Georgia State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A city school with a diverse population. I attended it for 1 year as a transfer student.


Georgia State is a excellent, helpful, diverse school and has a great campus.


An urban powerhouse of a university with a big city downtown flavor in the middle of all the metro action.


It is a great learning enviornment that is very technologically advanced and very focused on assisting the student.


GSU is reliable.


Georgia State is a good college with lots to offer to many peoplae.


My school is considered very friendly and not at all ethinically diverse


Georgia State University is a trmendous learning opportinity, not for just me, but for anyone who goes there.


A very diverse school that has a somewhat rigorous academic program.


Very diverse and have many opportunities.


GSU is a very fast pace urban life enivorment.


My school is very busy


My school is a typical, urban city school with not so typical diversified atmosphere.


Georgia State University is an urban environment.


Great facility for developing research and proffessional skills that allows students to interact with one another and surrounding businesses to prepare for real-life experiences.


A city school where you can not no everybody


Georgia State is not your typical college. It is in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia and is not a campus city. It just recently got dorms, so most students live off campus. If you wish to go to college here, be prepared for traffic, competition, diversity. It is not a "college-town." Still, Georgia State is trying to build their student body. They are starting the first football team in 2010, which is expected to be a success, due to the diversity of the student body here. Hopefully that will build the GSU spirit.


It is a place I go to earn college credits, but I don't feel like it's really a campus because of the lack of community.




My school has a very fun social life and lots of ways to get involved on campus, but prepare to not understand your professors because most of them don't speak very good english.


Georgia State University is dedicated to Research and is culturally diverse as it is interesting.


Georgia State's diverse student body and faculty privides for a learning experience; it is the best school in Georgia!!!


GSU is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, one of the largest urban universities around. You're always surrounded by the real city and real people in a place that's always hustling and bustling. The staff, police, and even homeless are always willing to help you. The school is full of a diverse, creative variety of people, you won't find another school around with such a broad array of faces, opinions, and cultures.


Georgia State is a big school in the middle of downtown atlanta.


Georgia State University is an excellent school for its research capabilities, engaging course selections, and the high quality of the professor's teaching abilities.