Georgia State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love the physical location of Georgia State University. In the heart of downtown Atlanta, there is plenty to discover on a campus that blends seamlessly with the city. Our location welcomes a large population, and subsequently, a diverse student body in nearly every aspect.




I brag about all the things to do in Atlanta when you aren't in class. A lot of my friends attend traditional schools that are in college towns. Being in downtown Atlanta gives you a unique opportunity to do something different literally every single weekend. That kind of freedom is so awesome and has definitely contributed to my college experience.


I would brag about the diversity of the student population, how many student resources we have on campus, and the variety of eateries around campus and the city.


I tell my friends about the overall atmosphere of GSU. It is very nice and there aren't really any problems on campus.


When I'm bragging about Georgia State, I like to talk about my awesome on-campus living situation. Living downtown is an amazing experience-- there's always something to do! The city is full of different people and places to explore, with great restaurants and entertainment. There are also cheap alternatives for restaurants, which is great during college. Atlanta is home to eccentric and varried groups of people that will never leave you bored!


How close the school is to Turner Broadcasting and many other outstanding business that are potential for internships.


How well my degree program set me up for a career in software, but also the advantage of having the business knowledge on top of the technical knowledge.


It's a greatu university that is extremely affordable with a diverse range of programs; you get your bang for your buck at Georgia State University.


I love how close everything is on campus. It really makes getting to class on time easy.


I mostly brag about the independence the school and city provides for both younger and older students. While also maintaining a collective sense of community and belonging to the school.


This school has a lot of research opportunities. Furthermore, the careercenter has a lot of opportunities and preparation for like after university. There are also many programs for lower income students, single parents, and/or non-traditional students. I especially love the diversity of the campus and the plethora of major options.


I did not graduate from high school with a very high GPA but now that I'm in college I have a 3.5 GPA. I work very hard and my professors have helped me greatly.


The fact that its in the heart of Atlanta


When my friends ask me about my school, I usually talk about the diversity of Georgia State. Almost forty percent of the total demographics in Georgia State are minorities, and the percent is continuing to rise. That to me is a huge upgrade from when the school first opened. I also tell people that there are about thirty thousand students that attend Georgia State. I also brag about the advantages of living on campus; there's so much more stuff to do and much more access to places in the downtown Atlanta area. Plus I get free stuff at school.


I brag that we have the best school gym. This is because our REC center has a lap pool, beach entry pool, whirlpool, rock climbing, racquetball courts, sauna, spa, free weight room, and offers every class know to man! its by far the best part of the school!


This school is centrally located in the biggest metropolis in the south. Extremely culturally and ethnically diverse, with students from over 130 countries. A very up to date campus with very good teachers.


I definetly brag about the location. It is superb. I am in walking distance to so many different venues and events. I also brag about the fact that as a freshmen I am living in a four bedroom two bathroom apartment when the rest of my friends are stuck in dorm rooms.


I brag about my school's cultural diversity and emphasis on career development.


I mostly brag about my social life and my friends. I am from a fast pace city in the north, I wanted to attend a college that had a reasonable pace and I knew for a fact that I wanted to go down south. I consider myself a very social person, I network a lot and through this I have made many friends. It is a diverse area and cause of this I have been able to make friends from many walks of life.


I love that it's in Atlanta! There is so much diversity and so much going on. Not only does the school offer so much to do, the city itself always has something exciting going on. Between the two, I can always find a good coffee shop, a lovely art show, or a talent filled concert! I know that Atlanta is a big and busy city, but there are so many parks all over and around campus that deliver the feeling of being close to nature.


I don't brag much about anything at my school. If I could do it over I'd suck it up and go to my first choice regardless of monetary funds. One thing I do love about my school is our movie theater. It's free for students with a gsu id and pretty cheap for guests.


Not technically bragging, but if asked, I tell them I go to Georgia State University.


I tell them we have a surprisingly good Business school. The business school is very strong, and it gives students a great foundation for getting jobs straight out of college. In addition to this, it gives plenty of opportunities to contact businesses in the area for internships and real-life information about the different fields one could work in. Overall, my school provides fantastic opportunities for one to get their life started right after one graduates.


I never cared for a "traditional" college experience, and Georgia State was the solution. I encourage friends to go to State when they graduate especially because we are on the rise. Our football team starts next year, and our mascot Pounce is everywhere now-a-days. Classes are a challenge but if you do what you need to you are sure to succeed. Georgia State was made for commuters and life as a student in the city offers many possibilites. I don't go to a traditional college, but the experience I'm given exceeds that standard.


The Cello Professor here at Georgia State, Martha Gerschefski, is what I brag about. I simply couldn't ask for a better teacher for my major. She was Associate Principal Cello in the National Symphony Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski. On top of tours through Europe and the Americas, she is an awesome teacher (ASTA Teacher of the Year 1999-2000) and an awesome person.


How it is right in the heart of Atlanta. There are so many different places to go. You are very protected with the high security standards but are able to go anywhere and everywhere if you please to do so.


The progress and changes I've made since my freshaman year.


I absolutely love the fact that my campus is in the heart of Atlanta. We have so many opportunities at GSU such as internships with CNN, Coca Cola, Turner Broadcasting, ect. and not to mention we park at Turner Field, home of the Braves! The faculty and staff are absolutely amazing. My teachers really know their stuff, and they make class something to look forward too. Several of my teachers have brought guest speakers from major newspapers to famous authors to talk about their careers. The campus is always alive with people and new things to see. I love GSU!


I mention all the events that go on around campus.


Either my classes or my program. I have great professors as well and I also think the library is phenomenal compared to other ones I have been in. It's perfect for my area of study with real hands-on faculty and staff. All of my classes, whether directly related to my program or not, have been worth taking and I have left the classes satisfied.


how large it is


I brag about the Professors in the Sociology Department at Georgia State. They are amazing, always willing to help, review papers, and give advice!


Georgia State is student friendly and extremely diverse. We are constantly growing with new buildings and residence halls. I also love my schools academic staff and dedicated administration. I know most of the staff in my department. I never feel like a number. My academic consolers and professors are always willing to listen and assist. I am especially satisfied with our technology: student email, multiple media labs, access i.d. cards, as well as state of the art equipment for our art gallery and visual art majors. All my friends and family know that I love Georgia State.


the diverse population of students, the urban location, and the quality education I received!!!


I do not brag about my school


I brag most about our dorms. The Georgia State Universtity Commons are amazing. They were just built in the 2007 so they are pretty new, and its like we have our own apartment. Each student has their own room that can lock, there is pretty good security and overall it's just a nice place. And if you're lucky, you get a great view.


That it has great teachers and is a wonderful school for Education majors.


When I discuss my school, I brag most about how big it is and the quality of the school. Everything seems to be kept well and clean.


I don't brag about this school at all. I chose this school , because I thought it was a good choice for a non-traditional student with a disability. Sadly, the there are many problems swept under the rug. The school is so departmentalized that problems abound and nobody cares about their job to fix them. I completed two study abroads at Sorbonne and was treated with respect. They were also very professional. GSU could learn a lot from Sorbonne.


The teachers are excellent and understanding of the student's needs.


The city campus and classes that fit my schedule.


The location in downtown Atlanta. It is much more open and I feel it provides a better taste of what real life will be like than a conventional, fenced in campus. It is much more comfortable for me. I never feel trapped on campus. There is a bit less emphasis on social aspects of college life, which I prefer, but the administration tries to organize programs for students who want more social involvement.


Its' art department, and the diverse campus. There is an excellent music scene, and the University radio station is pretty good too.


quality education, teachers


the quality of the business school


It's diversity, its urban setting, and everything you can do downtown atlanta


It is diverse.




Ability to get jobs and network.