Georgia State University-Perimeter College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of people who should not attend Georgia Perimeter College are people who are not ready to get an education or are too busy to put school at the top of their list.


Anybody not interested in learning!


I do not believe that there is any type of person that should not attend this school. While there may not be a considerable amount of diversity at the campus I attend, I have never encountered anyone that felt completely left out.


GPC is a great start for anyone beginning their education, but someone who does not like a small campus should not attend GPC. The GPC campuses are small, and easily become crowded with a lot of students. With over crowding comes limited resources such as parking, computers, and a quiet study place. The students who want a college that gives the total college experience should not attend GPC.


The type of person who seek to just go to college just to say that that have gone. The type of person who do not have the desire to press through by studying, being attentive and going the extra mile even when you are not told. The type of person who feels like a college education is a waste of their time, because they will not be successful with that type of mindset.


even though this is a community college, one must dedicate themselves to their studies. The classes are just as challenging, if not more than, other colleges. If a person is jus tlooking for an "easy A," this school is not for them.


One who isn't serious about their future, and one who is not willing to be committed to their studies.


If you are looking for a school that requires critical thinking, this is not the school for you. Professors tend to run through material quickly and tests are mostly based on memorization.


Well i think you if u can put your mind into it about going to school i think everyone should attend this school ,or other schools in the United States. And I

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