Georgia State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Well it is expensive like plenty of other schools. All this money we spend, but so little help and it's not that great of a campus.


Nothing, the school is a great institution with lots of history behind it. GSU is in the city and makes myself, as a city person, feel at home.


I hate how little they communicate with you. If something is wrong you won't know until the damage is done. I have had to re-enroll twice because no one informed be that if I dropped all my classes for the semester I would have to reapply. By the time I found out and had been reaccepted all the classes I signed up for where removed from my schedule and I couldn't take the classes at the time that I preferred.


In my opinion, the worst thing about Georgia State University is the location. It being in the heart of Downtown Atlanta provides criminals a never ending opportunity for crime. I am not implying that crime is out of control at GSU but, it does have its fair share.


I would consider the worst thing about my school is commuting to it. Traffic in the mornings is terrible and I have to leave about two hours before my class begins to get to class on time.


The fact that it is a city campus and therefore, you sometimes walk amongst nasty areas and will run into your occasional beggar.


The thing I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the fact that the campus is open.


There is not a very strong sense of community, since it's a still largely a commuter school. This gives the school a rather businesslike, unfriendly vibe, which is not the best for forming connections and a network.


The worst thing about my school is that you have to always be cautious about who you are around and you are never guaranteed your safety. The reason I say this is the worst thing is because Georgia State has an open campus in the middle of Atlanta and anyone of any kind and waltz in and mug you or worse. There have been many incidents where this has happened to students. It gives you a very unsafe feeling.


The worst thing about my school is the location, right smack in the middle of Atlanta. The city is always busy and smelly. I especially hate how the campus buildings are sandwiched between banks and office buildings, and it doesn't help that the maps they provide are hard to read as well.


The amount of smoking done on campus; cigarettes that is.


The worst thing about this college is parking. It is very limited on campus, and can be expensive over time. The school does offer free parking at Turner Field and a shuttle to take students to and from the school, but there are occasional roberies at the field. It doesn't feel safe to park there.


The worst thing about the school is that the students tend to put themselves in danger. Many of the students are impatient when it comes to crosswalks. They do not even look out for cars. To see someone get hit is the worst possible sight to see at Georgia State. I think the campus should bust the student from jaywalking. It can be really dangerous.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of dorm rooms and the price.


Security is suffocatingly tight. I do not like knowing that I am being tracked via my keycard. Several times I have attempted to open the door of a Housing community only to be yelled at by a woman on hidden intercom and locked out.


The school has a lot of students. Sometimes, it can be a bit crowded in some areas or buildings, but not enough to dissuade anyone from attending the school.


The problem that I see everyday at my school is the lack of communication between staff members. As a Work Study student at the Veterans Affairs office on campus, I see many students coming in from other staff members who send them our way without knowing where to actually send the students. This causes the student to do a "run around," or having to go to different offices because the staff cannot answer their questions.


The worst part about my school, which is also the best, is the location. My school is located in downtown Atlanta and homeless people harrass you, ask you for money, approach you at any given moment . It's the city, so there's businesses on every corner and the traffic is always awful. Unlike on a college campus, it's just the college students.


The worst thing about my school would be the emphasis on volunteering. It is always good to volunteer, but if you do not have the time or the ability or the patience to start, it makes you feel like an uninvolved and shallow person.


The disadvantages of attending Georgia State University is the school's location in downtown of Atlanta. I once walk around the campus without alert, and the MARTA ( the city bus) almost ran over me. Also since the school located right next to the major highways, there are lot of incosiderate drivers whom do not care about pedistrians at all. However, the worst thing about the school is the crime. I had mails from school police almost every week that many people was robbed, or someone injured because group of males attacked him.


The worst thing at my school is that the city of Atlanta is not a good place. There is a lot of homeless people on campus. There has been a lot of reports of robberies on campus.


When it comes to GA State, the professors are nice, the campus is very diverse, and there are opportunities galore, so what could be the problem? Being in the heart of the "concrete jungle" that is Atlanta, the location of the school is both a negative and a positive. Although surrounded by a bustling city full of promise, I am in constant fear of being mugged, for crime in Downtown ATL is fairly high. Students must take many safety precautions when walking around campus and homeless men and women often heckle passing students.


The worst thing about my school is some of the crime that happens around campus. Most of these crimes do not involve students, but living in downtown Atlanta, there are many homeless people that could potentially be dangerous. Last semester, we had more than four armed robberies on campus, which was a scary thing to think about.


The worst thing about Georgia State University is its location. Being situated in a city can make a person feel overwhelmed, especially if the person is a newcomer or not used to cities.


I think the worst thing about Georgia State is being in the downtown Atlanta area. There is a lot of crime in the area. Students get robbed at times which takes away from Georgia State being such a great school.


The worst thing about Georgia State University is that it is a commuter school. There is not an actual campus where college students can come together and experience the college life. It takes away the aesthetic values of a real college experience. It is also harder for students to focus because many have wasted a lot of their study time commuting.


I would have to say the worst thing is how crowded it is. There are so many students attending this school, im not saying its over crowded because its not, but there are stilll alot of students. The class sizes are huge for some classes and it can be difficult to get one on one attention some students may need. There are certain times of day where its hard to find a parking space, lines are extremely long to get food, and its like finding water in the desert trying to get a computer or study room in the library.


As a commuter, the parking at Georgia State is quite terrible. The fees are high and there is not enough parking. Only one parking deck allows you to have a semester pass and it is a mess to try and purchase one, they sell out within minutes.


The worst thing about Georgia State University is the only fact that it's in the heart of the city of Atlanta which makes the campus life different from others. The campus does not seem tight-nit since many people commute to school and the university itself lacks the closed off area due to busy streets, businesses, and the homeless people near by that throws off the apperance of a school campus. If the school would be more of a close campus then the whole atmosphere of school would change.


What I consider the worst thing about my school is the location downtown surrounded by car noises and anyone can walk onto campus.


The smoking area


There are some offices at school where people try to avoid confrontation from: the Financial Aid office, the One Stop Shop office, the Admissions office, the Registrar office, and the Housing office. Most of these offices can barely be reached by phone, so it is best to go talk to someone in person. When a student usually tries to find information in one of the offices listed above, an office staff usually directs the student to another office. The customer service is bad, and sometimes favoritism is shown. I usually find out what I need to know by fellow students.


I think the worse thing about the campus is how far apart some of the classes are. The campus is spread out over downtown Atlanta.


GA State was a commuter school in the mid-90's. Since then, it has become much more of a cohesive campus.


Georgia State University is an exceptional college with outstanding teachers. It provides students with a variety of degree studies and a very liberal atmosphere that I have grown to appreciate. However, I consider the location of GSU to be the worst thing about my school. Downtown Atlanta is a very nasty city. For a city that is constantly flourishing in business/revenue, it is absolutely bombarded with homeless men and women along with drug addicts. Students are always being approached for money and some are even held at gunpoint which is horrifying.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the lack of alumni support.


The worse things about my school are the bad learning center hours. I wish the hours at the learning center could be better, so I could get more help with my homework. Also, I wish the financial aid office could be much more organized because they have lost several of my files, which has caused me to borrow money for my tuition.


The worst thing about Georgia State is that they allow grad students to teach classes. Sometimes this is the best thing about GSU because well-educated people get a change to try out teaching before they commit to another school, but other times the students get a teacher who does not have enough experience to teach the course properly.


I think the worst thing about my school is the fact that there are so many negative stereotypes about it still. It is an up-and-coming school, originating as just a commuter-college, but turning into a real college campus, despite being in a very urban area. It also has fantastic science research programs in addition to the great business school, and many people don't know that and don't think to look to this school for that.


Georgia State has potential to be great but it isn't recognized by the rest of the United States! unfortunately we live in the shadows of Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia because we don't have a football team YET! That shouldnt determine nor underrmine our success. i guess this isnt the worst thing about my school but one of the bad things about society. Our lack of a football team means less money for the school which is why we dont have such a beautiful campus such as the schools mentioned before. What a shame!


I feel like there is no unity. Everyone goes along doing their own thing, which can be difficult if you are looking for new friends.


The worse thing at my school would have to be the open campus. Basically anyone could come on campus if they please. That is one thing that I wouldn't mind being changed about my campus.


I don't think we have enough security in and around the campus.


The worst thing would probably be the homeless people that you encounter from time to time walking through the city. Then again, with such a large city like Atlanta, it is expected.


The lack of teacher/student interaction, it was like pulling teeth to see your teacher.


The worst thing about Georgia State is that the campus is so large. It takes 10 minutes to get to the other side!


My school doesn't really have a campus feel. You don't feel connected to the other students because most of the students are commuters.


If I had to chose the worst thing about my school, I would say that the events could be more publicized to the student body.


The worst thing about my school is expenses. Being a middle class college student working a part-time job and balancing school I do not have enough income to cover all my tuition, housing, fees , food and books.


Very large, and spread out.