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It's in the middle of Downtown Atlanta. You can interact with someone from every corner of the world. If you want to learn about multiple perspectives, GSU is a fantastic place to be.


The diversity here is amazing. People from all over the world attend, and it is very easy to learn about cultures from around the world. Another great thing about Gerogia State is that it is a very student freidnly school. A lot of students come from work and attend class. And I do beleive that the wide time range of available classes are why this is possible.


The school is in the heart of Atlanta which gives it plenty of businesses to work with and provide real world experience and it is also the leading research university.


Georgia State University was the choice for my graduate studies because the program that I wanted to study was unqiue and the tuition was comparable with my personal situation.


The freedom and flexiblity of communication by the professors really helps when having to work and help take care of home.


Georgia State University has a place called the Plaza. It's basically a watering hole for the stduent body in the middle of campus. Major events happen here that bring us Panthers together. It's great.


Unlike most college campuses, Georgia State essentially IS the heart of Atlanta. The city itself is our campus, opening up a variety of opportunites; as opposed to a secluded area sanctioned for college students near a city, Georgia State is an integral part of the city itself. With businesses like Deloitte and SunTrust literally down the street, students are able to almost literally walk into job opportunites or internships.


Georgia State Univeristy was a great school for nontraditional students with a multiethnic student population.


The college provides several programs for students to get involve with. You have the opportunity to meet students from different majors. There are variety of sports in the college. Professors are understandable and willing to work with you.


The fact that it is not only in a massive city like Atlanta, but it is INCLUDED in the city, meaning that Atlanta is literally a part of our campus.


Not only does Georgia State's programs rank highly on a national scale, the location of the university allows you to live and study in the middle of downtown Atlanta. The diversity of the school allows students to come into contact with many diverse people and cultures without leaving the classroom. The school has over 30,000 undergraduate students, but the class sizes are never too big. The teachers are still able to give each student one-on-one attention when needed.


Georgia State University is very unique, it is very diverse. Georgia State University also is centered in the middle of the city of Atlanta making it very easy for the students at Georgia State University find many career oppurtinites.


Georgia State had the best Anthropology program of all the institutions I researched in Atlanta.


The fact our campus is pretty much Downtown Atlanta and It so diverse.


The professors were exceptional in NOT judging students by their personal views, did not fault students for differing ideologies and did not try to convert students to their (the professors) personal ideology.


My school is very diverse and it allows you to meet many new people. Even though GSU isn't a traditional campus you're still capable of adapting to the campus and getting to your classes easy. The professors are nice and offer SI sessions for extra help..


The high academic standard at Georgia State University (GSU), coupled with the affordable cost of tuition has provided the best overall value to all it's students, as well as, prospective students. The various student/social activities do provide students with the best campus experience possible. GSU has made it a primary goal to provide all the latest tools and technology to its students for them to be successful in completing their academic studies. The institution employs some of the very best instructors in their field.


It is a reasearch school. It is known for its science reasearch programs.


Compared to other schools, Georgia State is located in the heart of Atlanta, which allows the chance to explore and learn about the city along with gaining an education.


Diversity! There are so many different people and cultures here everyday.


I don't regret choosing the school because of all the knowledge it gave me! Plus I got to know really cool friends. It's my home and I want to work for it too some day.


This school is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Not onlt that, companies, corporations and guest speakers target Georgia State University on a regular basis. You never know who you might meet or what you could possibly learn.


The thing that is the most unique about my school is the fact that we are on a city based campus. It really does give you the best of both worlds.


We don't have a traditional campus because we're in the city.


This school opens its arms to many students (more than the other colleges I have applied to). Georgia State has also given me a scholarship and admitted me into the Honors Program. As for the students not in the Honors Program, they have thoroughly enjoyed partaking in the oppurtunities they offer. For example, normally any incoming freshman would be nervous and scared, but their INCEPT orientation program and the Freshman Learning Communities help you get the most out of your college experience. Their large campus and helpful staff are also the highlights of this wonderful college.


Georgia State University is a unique school, because it gives the opportunity to anyone that is interested and have all the intention to get a degree no matter the race, the color of your skin, your nationality or gender. This university gives students all the facilities along with a high group of well prepared teachers that want their student to learn.


I believe that Georgia State University is a unique school because of its cultural diversity. Considering that people from and different part of the America and sometimes the world come to the school, you can find yourself immersed in a group of people with different ethnicities. Georgia State is also unique because of its "Digital Aquarium". This is a room which contains high tech equipment used for making films or doing photoshoots or just simply taking pictures on a family outting. This equipment is able to be rented by the students free of charge.


Georgia State University is unique because of it's centralized location. It's located directly in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The location of the University makes it possible for students to be able to explore various tourist attractions throughout Atlanta. (the aquarium, CNN center, Georgia Dome, Fox theatre, etc.) Another thing that makes the school so unique is it's tremendous diversity. Approximately 30,000 students attend the school and they are all from various ethnic backgrounds.


Georgia State University provides a much different experience than most other colleges I considered. Georgia State isn't set up like a traditional university with an inclusive campus, but rather it is located right in the middle of down town Atlanta. This campus set up requires a lot more discipline and motivation as far as going to class and getting around goes, but I feel that the maturation I have gained from having to motivate myself is invaluable. Also, being in the city, Georgia State is a very diverse community with many cultural incentives to offer its students.


Apart from the other schools I considered, GSU is in the heart of the city and there is always something for students to do. Not only that, but no incoming freshman wants to use community bathrooms and kitchens. This was a major deciding factor when it came to choosing a school and GSU was number one.


Georgia State is very diverse. People from all ethnic, religious, political and economic backgrounds come to this school. Students here range from right out of highschool to returing students finishing a degree or grad student coming back to further their education. We are known for our Law School, PreMed program, Research in the Neurosciences, Music and Chemistry and soon too be football program that kicks off fall 2010.


Georgia State is located right in downtown Atlanta. I am actually from a small town in Michigan so the experience I have recieved by living downtown in the midst of all the hustle is just amazing. They had one of the nicest housing facilities I had ever seen. They are a very up to date urban university which was exactly what I was looking for.


The diversity at Georgia State University really makes it unique. There are students of many different races and sexualities. They dont leave any of them out with it comes to organizations and clubs. There is place for eveyone. Not many school have a welcoming atomosphre in comparison to Georgia State.


The most unique thing about Georgia State University is the diversity of the students.


GSU is more racially diversed than any of the other schools I was accepted to. The diveristy isn't just the student body, it's the staff as well. Walking on campus there aren't large groups of people on one side and a different kind on the other. It is one big accepting family.


Georgia State University has a unique diversity of students from all over the world. The campus is full of helpful students, faculty, and staff.


Definitely the campus. It's not a traditional college campus, which I like. I can walk around the heart of Atlanta while being close to my classes.


The tuition is fixed until a stuent graduates. Its the only public university I applied to! The financial aid office and all other student related offices are very timely with getting out information. There is freedom and support to pursue any career! The school is very helpful! It provides a very diverse liberal education through required core classes. The school is really geared toward the student, helping he or she in any area of a college student's life!


At Georgia State, you can enjoy the inviting campus life while still being in a great learning environment. It is very diverse and the students are friendly. The professors and staff are eager to help those who need assisting and there are tutorials provided for various challenging courses. Georgia State is a great, affordable school that many students enjoy!


Georgia State is unique because it does not have a football team. When considering colleges, I always said I wanted to go to school with a lot of pride in its football team, yet here I am at a school with none.


Extremely diversed environment where individuals from all walks of like were encouraged to get involved and help make a positive difference in surrounding coummunities.


Th campus is the most unique thing about Georgia State. The campus is located in the downtown Atlanta area. There is not enclosed campus.


Georgia State University has a very diverse student community. In most colleges, this can be a problem due to cliques, but at Georgia State, everyone is friendly, helpful and inviting. This has proved to be a tremendous help while adjusting to the college as a Freshman. The teachers and staff are very knowledgeable and willing to help struggling students. Overall, Georgia State University has proven to be a welcoming university.


GSU is a commuter school. The campus is spread all across downtown Atlanta, which is neat, but does require a lot of walking.


The prime problem many students have at GSU is that they feel lost. It takes a motivated, self aware student to do well on their own, or to find the help that many students don't find. From day one you either have to have your own plan, or find the university structure to give you that plan.


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My school is unique because it is located in the heart of atlanta, which is downtown atlanta. It is a very diverse, challenging school. This school is not is to complete but most students who have graduated from this school are successful and are able to get better jobs because of this school's reputation of being challenging. Even though this is a big school the small classroom sizes are something that makes this school unique. Also the fact that the faulty pushes to do your best, which helped me learn alot and not slack.


It is in the middle of the city


it is in a middle of down town atlanta.


The downtown Atlanta experience is unique.