Georgia State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not willing to work very hard for a grade. If you need a small campus or small classroom setting. If are not self motivated, and want information to be spoon-fed to you. Need a slow paced atmosphere, because GSU is settled in the heart of Atlanta.If you are not open-minded to different things, because you see all types of things on campus that you may have never seen before.


Any person who isn't open to learning about different people.


someone who doesnt enjoy city life


If you're looking for the typical college experience ( pretty campus, football games, seclusion from the outside world) GSU is not for you. Atlanta is a fastpaced city and so is this university. If you don't like the city and the city lifestyle then I wouldn't recommend going here.


A serious minded student seeking a top notch level of education that will open doors and psosition them to make a positive difference in society!!!


A person with a conservative, protestant background might not like this university.


anyone should be able to attend college


There is not kind of person that shouldn't attend this school. Thsi is a wonderful school for everyone, no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. Everyone at this school is excepted by one another. Georgia State pushes diversity to the fullest.


A person who is does not like living in the city or city traffic should not attend this school because that is a very big part of campus life at Georgia State University.


Over achievers will be dissapointed. This is an average college, nothing flashy.


Anybody that is not about business and someone who is stuck up.


People who want to be close to their families and do want to learn about themselves and grow as a person.


social akward


Anyone interested in a strong oncampus living experience. Most students live off of campus. Anyone who does not like an urban school without much green space.


An open-minded laid back person.


people who want to go to a competitive school with a well known reputation


Artistic, liberal person with an open mind. There is something for everyone here, not so much for people who are extremely focused on expanding their knowledge.


A person is afraid of diversity, does not want to me exposed to or interact with people from various different cultural, religious, socioeconomic backgrounds. Anyone who is narrow-minded would not last an hour on Georgia State's campus.


A person that loves traditional style campus where everything is in one place and a person that does not like to live in the city. GA state is in the city and the campus is spread out which forces the students to commute.


There isn't any type of student who should not attend this school. There are so many different kinds of people here, everyone will find someone to be friends with.


If you are shy it would be difficult to adjust because it is in a downtown area, and there are people everywhere all of the time. People here are really assertive and outgoing, and they interact with everyone. Also if you are lazy and do not like to work this really wouldnt be a good place for you.


A person should not attend this school if they are not honestly focused and determined on being successful. I say this because Georgia State Univeristy is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, meaning that there are many other distracting venues, attractions, and activities to sway them. If a person is trying to train themselves to become focused, they might have to walk to class with imaginary blinders on to decrease the likelihood of them wondering off to other venues instead of attending class.


Closed minded rednecks and conservative McCain /Palin fans SHOULD NOT attend this school, they will find it to be a very unpleasant experience. Georgia State does not support the Ideals of Bush and his cronies, as most colleges don?t.


Anyone who does not like the city should not attend this school. It is in the heart of Atlanta and the city life surrounds you. The school is pretty diverse, so almost everyone can fit in. Its a lot of walking at times, but not bad at all.




An unfriendly, "scared of the real world" kind of person should not attend this school. Students attending need to be very accepting and comfortable with an incredibly diverse population, for there is no majority race at this university. Someone who is racist or critical of other's views and opinions should not attend because of the variety of people working for and attending Georgia State University.


Those who crave a more closed setting.


A person who is looking for a school with a close and intimate atmosphere should not attend. This school is in the heart of downtown Atlanta and everything is fast-paced. You get the hustle and bustle of the city all while trying to attend class. If you are easily distracted then you should also not attend. It is a non-traditional school and it requires a great deal of flexibility and that is crucial for attendance.


Someone who wants to experience the city life. I do think this is a freshmen freindly school.