Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is how considerate all the students are of each other; almost anyone will help you if you are lost and no one shoves you out of the way if they are in a hurry. The staff here also helps students make the best of their education and if a student needs help understanding the materials, I haven't known of any professors who can't explain what they teach even better during their office hours.


The best part about attending Georgia Southern University would be the close-knit and friendly environment everywhere you go on campus. The school focuses on making sure that every student is comfortable about the new environment and new students around them. If the students are not as comfortable as they would like to be , Georgia Southernn has many different ways to make sure each student is as comfortable as possible.


College is so much better than high school because you have so much more freedom! You have freedom to choose what time you want to have class, what you want to take, with who you want to take it...etc so it is much more interesting and easier to study because a lot of it will be for your major! Also, there are tons of parties!


I love the size of my school and the amount of students in my classes. I like having the smaller class sizes because I learn better in these settings and have better relationships with my teachers. Everyone I talk to is kind and always asks if I need any help if i look confused. Everyone here is willing to help even if they do not know exactly what is going on.


Variety is the best thing about Georgia Southern. From the full spectrum of majors to the multitude of extracurricular activities, there are always a myriad of things to get involved in. Fun is easily had at this school and there is never a niche you much uphold. Any activities both on and off campus allow you to seemlessly meld into the environment including in all social aspects.


It was a place where tradition is a big thing. They care abou the old tradition of the school and keep the Eagle Nation pride going.


The best thing about this school is the school in general. Georgia Southern is an amazing school and I high suggest people to attend! I loved all my classes and made long lasting friends. I learned so much not just in school but also in life wether it be boys, patying, friendship, gossip, and juggling everything as well as dealing with courses.


Support - The University offers so much support for the student. Tutorial services and labs provide the extra some students need. As a student with a learning disability I don't want to fail. This school provides the tools I will need to succeed.


The best thing about my school would have to be its organization. I hear horror stories about other colleges and how they stuggle with events, departments, and response times. Georgia Southern University goes great lengths to make sure that everything moves expeditiously.


What I find myself enjoying about Georgia Southern is the multiple amounts or clubs and organizations there are to join. Also, peers are very eager to help you get involved in something. There is always some kind of event going on on-campus.


The best thing about Georgia Southern is the wide range of students that attend here. Because Georgia Soutehrn offers a large amount of majors the variety of studetns that attend is rapidly growing. This allows for friendships to expand quickly and allows for students to have a full experience of college with the large amount of students and the growing campus.


It is a big college with a small school feel. There are a mixture of both small classes and small classes and the proffessors are always willing to help. When you need to be tutored, both the proffessor and the tutoring center are willing to help.


What I absolutely love best about my school is the fact that it is a large school with a small town feel. It has somwhere around 20,000 students but everywhere I go and every class I'm in, I know someone. I love that it is easily accessible and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I would not choose to attend another University for anything in the world.


The best thing about Georgia Southern University is the faculty and staff. They are always extremely helpful when asked a question. They help you in a way that makes you feel like you are not being a bother to them and they are only doing it because they are paid to, they make you actually beleive they want to help you.


The best thing about my school is the size because the classes aren't too big and I can get to know my class mates and profesers! By getting involved in class, it is much easier to learn the subject of study.


I believe the school spirit and enthusiasm the students have towards sporting events. The football game are an absolute blast. Georgia Southern is currently in the 3rd round of playoffs and the last game was five hours away. Our fans had to overflow into the home section of Wofford. Now that's school spirit!


The best thing about Georgia Southern is the fact that it is a very large campus with a small feel. The classes remain quite small for the most part which makes our learining experience easier and better. We have the chance to get up close and more personal with our professors as well as the student body. It is quite nice to have the chance to get to know at least half your classmates in order to make new friendships and create support groups that help each other with class assignments. A small feel is the best part about GSU.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the campus setting. All of the classes on campus are located close together as it only takes fifteen minutes to get from one side of the campus to the other when walking. It is also pleasant looking campus as trees have been planted along walking paths, and next to some of the eating areas there is a small pond with a water fountain shooting up in the center.




It's a respected educational institution and has a beautiful campus.


The teachers really want to help the students do the best that they can.


The people are friendly. You can always find your way around or receive help, all you have to do is ask!


The best thing about Southern is when you realize that every time tour guides said professors are student centered, they weren't lying. All of the professors want to know that you are on the right track to succeed and they are willing to help you reach your goals. Don't be afraid to approach a professor and ask for help. That's what they are there for and it actually makes their day to know you are eager about succeeding.


The campus is absolutely beautiful. It is exactly what they say; it is a school with a personal feel to it. I can talk to my teachers, and they will recognize me from class... classes are small. Some of the classes are lectures. But many are in smaller rooms.


The classes are small and the teachers are more available to students.


I believe that my school is the ideal school for anyone searching for an institution that displays diversity. Georgia Southern University is known for its' variety of organizations and clubs that support our many ethnic backgrounds that our students posses. Coming from a low-income african american family, diversity is something that I strive to be apart of. With a quick visit my campus, I felt welcomed and at home.


It in a small town that is fairly isolated so the students live and stay on or near campus. This results in a tight-knit group who really get to know each other.


School location and school curriculum is great. Our school has the greatest campus and the faculty has been very helpful of the students that have not lived away from there families. they encourage the students and guide them in the most positive way. The professors seem to care about the students knowing that they really dont know what to expect.


When I visited Georgia Southern for the first time as a high school senior, I was amazed on how many opportunities it offered the students. Opportunities varying from Southern Adventures ( an outdoor club), studying internationally, to available leadership opportunities. GSU gives their students a chance to grow and succeed during their stay at the university. The skills learned from these opportunities prepares the students for a competitive job market and helps them stand out from their competition. My favorite thing about GSU is the chance it gives me to grow as a person and become a successful member of society.


I would say that the best thing about Georgia Southern University is the diversity; you meet new people of different origins everyday. The experience of meeting new people of different backgrounds is cool and interesting.


The best thing about Georgia Southern University is the oppertunity of diversity. There are all sorts of different organizations that allow you to meet people from all walks of life. Not only does it allow you to make new friends, but organizations allow you to broaden your horizons. Joining different organizations give you a chance to try new things such as; juducial advocates, student government positions and entertainment promotions. If students start to feel out of place, the best solution for them is join an organization so they don't start to feel home sick.


I believe that the best thing about Georgia Southen is the diversity that it offers not only in the variety of students, but also in the courses that are offered. Georgia Southern emphasizes on getting students of various ethnicities and backgrounds to come to the school. And in Georgia Southern offers almost any major that anyone could think of or could want to take so if you want to change your major from Biology to Fashion Merchandising you can do that without having to transfer to another school.


There are many awesome things about my school, other than the beautiful scenery, the best thing is definitely the out of the box professors one might meet. They really want to make you strive to be the best and are dedicated to making our university one of the very best in the country and the world! To have such dedicated, creative, and responsive professors is truly a blessing whether in a class of 12, 14, or 120 students, I always feel like I am part of something bigger and that my opinion matters.


What I consider best about Georgia Southern University is the friedliness of the faculty and staff. Georgia Southern's faculty is very helpful and friendly in every way. Professors are extremely nice and are definitely there to help educate the students. The staff is very polite and friendly at all times. Whenever I need help no matter the problem the staff will help out the best way they can. I really appreciate Georgia Southern's faculty and staff, they have definitely assisted me in my success my first year of college.


The best thing about Georgia Southern is the campus enviornment. The campus is spread out but not too big. There are alot of plants that make the campus beautiful. The building aren't all in one area and you get to experience people from many different places.


The best thing about my school is the class size. I consider this the best thing about my school because I believe i learn better in an evironment where they are less students because the teacher can give more attention to the learner.


The best thing about Georgia Southern University is the small feel that is set from the time you arrive until the time you leave. Even though there are about 19,000 students, the college has a way of making you feel at home. The faculty are all very nice, the living areas are well-kept and the campus is well groomed and very beautiful. I have only been at Georgia Southern for one semester so far, but I enjoy being here. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of great people!


At Georgia Southern, we have a great atmosphere for learning. Everywhere you go kids are having fun enjoying life, and still you have just the right amount of reminders to get your work done, and to go to your classes, that the workload doesn?t seem overwhelming. The air feels great, the scenery is beautiful, the people are kind, well kind enough, and there is always something to do. Georgia southern offers this in a reliable day by day fashion, and even in bad weather it still feels good to be here.


The spirit of being a Georgia Southern Eagle. Because it unites students despite differences.


The campus because everything is in one central location and everything is in walking distance.


The availiability of resources to help students be successful. Also the professors that I have encountered are very polite and willing to help students as best as possible.


The best think about my school is that everyone is so friendly so whenever you need a helping hand you know there will be someone there for you..


I would consider the atmosphere to be the best thing about my school. I feel like everyone that goes here is proud of the university. There is alot of school spirit and pride. Therefore, it makes Georgia Southern an upbeat place to be. It makes me happy that I attend this university.


location and natural beauty


Even though we're not the most diverse school, we have a good variety of ethnicities for the stae of GA, and I LOVE that. I also like that people seem to get a long for the most part and that there is always something going on around or on campus. Intramurals are what I like to do, and we have several chances and several different sports to play. I have also had a few amazing professors that have changed my life, and I will never forget their classes or their life lessons!


there's an amazing exercise facility


I love the attention to nature at our university. Whether it's the gardening on campus, the trees on Sweetheart Circle, The Raptor Center, or the Botanical Gardens, Georgia Southern is a beautiful place to be that always has a nod towards the surrounding swampland and it's creatures.


The best thing about my school are the people that attend Georgia Southern. Everyone is friendly and willing to help and make friends.


The best thing about my school is the number of opportunities available for any student who is interested in utilizing them. For example, despite being a transfer student, I've been invited to be a leader on campus in multiple ways (tutoring, organizations, etc.). Additionally, the faculty and staff are always helpful to those who show dedication and ambition.


I love the fact that I am not just a number here. I am person and am treated like they care about me.