Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Georgia Southern University? Why?


One thing I discovered upon leaving Georgia Southern University and starting my role in "the real world" was the lack of fundamental training on software that is used across all industries. I find that this holds true for most, if not all universities. There is an emphasis on memorizing class materials which has a negligent presence in corporations across the country. Instead of the traditional educational approach, I believe universities should purchase and provide training on software packages that major organizations are using. This way students can come out of their education gaining a valuable, technical skillset.


Lack of healthy options for eating for the students who are forced to purchase the dining plans.


The worst thing about my school is how big and spread out the campus is. The lack of parking will be an issue as well.


Honestly, I haven't found anything wrong with the school. Being a freshman this year, I am still getting used to everything and everyone around me. Down the road, I will probably find little things here and there, but for right now I haven't found anything wrong about it that I need to go run and tell anybody about.


There is only one Walmart, which serves 4 other counties


Limited access to the big city. I lived in a suburb of Atlanta and now I'm 45 minutes away from any meaningful Mall shopping or a wider choice of physicians.


Again, I would have to say the location of the school. There isn't a wide selection of things to do outside of the University grounds.


The worst thing about southern is the heat. It gets unbearably hot in the summer and you feel as though you may melt!


The outlying community is very small. Not people wise, but business wise. There are not a lot of things to do outside of the campus, which probably leads to the 'party-school' reputation.


The weather and the availability of the buses and bus stops.