Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


GSU is a great experience. Its not insanely huge, but it is big enough to find whatever you're looking for. Statesboro is a college town; if the school wasn't here, there wouldn't be much of a town at all. But we have great school spirit, there are all sorts of clubs and greek life to be a part of, and a good time is certainly something you will easily find here. Our reputation for a well rounded academic school is on the rise as well!


Great school and campus


Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with the school education wise. The people are amazing and I wouldn't trade them in for any others. It's almost like a 24/7 hangout. Speaking of education though, I felt as if the school is very proud of accomplishments that just aren't that great. There's nothing to do in the town, but it is growing to better suit the students. Most people think this is a party school and it was at one point in time, but the party life is really dwindling down. Homecoming week is really not all that. The school was once large, with a small school feel, but they have lost that concept and is too focused on growing its student body.