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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Its over 200 groups here at Georgia State but i would say the student alumni assosication


Giving back to the community in various ways which is commendable.


The most popular student groups are Spotlight, and they coordinate the events for GSU. Also student alumni association.


Frats and sororities are popular. However, it's not my thing. There are so many clubs, sports and activities to participate in. I love Touch the Earth which is the outdoor program that goes on many differing trips during a semester. Also has outdoor equipment rentals.

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The most popular activities at Georgia State are Colloquia, every other Friday, the Student association days,Tuesdays and Thursdays on the Student Plaza.


SAA - Student Alumni Association


The most popular groups are Greeks, athletes, and members of student organizations.


There are over 300 student organizations offered at GSU, so there is definitely something for everyone. The most popular student groups are greek life and an organization called infinite appeals. Infinite appeals is a group for models and fashion designers. Greek like is popular, but not essential like at other schools. I am involved with Golden Key International Honour Society. We have A LOT of members, but mostly because it looks good on your resume. There is an on campus organization that plans campus events. Once a month they put on a nightly social event that is free for all students. If you are bored and looking for something to do socially, IT'S THE CITY!! The sky is literally the limit. There's shopping, nightlife, parks and recreational areas, movie theaters, and much more! You should never be bored downtown!


I have no idea what the most popular groups etc.. are. The only organization I am apart of is the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I only stayed on campus one semester and most people didn't leave doors open. Since 2010 was our first football season it was pretty popular but after that I haven't really seen or heard people talk about going to any athletic events. We have a lot of great guess speakers, but since the school is so big its very hard to be able to attend them. To many people to even think about dating. I went to high school with my closes friend so new her prior to going to gsu. If I am awake any day at 2 am, highly unlikely, I am studying. Always have panther prowls. From my understanding people club a lot not really party. I barely see any of the fraternities/ sororities on campus so. Last weekend I was at home.


Spotlight is the most common, or heard of organization, as is The Signal, the school's paper. I'm involved in the school's NSCS sector. Athletic events are a huge deal and students and guests attend regularly. Dating is very much like high school, however, it is a bit more serious and less dramatic. I met my closest friends in classes that I enjoy and have intense discussions in. If I am awake late into the morning on a school night, it is to wrap up a paper or project. People party pretty often, every weekend almost. On a Saturday night, I can go to one of the events hosted on campus, or enjoy a movie with friends.


The most popular groups and organizations and/or clubs and teams on campus as expected is sororities/fraternities and football/basketball teams. I am involved with many honor societities, but the one Iam most involved with is PSI CHI International Honor Society for Psychology. It is for Psychology and recognizes these majors that have a minimum GPA of 3.3 and at least a sophomore with at least 9 credit hours in psychology classes. Students in dorms never leave their doors open. Athletic events, and guest speakers are very popular on campus with theater not as much. The dating scene is very much average on campus. I met my closest friend on the first day of school, my freshman semester. If I'm awake at 2am on a tuesday I am most likely studying for an exam taking place in a few hours. Traditional events that happen each year are a guest celebrity performance and greek organization parties. People party sometimes but not that often, thye more so et together with friends and just hang out. Sororties and fraternties are a plus, but not that very important. I went to a house party last weekend with some college friends. Students can go to dinner, club, bowl or karaoke on a saturday which doesn't have to involve drinking. I go out to eat, go dancing, or hang with family off campus.


The most popular club on campus is the Spotlight programs board -these students organize school activities such as homecomings and parades throughout the year. The most popular organizations are of course, the Greek life organizations. I am involved with the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, which is a relatively small group of students within the top 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of their class at GSU. Because the school is so spread out, the social life isn't that great, so in order to meet fellow students it is a MUST that you go PARTY - and that happens very often at GSU. I went to a party last weekend as a matter of fact! We also have kickbacks in our dorm where fellow dorm-mates can come the room to eat, and play cards! The dating scene is pretty sucky, so if you are looking to find a significant other, this is not the place for you!


I wouldn't say there was a "most" popular student group, but as with any campus, Greek Life is always present. I met my best friend and Maid of Honor in an art class during my sophmore year! Students like to attend sporting events, but it's not as much of a social event as it is at say, UGA, for example. Some students party, some don't, there are plenty of things to keep occupied with. Alton Brown spoke at campus last year! We have student nights at the Georgia Aquarium and at Six Flags, sometimes there are comedy shows and concerts as well.


The most popular student activities on campus are definitely those that include sports. Football and basketball are really important to GSU students and they are always excited to go to a football or basketball. Fraternities and sororities are the next big thing as more students are becoming a part of them each day. Personally, I am involved in Caribsa, which is the Caribbean Students Association because I am from the Caribbean, However, Caribsa is not limited to Caribbean students only but also students who are interested in learning about the culture of the Caribbean.


We just got a football team in 2010. Football is becoming more popular. We have all sports at GSU but only fotball receives so much attention. GSU has over 200 student organizations, Spotlight being the biggest. I am involved with The National Society of Collegiate Scholars at GSU, PSI CHI, and Lambda Alpha Delta. We have our own Cinema as well as our theater caled The Rialto. We have a series of Guest Speakers, Step Shows, Concerts, Comedy Stand ups, and Talent Shows throughout the year.


Everywhere you go on campus you see athletes sporting their gear. Football players, soccer, basketball, track, everyone is always showing off their gear so you know exactly who they are. Me personally, met some of my closest friends through promoting. Promoting parties and getting closer with individuals has helped me develop relationships with them outside of just promoting. Off campus we shop, and go out to the movies, go bowling mostly in Atlantic station or Lenox mall.


Well, I'm involved in a business fraternity and there are a lot of members. It's more to network with the professionals. There are also a lot of sports clubs/teams. I think being a commuter school, it's hard to say that one organization is more popular than the other. You have to find what you like and then find out the different clubs/teams that caters to your interest and join.


~What are the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus? For me, the most popular teams I m involved with are the Recreation center's Sports clubs. ~Tell us about a group you're involved with. I am now the president of the Rock Climbing Club at GSU... and I LOVE IT! ~Do students in dorms leave their doors open? sometimes ~How popular are athletic events? I have never been to one ~Guest speakers? We get a lot of cool people, last week Bill Nye the science guy came ~How did you meet your closest friends? By getting involved with the clubs on campus ~If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? sleeping! Christ! ~How often do people party? ... a lot from what I hear, but I don't party. ~How important are fraternities/sororities? Not super important, but we do have them. I bet if a frat or sorority house read this they would flit out like they are super involved with our every day life or something... but the fact is that all of them meet in one small facility on campus and dont have dorms. ~What did you do last weekend? took the club on a rock climbing trip outdoors ~What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking? Play games with your friends, go on trips with Touch the Earth, do all sorts of fun activities around town What do you do off campus? Rock Climb, caving, hiking, Volunteer, travel home to visit family... etc


There are many groups at Georgia State. There are fraternities, sororities, cultural groups, academic groups, and extracurricular groups. The largest organization on campus is the Student Alumni Association which has close to 1300 members. There are other honors organizations like Alpha Lambda Delta and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. In addition there is the Honors Student Organization for honors students. Furthermore, there are multiples of organizations that focus on particular colleges and majors. No matter what you plan to get involved in there will be an organization for you.


There's a an activity for everyone. From our small Greek life to outdoor activities, our online magazine to our poetry publication, arts, media, yoga, major clubs, etc - everything is represented. Down town Atlanta is full of social opportunities, from small bars to huge parks, book stores with nightly readings, and everything in between. If you learn and get used to the horror of MARTA, a whole range of opportunities are open to you.