


This school allows for any type of person. They accept anyone, and you can find your place here as any kind of student. People around campus are very willing to help. There are plenty of activities to participate in around campus, where you can meet students with the same interests as you. Since the campus is very easy to navigate, it makes it easy to meet up with friends and be a social person.




If a person is uncomfortable in a large social setting then Georgia Southern would not be the proper school for them to attend. The classes that the school offers are often very large and for those people who feel intemidated by large group this would be a difficult setting to deal with. Students that feel like Georgia Southern is just party school should also consider another university because the classes offered here are challenging and dedication to your school work is a neccessity.


A person who is dedicated to learning and earning their degree


Georgia Southern University is in a very rural town with little to do without activites put on by the university. Individuals that love the hustle and buslte of the city may find this school an inapporpriate match for them.




Someone who is not serious about school or learning should not attend. If you just want to breeze through college than this is not the place for you!


If you are a person big on college sports, you should not attend. Or if you're not used to the fluctuation of the Georgia weather. Statesboro is known for having all four seasons in one week.


This school is considered a "walking campus" which means that a no cars are allowed inside the campus. Anyone that prefers to drive to class and does not like walking should not attend because the primary means of transportation is walking/riding a bike. There is an option to drive to class, but the parking lots are kind of inaccessible and still require walking a good distance in most cases.


The kind of person that should not attend Georgia Southern is a lazy person. The classes here may seem easy, but the professors are very smart. They can pick out the lazy students, and those students definitely get more work in the long run. I'm sure most schools are like this, but I just feel as if a lazy person would not be able to succeed here at all.


Anyone who does not like big schools and somewhat large class sizes. Georgia Southern has grown tramendously in the last few years to nearly 20,000 students and is continuing to increase. Due to the increase in students, class sizes have also grown and some people may be more comfortable with smaller classes.


Some one who doesn't take education seriously and plays a lot with their future like a roulette board.


There is no single type of person that should not attend this school. Everyone here is treated equally. I, for one, cannot tell between those who are rich and those who are on scholarship. Everyone from a 17 year old senior to a 50-something year old senior; from Asian, to White, to Black, etc is graduating from Georgia Southern. Every type of person should be allowed to attend this school, and any other school, for that matter.


A closed-minded person who doesn't care about academics or excelling at all.


A person who doesn't want to succeed in going further and or finding a job in the work force. If student just wants to go to a university/college and party all the time shouldn't attend at all. Parents/ students pay alot of money to attend college why waste it and do nothing?.


Aperson who is really into partying and will let parties interfere with school work.


People who aren't willing to work hard or are socially uncomfortable in large groups.


The type of person that should not attend school is the type of person who just want to drink and party. Those types of people usually give the school its self a bad name . Also people who are going the school just because thier parents made them. They are the ones who end of flunking out.


If you are very shy and need a lot of individual attention this isn't the school for you.


Super liberal artsy hippies.


Someone who does not want to get involved...I feel like this college would be a waste for them since Georgia Southern offers so many clubs, sports, etc. for students.


Someone who doesn't want a good education.


Anyone who thinks they can come down here and just party and not study is in for a rude awakening.




Someone who wants to experiance the college life and go to a school that is fun and also very academically focused.


Everyone should attend this school! Although many people may consider this a conservative southern university it is not. Lots of diversity and acceptance.


an uptight workaholic


Smart, personable


Really there isnt a person that should not attend this school. People are very open-minded at this school


I don't think there are any persons that should not attend this school.


people who don't like small towns or close-minded people


A liberal that does not like to drink


Somone who expects the school and surrounding city to entertain them. People come and go from GA Southern thinking it wasn't for them. That's fine, but to stay and have a good time it's all about the poeple you hang out with. And trust me, there are a lot of good people here.


The person who is full of themselves. That does not take school serious and disrespects the school in any shape or form.


All should attend.


One looking for a small quiet place


My college has intelligent faculty, a beautiful campus, and extensive extracurricular activites. Any person who believes that they are capable of acheiving great things should attend this school. This college provides you with the resources you need to invest in a viable and promising future.


someone who is not very social. people at this school love to go out a lot and have a good time. people who grew up in a city and will really really miss city life it is in the country but there is still a lot of things to do. not someone who had a 4.0 in high school and wants to be a brain surgeon


I think that every type of person i accemped at Georgia Southern because there really is something for everyone here. I strongly recomend going Greek if you really want to be somebody on campus though.


the kind of person who isn't interested in pursuing a career with long term life goals.


No one!.................Except UGA fans.


I really don't know anyone who I wouldn't recommend this school to. I'm actually trying to get my brother to go here, too. The only thing is, if you're going to be unhappy with going here, then don't. It's as easy as that.


A person who is easily influenced or peer pressured, it's very hard to choose between doing what is responsible and having a good time.


I believe that this school is for everyone. There is something for everyone! The only type of people that I would say should not come are people who are not serious about classes.


A person who choose a very different style or personal orientation.

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