Georgia State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being surrounded by the diverse amounts of opportunity. There are opportunities for everyone at Georgia State University.


Its business school, its size, and the high crime rate in the area.


Being in a downtown environment and preparing you for a career in whatever field you study.


Georgia State University is best known for their sports, 250 student organizations, and 200 majors. It is a college that was established in 1913. It is located in the center of Atlanta.


I believe that the School of Buisness is the highest natonally-ranked program at Georgia State. We do also have a very decent nursing program as well.


It is a good school, but it best known for it's bad location. The downtown area is not safe and therefore, to some extent, it makes the school not the safest.


My school is best known for their high graduation rate and the high rate of students who get a job in workfield related to their major. Georgia State also has a great study abroud program if you want to learn in another country .


Georgia State University is best known for its location. The urban setting in downtown Atlanta is what primarily attracts students. This city feel is also the main reason that GSU boasts such a diverse blend of cultures, races, ethnicities, reiligios affiliations, and sexual orientations among both students and faculty. GSU is an ideal college to gain a global and metropolitan perspective.


My school is best known for being right in the middle of downtown Atlanta with no real campus.


Georgia State is best known for the urban environment and diverse student body.


Business Programs, School Spirt, Student Population (Diversity), and its Urban location.


Georgia State University is best known for highest graduation rate for minority students and diversity. Many students with different cultural backgrounds decided to attend Georgia State University because the academic curriculum is diverse, but also very rigorous. Since the campus composed of multicultrual ethnicities, wondering around the campus does not make you feel awkward, but very welcoming. It is very important to attend a school with international students, because building social relationship with students from different background helps you to learn interactions with others, especially if you want to have a job that requires strong communication skill.


Georgia State University is best known for its high academic achievements and standards.


My favorite campus traditions are basketball games. The energy level and spirit that the students exude are tremendous.


My school is best known for its research funded programs.


My school is best known for diversity and the opportunities for internships and job opportunites after you graduate. Football team plays at the georgia dome for all home games.


Again, diversity and it's non-traditional campus. Also our new football team!


Our school is known for being one of the top Law Universities in the national as well as a leading research university. The cultural diversity is amazing and the location is too.


My favorite campus traditions are probably the panther parades because of the heat and the atmosphere (it is crazy loud and crowded). Some of the concerts are good too (on every Tuesday and Thursday at the courtyard in front of Library North).


Diversity. Research.


Georgia State is best known for the networking it provides for its students. There are so many connections between the school and the business community in the metro Atlanta area that it is extremely common for students to not only find multiple internships while in school, but also have job offers immediately upon graduation. Georgia State not only prepares you academically for life after graduation, but provides an amazing career services center which helps you with the tools you will need to begin your career successfully.


I think Georgia State is best known for being one of the top schools in Georgia as well as being the second largest schools in Georgia.


It's known for helping each other out and put us all in a right path in our lives.


This school is best known for its research program, new football team, and its unusal location in the middle of downtown Atlanta.


We are considered to be (statistically) the most diverse university in the country. It's not like most schools, where there are many cultures confined to the same area, but still self-segregated. The students really do assimilate and you can talk to a group of four, five people and have just travelled to over three continents.


My school is best known for its research resources. Our library is well equipped with an online database and professionals to assist with researching.


This school is best known for having broken the record for the number of students in their freshman class this year, which was 30,000. There also known for their liberal arts programs and degrees, which is in the Arts and Sciences department.


My school is best known for its cultural diversity. When I walk on campus I see many different kinds of people and I can tell that everyone feels welcomed.


Georgia State Panther Pride!


Georgia State University is best known for its research facility and being one of the four research universities available in the state of Georgia.


Georgia State University is best known for its wonderful student services.Housing is awesome and there are plenty of activities and organizations to participate in on campus.




Georgia State University is best known for the fact that it provides high-quality education,which is also very affordable.


I would say the graphic design program. This is what attracted me to the campus aside from the gym. I took acting and art here before. I think that I also took broadcast news (acting/journalism). That could have been the class that encompassed the acting.


Georgia State University is known as one of Georgia?s leading urban research institutions in Atlanta. With its location in the heart of the city, it draws a wide variety of students from all backgrounds. The diversity is apparent while walking through the halls, around campus, or sitting in class.




It is a research University. It is alos known for its great amount of Commuter Students and its many different options for majors, etc.


For its diverse student population.


As of lately, it's been known for it's upcoming football program and it's closeness to becoming a genuine "research university." People say it's known as a party school, but I beg to differ. There is a great diversity where anyone can find anything to do socially. I believe our business, accounting, psychology, and law programs are the best, but I'm not completely positive what else is included in that list. We also have some really good graduate programs.


My school is best known for superior programs for a great price, a diverse atmosphere, and an industrious student body.


Large research institute in heart of Downtown Atlanta.


Georgia State University is best known for its modern city appeal. Students from all over the world are accepted here, and culutral diversity is strongly welcomed. Different opinions are common here, and not alienated by others, but are given a chance to be heard.


My school is best known for its location in the heart of downtown Atlanta.


Georgia State is best known for a easier commuter school in metro Atlanta. Some students in the metro Atlanta area want to find the cheapest way to attend a great school, and Georgia State is that school.


It is best know for being in the heart of down town Atlanta. A lot of people like the idea of living in a big city, so that's why they come here. It is also well known for being a commuter school. A lot of people live at home, and about a fourth of the students are older adults.


opportunities for teachers


Being a research University in Atlanta


being the city school in atlanta




Being the second largest university in Georgia, Georgia State University is known for its diversty within the student body and faculty. Because GSU is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, amongst many well-known companies and businesses, its provides ample opportunities for networking, job placement, and career advancements. Although Georgia State is well-known for its School of Business, the university offers several degrees in extensive fields of study.