Georgia State University-Perimeter College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The phone reception service is not so good!


The worst thing about my school is there are only certain classes at certain campuses. Georgia Perimeter has many campuses. I want to take nursing, but I have to go all the way to Clarkston campus whereas I am taking my core classes at the Newton campus/online.


The worst things about my school is the customer service. Antime I visit the Finacial Aid Office or any administrative office, the employees treat me terrible. I"m always scared to go into various offices because of the way they treat me. This discourages me and often times I opt out of visiting i person to do things online. I also think the food could be better adn the overall campus could use a makeover, such as new carpet and new paint. The gymnasium looks condemed. This takes away from the morale of the school.


The financial aid office is the worst part of the school. The school has some unprofessional, rude people working in the office. You have to stay on their case about your financial aid status or you could be done started school without them accepting your award aid and then you will have to pay out of pocket.


The worst thing I can say about my school right now is that they are not organized in the Financial Aid Office. I honestly believe that it is very well possible that they are understaffed. The staff limit themselves in offering the alternatives and choices in Financial Aid resources. I''ve also found professors to lack interest in some of us as students seeking education for advancement and deem their educating us as just a job.


Lack of parking is in my opinion the worst flaw of the school i attend. Being on a tight schedule on a daily basis, lack of parking is time consuming and can cause tardiness when trying to be on time for class.


The worst thing about Perimeter is limited class time options during registration. Early registration is released to students in alphabetical order over the course of a week. For example, if early registration begins on a Monday and a person?s last name begins with the letter T, then registration will not be available to that person until Friday. By that time, many, if not all, of the desired classes or times for certain classes will be gone and said person will only be able to choose from the courses that are present.


The lack of pursuing a greater education, for the students atleast. I run into lots of young adults who tend not to care that they "skip class" or "don't do the homework;" sometimes I wish I were at a four year college.


The long line when applying for Financial Aid, Admissions, Classes, and to see an Advisor. They simply don't care if you have class during the time you wait. They all take their slow time because they are still getting paid, no matter how fast they help the students. One day I sat in the Financial Aid line for 3 hours just to turn in a form.


I would have to say the science labs. As a pre-nursing student that requires a number of science classes with the co-requiste labs, the Decatur campus labs never have all the necessary materials to complete the experiment. The school charges $50.00 per student in lab fees yet the equipments is of no use, if they even have it in the first place. For $50.00 per student they she be able to fund the department properly.


Did not integrate critical thinking.

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