Georgia State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who loves the city. Atlanta has a lot to offer, and it's extremely different from suburban life. There are so many places to eat, shop, and to explore!


Someone who is very independent and loves a fast pace. Someone who can survive the in a big city.


People who love the city and diversity.


Someone who is fine with a lack of community and who enjoys living downtown in a big city.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who embraces diversity, and likes a colorful, exciting atmosphere with lots of things to do and places to go. They should embrace urban life, as GSU is in the heart of Atlanta.


All students interested in Georgia State University should be eager to experience the hustle and bustle of city life, and networking to formulate lasting relationships, all while building a solid academic foundation.


Since this school in an urban environment, I believe that a student at this school should be somewho who sees the positives in the negatives. Being in an urban environment allows you to have opportunities for research and discovery that one might not normally have a chance to experience. Georgia State University needs to have people attend who care about the school and the city of Atlanta. They should care about how the future will unroll in a city with such a rich, historic past. In my opinion, the word of the student that would attend would be: revolutionary.


In order to attent Georgia State, one must definitely be a city person. Atlanta is the concrete jungle and Georgia State is right in the center of that jungle. It's a beautiful place, full of inspiring people. Someone who wants to attent this school should be one that has no proble with public transportation or traffic. BAD TRAFFIC. One also should not be afraid of homeless people because they are definitely everywhere but mean no harm what so ever!


The school is very diverse so everyone is welcome to attend.


Every type of person should and can attend this school. The diversity here is extremely high, so there are all different types of personalities, opinions, religions, sexual orientations, clothing choices, everything. You can definitely find a group of people you connect with while getting an education from teachers that want you to succeed. Georgia State is a great school with thousands of people, while the city of Atlanta is a wonderful place to be with so much to do and so much fun to be had. I feel the education I have obtained here is worth every penny.


anyone who is about a great education but also loves a fast paced city envirionment. There is always something to do. Even if you dont think you're a city person check it out!


Anyone who wants to be in the heart of Atlanta where most businesses are booming.


I think students who come to focus on studies should come to this school. There are many areas to study at Georgia State. It is not a party school at all. I think it is perfect for committed students.


people that enjoy the city


There is really no one kind of person that should attend this school, GSU is a school for a wide range of people. This is a wonderful school that caters to all kinds of people that are looking for numerous different things in a colloege.


If you want to become more culturally aware, then you should attend Georgia State University.


An outgoing, fun, person. There are tons of ethnic groups on campus so no one is excluded.


Anyone serious about succeeding in there college career should attend this school. Georgia State puts a lot back into it's students.


I think any type of person can attend this school; there is every different type of race, ethnicity, religion, etc.


Everyone with a interest in getting a higher education should join this school regardless of your race or gender. GSU accepts everyone and it's very diverse so everyone can fit in fine.


Anyone can attend this school, but I think that anyone who wants to better themselves and make a better future should attend.


GSU offers opportunities for a variety of students/situations. There are fast-paced classes available for those who like a challenge, and slower, more intimate classes for those who like more professor interaction.


Although people of all background represent Georgia State University, their are some represented preferences that is on campus. A lot of the socially liberal are attracted here. Another kind a person that would attend would be politically consious. In the most part, any socially active people would would thrive in this university.


If you want a mix of city-life and big school atmosphere, then Georgia State is for you. People who business focused and analytical should attend the college of business which is nationally known. People who are artistic and focused on arts for their major should attend Georgia State. There is a huge and talented arts and humanities program at Georgia State with amazing technology and facilities to go along with it. Basically, anyone who wants experience city life while attending college will find somewhere to fit in at Georgia State.




Only a person who likes the urban setting of Atlanta can thrive at Georgia State University. It is also a hard school for a conservative republican, but if politics does not matter too much and you can look past the liberal over view of the school, then Georgia State University is actually a really good school with some amazing people and intelligent professors.


A person willing to learn and stays focus. An individual that can take on a challenge and does not fall under pressure. Also, a person must be willing to have fun.


Georgia State University is ideal for non-traditional and commuter students. Course scheduling is very flexible and classes are more vocationally-tailored than in most universities. While campus life is not especially bustling, GSU does offer an excellent alternative to students who are working or raising families.


Honestly, people who take school seriously should attend this school because it is not easy. Additionally, people who enjoy non-traditional campus life and urban settings would do well here because the campus is part of downtown.


The kind of person who should attend this school should enjoy diverse backgrounds and people, as well as an up to par learning environment that helps prepare them for a career-related future.


To attend GSU, you need to be the kind of person that does not mind traffic or going to classes in an urban environment, since GSU is located at the heart of Atlanta. You also need to have a good sense of direction, since the school is so large and complicated to navigate. As an undergraduate, the class sizes are really large as well, so you need to be the kind of person that does not require so much attention that it detracts from the lectures.


Georgia State is a good schooland has great techers. If you are going to go into Marketing or Business, this is a good school for that. Other than that this is not a very good school for fun. Unless you have a car you cannot do much. Also the campus is pretty dangerous at night, so dont go out alone.


Georgia State University is the perfect school for academically driven students, who want to learn from professionals. Also, students are provided with the opportunity to participate in research programs headed by many of the schools professors. This very often requires large amounts of time spent studying, researching, or conversing with other students about assignments or lectures, but the pay off for the amount of work completed is great. Any individual seeking to learn from the best in the field would benefit greatly from attending this school and would feel at home at Georgia State Univeristy.


The kind of person who is self-aware, knows what he/she wants in life and friendly. Additionally, a person who is goal-oriented and strong determination.


If transportation is an issue, then another school should be considered because the school is downtown and being on time is very important. Also, I think a person that is very serious about school is the person that should attend because teachers at GSU are not alright with students that are not serious.


An open-minded, enthusiastic, independent, and well-adjusted person should attend this university.


The kind of person that loves a big city lifestyle. Atlanta offers many things to do and is very diverse. Tall buildings surround you everywhere in downtown Atlanta. Whoever attends this school should enjoy walking and really taking in the city.


Highly motivated student. If you have a passion for what you are interested in. If you are open-minded and friendly to different sitiuation and different people. If you are comfortable with an untraditional school setting, because GSU is in the heart of the city. Like various campus activities. If you are interested in finding several oppurtunities to enhance your student life as well as post student life. Research based school.


Someone looking for a good public education that is still prestigious enough for it's credit.


Someone who can take the city life. They need to know how to take care of themselves. They need to be proactive, always researching and staying on top of things. That includes school work, studying, choosing majors, finanacial help.


The type of person thet should attend this university are students who are willing to reach their greatest abilities, while enjoying their college experience.


Someone who enjoys the rush of the city and is comoftable with a small campus life and who does not mind comuting.


The type of person that should attend this school are people that love to live in the city or are very curious about in and are very sociable and willing to buckle down for the amount of work they will be doing.


Any type of student should attend this school. It is great and i recommend it highly. It is very diverse. When you walk through our plaza, you can see a student of almost every race/ethnicity each showing their own unique style from clothes to hair. They also play different types of music on Thursdays. So if you didnt enjoy the deejay one day, you might enjoy the live band the next Thursday.


A person who is into culture. Loves the city life. A person who likes the up-beat tempo of life. Someone who is open to anything. Needs to understand that this is a "melting-pot" school of different races ideas.


Someone who has grown up living in the city, ready to work hard and be involved in campus life should attend this university.


A person that is not looking for that full college experience like staying on a big campus because Georgia State is not that. It is a school for those people who mostly commute back and forth and do other things like work full time or have a family. Now there are people who dont do those things but still enjoy it. If you want to be in the middle of a big city then you will like Georgia State.


people that seek a liberal school with a diverse school population




I'd say pick any other school, because I've never seen nor heard of a university with so many problems in my life.