Georgia State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Georgia State are very diverse and hold lots of personality traits that would blow your mind.


I have been on campus on several occasions and I admire the diversity.My school has students from all over the continent making it even more enjoyable to learn a thing or two from all the diverse cultures.


Diverse in culture in age. Everyone is comfortable and confident!


My classmates are very diverse and accpeting of other people's background, ideas, religions, and for the most part I tend to get along with my classmates well.


All very friendly, open minded, and helpful individuals who sometimes go out of their way to help a friend or even a stranger.


My classmates are very engaging and they are very interested in learning the material outside of what is given in class or on homework.


Diverse. So many different people of varying races, cultures, styles, genders.


The students at my school are very energetic and dedicated.


The students I have met in my courses at Georgia State are excited about the classes they are in, and we all work together to ensure that we are learning and achieving our academic goals. Students here stay in contact, form study groups, make study guides, peer edit papers, and give feedback to one another on school work in order to make sure their fellow classmates are doing their very best.


My classmates were a group of diverse, hard-working, and intelligent students who were attending school as part of a bigger goal they had for themselves.


My classmates are diverse and ethnically rich.


My classmates are a group of students from extremely different backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, languages, and economic-societal status; however, we all unite on one common thing - our thirst for knowledge and our journey together as undergrad students.


My classmates, as well as professors, tend to be very hardworking, happy and helpful to the class.


The student body is very diverse. There is a wide range of ethnicities, ages, cultural backgrounds, and socio-conomic backgrounds due to the urban nature of Georgia State's campus.


My classemates are hilarious, confident, and intelligent; at Georgia State University most students are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, that means very artistic and unique personalities attend the school; I definitely enjoy the diversity offered at GSU.


My classmates are funny, witty , smart, and great listeners, but above all discuss the material very thoroughly.


They're all diverse, and intellectual. However, there are some slackers that don't wish to participate and just try to skate by.


My classmates consist of a large group of diverse and open-minded individuals.


As a student at a University that prides itself in diversity and in its student population, I would say that my fellow classmates are all well rounded and diverse.


My classmates are a culturally well diverse and open minded group of people.


They are Smart, Friendly and very open-mined.




The first thing I learned......EVERYONE IS UNIQUE!!!! I have seen the weirdest, cutest, oddest, hairstyles, outfits, and shoes, but I accepted it, College is time time for you to find yourself, and I think GSU is a great place to experiment with your style and personality, since it's so diverse, you can learn a little bit from everyone.


My classmates are unique, talented and diverse. Its great to be around people that are not so different then yourself. The great thing about Georgia State is that theirs so much diverse.


The students at Georgia State University, in one word, are most definitely friendly, and I mean that literally. I came from a high school that was prominently African American, and I thought I would have difficulty making friends, but luckily, that wasn't the case. I made friends of several nationalities upon the first week of school. It really is very easy to interact at GSU because people are so polite and open- minded. I personally haven't met any racist or prejudice person at school, thankfully, and I don’t think I will (hopefully). But, honestly everyone, regardless if you’re black, white, or asian, interacts with one another. Trust me, my Facebook page doesn't lie. The only advice I could give to any student no matter if you choose to go to Georgia State or not, is to break out of your shell and meet people. You will definitely enjoy the results.


In a way, a lot of college students at Georgia State keep to themselves. From what I've seen there aren't any boundaries separating the different groups of people. There is this one distracting thing where baptist preachers will storm our free speech areas with signs and yell that everyone's going to go to hell. If anything though, I've seen this as a bonding thing, because the Christian club at school tried to talk to these preachers in a respectable fashion and these preachers were just downright rude. No student should feel out of place at our school because we have such a diverse population. We have students from all over the world, but I would say that the majority of our students have lived in Georgia for awhile. This is because a lot of students use the HOPE Scholarship to pay for college. Different types of students interact in the classes, but I tend to see people hang out with people like themselves outside of class. Students do not seem to dwell on how much they want to earn one day, but a lot if students do act in the interest of others. There are a lot of meetings set up to bond students of various political orientations. It seems like most students seem to be moderate, yet politically aware. I'm not 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} positive on this though because parties do not seem to come up much outside of class..


Georgia State is huge and very diverse everyone is represented. No one will feel out of place. And everyone interacts with everyone. People where whatever they want to class. I see a lot of sweats and things of the comfort nature. Not to many people trying to look cute with their heals and stuff because there is lot of walking.


Students at GSU are very different. Everybody has their own style. If it's a rainy day then every girl that has rain boots have them on. Every boy dresses different. Some wear shirts to show off their muscles. Nobody will feel out of place here. There is someone for everybody.


The students are very open minded towards one another. The atmosphere is friendly thought there are the cliched cliques. Students dress in casual attire and once in a while, you will see formal clothing, which lends credibility to the student. Students are diverse; every race attends Georgia State University. Many of the students I interact are attending with the help of financial aid, therefore many come from middle class backgrounds. In the courtyard, I see a lot of political activity, so I know students are active in there political parties.


Georgia State is EXTREMELY diverse! there are students of all backgrounds, cultures, religions, shapes and sizes and we all interact with each other, especially during class. No one will feel out of place here! There are tons of students who participate in things such as Occupy Atlanta and do community service projects - so it's safe to say that most of the students at my school are politically aware! Even though our school is really diverse, we do have stereotypes! In the dining hall you may find the football players in one spot, and the band geeks in another, but no one is mean to each other! We all except each others' differences, but we tend to clique more with people that we have more in common with.


Georgia State is a very accepting school because we are all used to being so diverse. There are drag shows on campus, tons of committees and clubs, sports, it's really endless the things you can do.


There is an interesting mix of students at Georgia State University. I have met quite a number of students from different place, from the Caribbean to Ethiopa and interacting with them is a joy. No one should ever feel out of place at this school because it is such a diverse and accepting school that is open to all types of people. I would say most of the students from GSU are from Georgia; so far, the majority of students I've met are either from the Atlanta area or nearby. The students definitely add the the great feeling that comes with being on the Georgia State campus.


The student population at Georgia State University is the most diverse in the south eastern united states.


There is a good amount of different ethnicities (as mentioned) such as Chinese, African American, Jewish, Arabic, Turkish, Indians, Vietnamese, German, etc. at the school. The major religion is probably Christianity (once in a while walking across campuses, you might be approached by the homeless population in Woodruff Park to read the Bible to you; sometimes they call you names you may not like). There are not a whole lot of LGBT around school. In the courtyard (in front of the library), on Wednesdays, different groups of students will have bake sales to raise money for their activities. Students can be outrageous in their fashion sense sometimes. Some of them would wear something that is supposed to be trendy but just does not look good on them. However, people wear casual clothing to school. At times, you are required to dress up in business attire to major events such as presentations, speeches, and speakers' events. By "casual", I mean jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers. In the dining hall, you will find different groups of students. One might be the geeks (you will hardly see them though), the Asians, the loud, and the pretty (who would try to eat salad straight through). Most of the students take loans or have HOPE. Not many of these have money to pay for their education. They mostly have part-time jobs waiting tables, work at school (receptionist, in the library), cashiers, etc. A number of students are politically aware (10 persons were arrested last time a crowd was chanting about the moves of the Occupy people). Most of the lower level class students are Democratic. Students tell their friends how much they earn one day. They are comfortable with those things even though they don't earn a lot.


GSU is highly diverse in religion and race. No student should feel out of place at GSU. The diversity at GSU is beyond amazing, everyone pretty much has their own style. Most student might be from Georgia, but over all GSU caters to over 32 countries of students. Most people who attend GSU I would classify as middle class. Students are politically aware and active. Most of the students at GSU I would describe as being democratic.


A lot of students on campus are always on the move. Students are always in the library and always studying even in the dining halls. A lot of the student population come from in state and a lot of them recieve hope, me included. There are a lot of students also that come from out of state and also out of the country. Me and my roomate bond and we try new things from our culture. He made me crapes (european pancakes) and I made him tacos which he said he never had in his life before.


I think GSU is a place that has many different kinds of ppl. So you would be able to find your place on campus. Usually everyone hangs around the couryard between classes and you can clearly see different groups of people, but we all hangout in the court yard. I think I see most Black people around campus or at our campus events, but there are also a lot of Asians at GSU. Of course there's white ppl too. We are in America. Financially, there are well off students, but mostly I'd say middle class. We're all students still and always kind ways to save $.


~What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus? we definitely have all kinds at GSU. everyone is welcome and accepted. ~What kind of student would feel out of place at this school? noone should feel out of place unless they are completely unaccepting of other people's unique qualities... we dont appreciate those kind of people. ~Do different types of students interact? Yes, we're practically forced to. ~Where are most of the students from? the Atlanta area ~What financial backgrounds are most prevalent? Poor peoples ~Are students politically aware / active? most of us are


There are many nationalities, races, and religious groups represented on the GSU campus. In addition, there is a very strong homosexual presence at GSU as we are one of the GA campuses with the largest gay populations. Moreover, we also have many international students. As far as financial backgrounds go, my freshman year, a political science teacher informed me that upwards of 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the GSU student body receives some form of financial aid. Overall, the students who reside on campus are very diverse, and no matter what you are into, there is some group that you can fit into.


My classmates are an extremely divere group, all with different backgrounds, religion and a new story to tell.


Georgia State is a very diverse school so my classmates come from eveywhere.


My classmates at Georgia State are diverse, but we all have one thing in common, a goal for a higher education.


My classmates are all unique in their own way: intelligent, lazy, lack of attendence, creative, opinionated, quiet, different.


Georgia State students are extremely diverse, but all driven and career-oriented. It is rare to find someone who does not want to be there.


wise beyond their years


My classmates are helpful and willing to aid others to in a coherent learning environment.


From what I've noticed, my classmates seem very level-headed and determined. A lot of them stay on track with their work, but are still laid back and easy to be around.


My classmates are usually liberal and friendly. The majority of them have a strong work-ethic anc come from various ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic statuses.


My classmates are very helpful and open to discussions about topics in class.


Encouraging and very helpful, we understand what eachother is going through and tries to make it easier on one another.