Georgia State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love my school.I got admitted into a Master's program for Fall this year and I can not wait to start classes.I know I made the right decision.


I really enjoy that it is in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Yes, it can be unsafe at times, but it is a real city experience. It is comprised of such a diverse group of students from all backgrounds, religions, values, races, etc. It helped me become an Atlantan.


Awesome sauce! Nice energetic atmosphere. Huge family of networks. All of Atlanta right at your feet.


My opinion of this institution is that it is a highly prestigious school with many career opportunities. The school resides in a great location, downtown Atlanta and is a very superb place to start my college career. I am ecstatic to start my educational journey at this college and I intend to major in Nutrition to become a nutritionist for a sporting agency. Also, I am still trying to pursue my athletic career with basketball and the team at this university just won a conference championship. This school smells like success, and I am very excited to get started.

Jean Francois Koly

Georgia State is an excellent higher education institution.


Georgia State is a good school. There are not too many things that I would change as I am currently satisfied with how things are. It has a great student life with events being planned every week. Also it has great accommodation services for the students that go there. A few things that I would change is the dining staff and some classes need to be renovated. The dining staff always comes off as rude and they never seem like they are there to serve you. Just yesterday (although this happens almost every day), as I was about to pay for my food the Georgia State cashier was very inpatient and used profanity towards my friend before eventually rolling her eyes when my friend told her to "have a nice day." So we usually just end up eating off campus when we are not crunched for time. As for the classes. In sparks hall for example, it appears as though mold is seeping out of every vent in there because if you look at it there is a greenish, black hue that surrounds every vent. The classrooms are also outdated in terms of technology. But besides those two major complaints GSU is a great campus.


Georgia State to me is a little overwhelming at times. The homeless people asking for change everday to the random people who act as though there students when they are really just random people from across the way. lol If I wanted to change anything at GSU it would be the amount of food places in the Universities building. Who wants to walk all the way to the center of downtown just to eat. We need more choices on campus. I think a lot of GSU students complain about the library hours. I mean why cant we have a 24 hour library! On exam days I could study forever but NOT in the library. A big controversy at stae right now would be the debate against tuiton increases for the next school year. It is honestly getting ridiculous. The best thing about state WHO WOULD'NT want to go to school in downtown ATL. We have major people on and off campus, internships are right accross the street. Free laptop rentals in the library, parking on campus at the meters is free after 7. Our shuttes run till 2am. Our dorms have a 24 hours check in or out policy. Your guests can come anytime you like. COLLEGETOWN all i can say is look up our video by Frenchie "BLUE BLITZ". "WE IN THE CITY WE GONE PAINT IT BLUE, STRAIGHT FROM GSU THIS IS WHAT US PANTHERS DO WE GO TO COLLEGETOWN, COLLEGETOWN, COLLEGETOWN, DOWNTOWN.!


Overall, I adore Georgia State University. Georgia State is relatively big at first, but once a student starts going to classes, the university really is not that big;the is especially the case because a lot of the buildings are in the same area. People react pretty interested when I tell them I go to Georgia State. Many are just interested because it is in Downtown Atlanta, and they find it hard to believe that the majority of students are commuters. When I am not in class, I tend to spend time in the library or courtyard. Personally I would not classify Atlanta as a college town, but this is because Atlanta is so large that it cannot really fit into a college town classification. The most common student complaint I've heard deals with the One Stop Shop and class openings. Some mandatory classes are incredibly difficult to get into, especially depending on your major. Classes are also hard in the fact that sometimes one has to wait a whole year before being able to get into a certain class. The One Stop Shop can be rather unhelpful at times; you have to know exactly what your doing because they'll give you the ring around if you do not. My freshman year when I transferred in, I faxed some important papers in, but the One Stop Shop misfiled them; it resulted in my being dropped from all my classes. Since then, I have not had any problems because now I know what I'm doing.


I love Georgia State University. The location is wonderful. There are so many people to meet. This is a great school to go to network. There so many connections here. Everybody is always lending a helping hand. The professors here are great. I loved my professors so far.


I love how open my school is, and not closed in like other college campuses. I feel Georgia State University is just the right size for a college. I spend most of my time in the library, the Panther Den, or the courtyard. However, when I tell people I attend GSU, the approve of the choice but they frown at the environment. There is, nonetheless, a lot of school pride, which makes me extremely happy. Smoking and tuition are huge complaints but neither so far has made changes in a way where everyone is happy.


I love that Georgia State is in the middle of the city. I would change how scattered parts of the campus are and the functioning of the shuttles. The size of Georgia State is just right however. I think the student population is a little overcrowded. When people hear I attend Georgia STate, they are actually impressed and assume I am intelligent. I spend most of my time on campus in class, the library or my friend's dorm. Georgia State's administration is decent. Their ONE STOP SHOP is helpful, but as far as finding out issues before they occur to where it affects your scheduling is the problem. The biggest recent controversy on campus were the illegal acts committed by a sorority and their pledges. There is a good amount of school pride on campus. I'll always remember Georgia State Greek entrertainment in the courtyard. The most frequent student complaints are the school being overcrowded. Overall Georgia State has a good faculty, staff and choices for food.


Georgia State University is what keeps downtown Atlanta alive. Most of the businesses around the campus open and close with the university. Many of the corporations in Atlanta provide connections for many of the students and eventually become our employers. Though enrollment has been increasing each year, causing the campus to be a little overcrowded, there is no doubt that attending Georgia State University can result in you making lasting connections, no matter your major. There are plenty of areas on campus that service the students' needs whether we need to study, eat, watch TV, workout, get homework done, or take a nap between classes. Because we are what keeps downtown Atlanta alive, the school pride is immense as we cheer on your athletic teams, especially the new football team and the basketball team. With so much variety at Georgia State, it is often hard to feel out of place.


I LOVE GSU! When I transferred to Georgia State University I automatically took notice in the difference in the academics, the organization of the administrative offices, and the plethora of student activities - the dorms are pretty awesome, too! The school is fairly large, and unlike my old school, GSU is in the middle of the city - literally! The fact that GSU isn't your average "campus" makes it a lot harder to meet people unless you play a sport, join a club, or participate in Greek life. The only way I made friends was just getting to know some of the people in my classes, and if we had a lot of common, we usually hit it off pretty well. There are hardly any "controversies" on campus; the biggest one you will usually here about is theft, or someone getting in a fight - but most of the time those people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are hardly any complaints, other than the fact that we have to walk for about 15 minutes each day to get to class. Otherwise, everyone I come across is pretty pleased with the school and so am I! We just got a football team last year as well so that defiantly pumped up the school spirit! Whenever someone ask, "How do you like GSU?" I say that I love it, and I couldn't have chosen a better school!


Georgia State is known as a commuter school, but there have been many efforts to open more dorms for students and we recently had a football team added which is bringing in a stronger sense of school spirit than before. Unfortunately parking is a bit of a struggle on campus, but being in the city means it's hard to find parking anywhere. There is a bit of a controversy about the campus being dangerous, but the police force is larger than most in the city. Being in the heart of downtown Atlanta, as a student you learn social skills and traffic skills you wouldn't normally get. You even learn how to deal with homeless people, which is a quirky perk at times.


The best thing about my school is that it is very diverse. If someone was looking to be around different types of people, whether by ethnicity, social-class, or by personality, this will be the school for them. The one thing I would change, however, is it definitely needs more parking. If you have class in the afternoon, you would have to either ride the public transit train or come to school in the morning in your own vehicle to get a parking spot. This is probably what I've heard as the most frequent complaint among the students. Other than that, the school isn't too large, or too small. Depending on where a student's classes are located, prepare to do a lot walking, but that's with all big universities.


The best thing about this school is it has a high level of diversity. It is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA so you get a lot of good eating places such as McDonalds, Popeye, Burger King, Haagen Dazs, Brusters, Sushi Roll, Roly Poly, Smoothie King, Moes, Dua, Tin Drum, Pizza Hut, Alibaba's, Rosa's Pizza, Checker's, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Xasby's, Jimmy Johns, Hunky Dory, Korean food, Chinese, Turkish, etc. My school spreads all around downtown so it is a bit walking from across campuses (10 minutes to go from the 2 main buildings). You will also come across the Woodruff Park (which is the gathering place of the homeless community, who might scare you at first; they might read the Bible to you or talk to you or stare at you). Be careful though because there are cases where kids get robbed and snatched from (phones, wallets, laptops mostly). You might also get asked for cigarrettes and money ocassionally (sometimes there might be people who ask you if you would take them to eat at a close by eating place). There are 47,000 students at GSU. People think it is a nice school to be in (which it is). The library might not be the best place to study though because people come in and out constantly and you just need to find the most quiet area that you are the most comfortable with. GSU administration is getting better. They have wireless system where students get their course work via called uLearn and MyRobinson. Your grades and the administrative things are posted on Gosolar. You have to log in to all these systems to use them. There was this group representing "Occupy Atlanta" chanting across from the library recently. One person would be standing in the middle speaking out loud statements and the rest would be repeating. People recorded it. I left before it ended. Apparently, 10 of these youngsters were arrested. There is school pride if you go near the Student Center area (where all the fraternities, sororities, and societies are). They would be screaming out "Panthers" (the school's mascot) at times of gatherings. The school might be overcrowded when it comes to parking permits (people would be getting in lines ahead of time to reserve their permits to park so it is not easy at all trying to park downtown). It is certainly not cheap. A lot of people take Marta as an alternative and it is rather efficient. At lunch time (right around 12:00 - 12:45), the lines at the eating places are incredibly long and it is not easy to get food!


The culture is the best thing about attending GSU. I would change the parking, because parking downtown is definitely a pain. I love the fact that GSU is becoming more reputable and climbing the ladder of being one of the best universities in Georgia. One thing that scares me the most about GSU is the increasing crime on campus.


The best thing about this school to me is its diversity. I make connections with people from all over the world, my roomate is from London and I am learning about their culture. One thing I would change is the proximity of some of the classroom buildings because they are rather far from the campus housing. I spend a lot of my time in the recreation center and the library. The most frquent student complain is the availability of parking due to so many students being commuters, but because I stay on campus I don't have that problem. Overall Georgia State University is a great school and I love it.


GSU is cool because if you want to save money and live at home, you can and 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the kids do. However, be aware that you might not be able to hangout as much on campus and meet people. So you have to preactive and get involved if you want to have the complete college experience. GSU is in downtown, so our campus is mixed within the tall office buildings and public parks. You see so many different types of people on the streets near campus. The library is where a lot of people hang, or at the cafeteria and etc. We just started a football team, so it's still new.


~What's the best thing about this school? The enormous amount of research opportunities and career paths the school offers. GSU's programs are very legit and I am confident in my ability to find a nice job out of this grad program. ~Name one thing you'd change. I wish it was more difficult to get into this school, so that we were considered to be more prestigious... maybe then we wouldn't have so many stupid students who slip into the cracks every year and clog up my classes with dumb questions! ~Is your school too large, too small, or just right? I would like the campus to expand, because we offer so many programs, I don't see why our campus isn't larger. ~How do people react when you tell them you go to this school? Some people don't even know of GSU. They don't think it is very prestigious because we have such a high acceptance rate. ~Where do you spend most of your time on campus? At our awesome Recreation Center! ~What's your opinion of this school's administration? I have not had any problems with the administration so far. ~Is there a lot of school pride? Yes <3 ~Is there anything unusual about this school? the fact that it is literally just another part of Atlanta. I could imagine someone not even realizing that they are on campus at all. ~What's one experience you'll always remember? the first time I tried to find the Aderhold Learning Center... I had to follow some girl with a binder that I assumed was going to the same place. ~What are the most frequent student complaints? not enough classes in particular areas, thieves, low security, freaking smelly hobos... the usual stuff in Midtown


When I first came to GSU, I was very disappointed because I had always dreamed of going to UGA. However, since being here, I have become more social, more involved academically, and more mature. My eyes have been opened to a lot of things such as the prevalence of the gay community in Midtown, the difference between city life and suburban life, and many other interesting facets of the college experience. I feel that being located in Atlanta and going to a school with a diverse student body has led me to be a more well-rounded individual.


I love the fact that it is diverse. You gain friends from so many different backgrounds. Georgia State is a commuter school, so the buildings are scattered around downtown atlanta. I like it because you can see all the nice tall buildings as your walking to class. The school is made of up undergrads, graduate, and law students. I spend time in the university center to meet up with my friends at noon for lunch. One of the biggest controversies at my school is the situation that is going on with the undocumented students. We just got a football team at the school last year, raising the amount of school pride on our campus. Most people dress in blue and white and participate in the homecoming week events. One event that I will always remember is when Obama was voted into presidency. The entire student body that lived on campus celebrated in front of the dorms and through the streets of Atlanta.


Georgia State offers you the opportunity to be both left alone and to have intense interaction with the school - by your choice. A side effect of this is that many students are clueless about the facilities available, and fee very lost. However, if you know where to go, you are able to take advantage of a world class faculty and student services.