Georgia State University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Most of my classes are pretty interesting. Some are in lecture halls while others are in regular classrooms. Lessons are fast paced and most of the reading needs to be done outside of class. Classes are not difficult, but neither are they easy. They are challenging enough to kee you interested.


I am pretty lucky to have pretty good teachers over the years. My first teacher was Ms. Tara for English 1101. She was a graduate student. She made us do small assignments that did not really help with getting what we wanted to learn, necessarily. Another teacher I had was Dr. Paul Ferraro. He taught Microeconomics 2105. He made it so useful and realistic that I signed up my major in economics. Dr. Felix Rioja was another teacher whom I learned a lot from and he is very smart. The classes could be small or big in the first 2 years (the core prerequisites) but the further you go, the smaller the classes will be and it is a big advantage because you do not have to try so hard to get heard any more. Whatever you do in class, the teachers will know. They give you the grades you earn. Don't hesitate to ask questions. It will just give you more credits as being the one who wants to learn. However, think before asking. Otherwise, they will know that you are just asking to be noticed. In the beginning of college, students often times speak a lot in class. They are so eager to talk...


ranges from 20-250 ppl. since i'm a bschool major, our classes are mostly lectures, but i'm sure if you're an arts major, it's more hands on.


I feel as though my classes are organized and make a lot of sense. Rate my professor helps you understand what your teacher will expect of you. I do not suggest purchasing books until you get to class though because most of my teachers do not use the online system and have the default class setting in there by accident. As far as classes go, you need to go to every class! you paid for them, and it is a waste to skip lecture.


Depending on the subject you take, you can have a class ranging from 25 students to around 200 students in a lecture room.