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What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are very straight forward and such a variety here.


Depending on the topic and the teacher, the classes can vary. I think that overall the academics are very good. I think that sometimes, if it is an entry level class, they can be a bit redundant with what I have already learned. However, it completely depends on the teacher.


Programs for anyone. I love the GSU honors college system. Small classes. Super focused and cater to my learning needs.


The academics at my school are very difficult, but are also very capable with the correct time management and preparation.


The academics at my school is very difficult, but is very capable with the correct time management and preparation.

Jean Francois Koly

Our professors are helpful.


The professors are always looking for students to standout and answer questions! Office hours are always set and your professor will love to see any student during that time. I haven't found a professor that I have not enjoyed. I recently took a perspectives course and the subject was World Hunger. I honestly thought it was a waste of time, but I began to see the importance of it and it helped me change my diet and how I view the starving countries.


GSU is focuses primarily on academics, so much that in every area from science to accounting has high recognition. They also aren't too shabby when it comes to establishing bigger and better facilities and adding many more tools and equipment to support the learning environment. The students are also very dedicated. In opinion, everyone always seems so intrigued in their majors. Plus, both the students and the professors are highly involved, like communicating with a teacher outside of school has never been easier. Also, surprisingly enough, the library might be the most popular place to hang (study lol).


Academics at Georgia State are amazing. I have yet to have a professor that was terrible and made class unbearable. The professors always try to learn names, and it helps if you actually talk to your professor. Just introduce yourself, the professor will see that you are serious about your schooling. Studying varies among students; some students are more serious about their grades, so that is on a case by case basis. There are always a few students who neglect to come to class on a regular basis; they only come in on test days, and this usually leads to the professor not exactly knowing him or her. Class participation varies. In mandatory classes, it seems that class participation is not as high; this is because students do not really want to be in these classes. The most unique class I took was Gender and Criminal Justice. By far, it is still one of my most favorite classes so far. Dr. Blackwell's persona the first day of class set the tone for the rest of the semester. I'm currently a criminal justice major. The department is really neat. All of the professors have been awesome; they each bring their own pizzazz to class. Our department was recently relocated to a different section of the college departments; Georgia State is broken down into separate colleges that are head over certain majors and departments. We were in the Health and Human Sciences College, but now we are part of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. I spend various amounts of time with my professors. There are some that I never see outside of class because I understand the material, but there have been professors that I saw twice a week during the semester because I would get so lost during class, (Yay, philosophy.) I feel like the academic requirements are necessary and helpful. As a student, one has an obligation to know a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of other things. If we don't go through certain classes, we cannot shape our skills to be as useful as possible. The education here is geared toward getting a job and learning for its own sake. Many of the majors actually require outside learning. The criminal justice department requires that all CJ majors go through an internship their last semester of college. The courses within the college of education require on hand interaction with students of secondary schools and the such to gain experience in becoming a teacher. It really just depends on the field a student is in.


Education at GSU is pretty good. Though it is a large school there actually aren't many lecture halls, which means classes are smaller. So professors will learn your name and sometimes more about you. Class participation is pretty much mandatory for all of your classes. Though this might discourage you, it actually makes the class much better with class participation. I don't spend much time with any of my professors outside of class, but all professors have office hours and if you have any questions you are more than welcome to go during those scheduled times. My major at Gsu is Film and Video with a double major in Journalism concentration in Public relations. Both of these majors are in the Arts/ Science department. I have not actually taken any "hard" classes at GSU and I study a lot. I want the most out of my education and get the best grades that I can possibly get. With people from my classes or even just my family I love to have intellectual conversations about the different topics that I might have learn in class (This is a good thing to do because you are actually indirectly studying and learning the material as you talk it out with other people). My most interesting class so far has been my two English classes 1101 and 1102. This is very weird because I actually hate English and it is my worst subject. I was lucky to get the same teacher for both and that made the class better. She really helped me a lot with my writing skills and I love her. My least favorite class was this theater class I took. Only because it was a theater appreciation class and you learned the history and theater and it was extremely boring, but still an easy a.


Most of my classes are lecture halls, so unfortunately many of my professors do not know me by name. My favorite class is my Perspectives class, specifically a religious study class, and a class I took previously, Intro to Social Problems. My least favorite class was Political Science. Class participation is very common because students and teachers enjoy engaging in deep discussions. I am not too sure about other students, but I am very competitive. My major is psychology, and I am starting to take classes that will ensure a Bachelors degree in that area. The education at this university is mostly geared towards acquiring a job, but a bit of it is also for learning for its own sake.


I consider the academics at my school above average. Professors generally know me by my name. My favorite classes are the ones for my major which is psychology. My least favorite classes are those dealing with global issues and other political science topics. Students do not study as much as they need to. Seniors study the most and then it declines with class. Class participation is very, very common. Students do engage in intellectual conversations outside of class often. Students do tend to be secrety competitive which only motivates them to do better and excel. The most unique class I have ever taken was one abroad in Ireland which was titled the psychological causes and consequences of terorrism. Psychology is thought to be an easy subject, but is actually a very challenging major. Towards your upper level classes, writing becomes more intense and so does the sunject matter. The psychology department provides lots of opportunities to get involved with doing things towards your psychology career. I normally do not spend time with my professors outside of class. I feel the school's academic requirements is normal. The education at this school is geared towards learning I think more so than getting a job. I thik this also depends on your major, for psychology is useful information in life in general.


Academics is great (at least for my field). Most of my professors know my name and still remember me. My favorite class was Hormones and Behavior with Dr. Matthew Grober. I have not had any boring class uptil now. Most of the students have study groups and make use of excellent and interactive study rooms in the library. Class participation is common and encouraged highly. Students are really competitive. Most unique class was Introduction to religion where we studied the formation and evolution of world's major religions. My major is Neuroscience which was recently introduced. I am currently taking the lab portion of the major which I am loving. We get to study the neuroanatomy and behavior of crayfish. I get to spend a lot of time outside class with my professors. I am involved in research project, and I often attend the departmental talks and meet and greet sessions.


One of the main reasons I transferred to GSU was because of the academic reputation of the school. The classes range from small (about 15 students) to large (about 100 or more students) depending on your program. I am a double major: Film and Theatre and in a lot of my classes, the students are very active and passionate about their opinions on the subject and we always have tons of class discussions that often times tend to continue outside of class as well.The school's academic requirements are very competitive and so are the students! I would say that GSU as a whole not only prepares you for your career, but the professors also make sure you are well-rounded academically as well. Throughout my matriculation here at GSU, I would have to say that my favorite class has been Introduction to Theatre! I liked the class because theatre fascinates me, and I had an amazing professor! He was very animated and he made learning the material very fun and easy. My least favorite class has to be Introduction to Biology. I am not a huge fan of science, and I only took this class just to fulfill the requirement. My professor was passionate-TOO passionate about the subject - it was as if she had already expected us to know most of the material she was teaching, and then she would go on these wild tangents for half of the class. I ended up teaching myself and forming study groups most of the time! It was pretty gruesome. The most unique class I have ever taken has to be Theatre Design and Production. Upon taking this class, I was not aware that I would actually be building something. In the class, we are required to build a "flat" for a stage play. This was interesting and unique to me because I've never built anything in my life!


There are so many majors to choose from at Georgia State, I know this because I've switched my major so many times! The professors are just as diverse as the students so it's always exciting, my most unique experience was with my speech professor. He sounded so much like Christopher Walken that it was impossible not to enjoy his lectures! There are several professors that go above and beyond, which is nice knowing that it will help out your career in the future.


The academics at Georgia State University are not as challenging as I expected them to be, Teachers try their best to involve all students inside the classroom and students are usually very willing to participate. I particularly have no decided on a major yet because I'm still in the process of exploring but there are so many great programs that Georgia State offers and professors and advisers who are willing to spend time with you to sort out any problems.


In my 2 years of experience with the professors here, I can only think of one professor that I did not like. Rumors were it was his last semester at the university and he just didn't care, which it seemed like by his poor teaching. Outside of him however, the rest of my professors were always available for questions, made whatever subject they were teaching interesting to the students, and were fair graders. 9.5 out of 10 they knew your name. My favorite class so far was when I took Business Communications. The professor in that class made sure you were going to leave out of her class speaking intelligently among people in the workplace. She challenged her students and it was pretty fun. The majority of the student body is does study, especially during final exams. The library is constantly filled with study groups and individuals soaking up knowledge for their class. Also, class participation is common in the classrooms. You will have your typical student who does not know when to talk private to the professor or just keep talking like we're there to hear them talk, but whenever there is class participation, you can count on it being interesting.


If you talk a lot in class, the teachers will remember your name, because they try to know them anyways to better evaluate your performance. My favorite class is the economics courses since I am an economics major. The teachers I like the most are Dr. Paul Ferraro and Dr. Felix Rioja. My least favorite courses are the ones that are less practical in such as Criminal Justice. Students often study a lot in the higher level because they want to have good grades to be more competitive later. Freshmen usually do not get this so they slack and do not come to class. If the teachers are friendly and smart, students will participate and try to earn credits by asking questions and answering questions. There are not many intellectual conversations outside of class except for at the events organized by student groups such as the Economics Club (which I am the president of), the Finance Society, the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) chapter at GSU, the Political Science Honor Society, etc. We do speaker's series, panel discussions, tours, volunteer, etc. to help students understand more about the working environments as well as the skills needed to be successful as future job candidates. Students are quite competitive. You might think you are the smartest one in class; wait until you see the grades (some students don't show up but make perfect scores). I know there is a "wine-tasting" class in the Hospitality program and all you do is literrally drinking fine wine. Sometimes I would go to the office hours of the professors in the challenging courses such as Math for Economists and Economics. The academic requirements for GSU are average. If you do all the work, you will be rewarded. No doubt. The education at this school is geared toward getting a job and learning at the same time. It is a good school if you look carefully for the recommended teachers who care about the students (I will tell you more).


Academics are wide and spread apart.. Great professors. Very competitive among students. GSU's academic requirements are very easy to obtain although the academic requirements are being raised for admittance.


Sometimes teachers will not always get to know who you are because they have so many students, its up to you to make contact with them. The work load can be very challenging but also very rewarding because you learn a lot of real life activities.


Some professors want to get to know all of their students, but I think unless you go to office hours, it's hard to get to know the professor(unless it's a discussion intense course). Classes ranges from 30-250ppl. So you have to choose what kind of setting you want and prosper in. The courses are definitely challenging, but some are not so bad. A lot of times it depends on your professor and your style of learning.


~Do professors know your name? yes, but I feel like I make an impression. ~Tell us about your favorite class. The jazz history class is a lot of fun and the graduate teachers like to make learning a good experience and relate to their audience rather well... I love the speech classes <3 ~least favorite? some of the law classes, rhetorical and chemistry classes freaking suck because teachers find their subject to be way more important than it is for intro stuff. ~how often do students study? omg all time! i study at least 5 hours a week when its testing around 15-20 hours ~is class participation common? not unless counts towards your grade. go every attending very connecting with professors.. which really helps you play good student card screw up somehow. ~do have intellectual conversations outside class? time ~are competitive? them.. know am. try best so can someone look to. makes me feel ^^ ~what's most unique you've taken? research that teach how an experiment write paper about it... sooo unusual. ~tell us major >


Many individuals focus on whether or not a college has a fancy football team or well known name. GSU has been labeled by many as "just another state school", but from my experience as an honors student, I can say that GSU is not just some state school. GA State has a very competitive nursing program and a very successful business school among other colleges. There is ample opportunity to study as every floor of the dorms has a study room and the library has an abundance of space to study as well as many resources and rooms you can schedule for group studying. In addition, the students at Georgia State University are very studious. Overall, I believe GSU excels in academics.


Georgia state faculty are amazing, but some rotten apples do exist. Expect to sometimes have faculty that don't give a damn as often as you have exciting and inspiring instructors. In your major, there will be at least one professor that you can focus on and take ALL the classes they offer.