Georgia State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The financial aid situation can be confusing and stressful. This last semester, my account was charged three different times and finally had to drop some classes in order to justify attending school.


The most frustrating part of Georgia State is the amount of people and the size of the univeristy. The university is too small, and the amount of students attending is far more than the university can hold. For instance, during finals week at Georgia State, there is absolutely no room in the library to study from 10am-3pm. The amount of students in the classes are also huge, which makes it hard to meet with professors and get the right amount of help while also making impossible for a professor to remember who you are.


The most fustrating thing about Georgia State University is the majority of the class sizes. Since a lot of the classes are big sizes, it contributes to the difficulty of making connections with professors. It's already hard for professors to remember the names of the many students in their classes, so bigger classes don't make it any easier. This makes it easier for a lot of students to fade into the background and not get the help they need.


While living in the city is an enjoyable perk to being a part of Georgia State, it does come with costs - both financial and social. Like most colleges, Georgia State is expensive, but there is also the homeless population - most of which are harmless and appreciate help, while others can be/are dangerous on rare occasions. And also, being a college student in the city paints one as a target for robberies and such. Coming to Georgia State means to pay attention and be carefull at all times.


The most frustrating thing about Georgia State would have to the location. It is a very congested area and not very safe. Also, parking is extremely expensive, so students usually have to find other places to park.


Traveling from building to building to attend classes. Georgia State is a big campus that spreads across downtown Atlanta.


It is in the city, so there is alot of getting used to. You have tendency to get lost or not know where your going most of the time. Also, most buildings look like they are a part of the school, when they are really just office buildings.


Whats frustrating about Georgia State University is the tuition at the school. I live in a single family home with my mother and two brothers. So the tuition is very hard to pay. I have attended a commuinty college in order to save money. My major is film and video so finding a school that offers hands on training and not just the history isvery hard to find in South Carolina. Georgia State has a great hands on department and Tyler Perry Studios and CNN right near the school, which makes it easier to intern and make future connects.


The school has major parking issues due to its location, and the administration is sometimes very slow in communication.


The mandatory fees that we have to pay, which is about $ 600 now. We pay all these fees but then it seems that we still have to come out of pocket for so many things. Take for instance we still have to pay to park in the parking garages and thats around $ 4.50 each day you park. If you are here for a class everyday of the week thats $22.50 a week, $ 90 a month, and thats about $ 810.00 a year if you are enrolled for just fall and spring semester!


The campus is open to all of Downtown Atlanta.


That you either purchase the meal plan or you don't. I wish they were like other schools and you could purchase a certain amount of meals a week or monthly. Instead they make you make you pay $1700 for the whole mealplan or you get no meal plan and the place isn't even open on weekends.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance from dorms to campus.


Georgia State University is located in the heart of midtown Atlanta. The traffic especially during work hours within the week are hectic. This makes commuting on the campus difficult at times if driving a personal automobile. Even with student parking passes finding parking can be extremely difficult.


The academic caliber of Georgia State University is not the highest. It is a research university, and to that end is highly satisfying. However, I have, at times, been frustrated with the lack of a rigorous and high-quality education - one that I have felt I could receive at a more prestigious university.


The most frustating thing at my school is that I don't feel that there is enough positive reinforcement. I feel that the new football players get everything as well as the best of everything. Another thing that bothers me is the excessive partying. I wish there was more access to get involoved with the school. It is easier said than done and the lack of communication (besides email) makes it all the more difficult.


One of the most frustrating things about my school is the inflexibility of the Office of Financial Aid with payment options, especially in these economic times. If you do not qualify for aid, your classes are dropped the first day of school and you must re-enroll and are subjected to a late enrollment fee. Even if you have pending financial aid, you are still subjected to this policy. This puts some students at an extreme disadvantage.


The most frustrating thing about the college that I attend is the population. Georgiia State University is located in the city of atlanta which makes it a very populated place. You are forced to move at a fast pace and keep up. Also your professors don't remind you when assignments are due. you have to constantly look on your syllabus and remember the due dates of assignments or you will get a zero.


Taking an hour to get to campus since I can't afford living on campus.




It's locate in downtown Atlanta where hundreds of homeless people congregate. They hassle and harrass the students and faculty.


The most frustrating thing about Georgia State would be their size. Due to this a lot of the classes are placed further away and just trying to transfer or come into the system takes months within itself. For instance, I turned my transcripts in early December and i'm still waiting for Georgia state just to realize they have them. Furthermore, because it's such a massive school you have to plan weeks in advance just to get an appointment with your advisor and two semesters ahead if you wish graduate on time.


The msot frustrating thing about my school is probably having to be a pedestrian. I had to get used to using crosswalks. Even then, I still almost get hit by car everyday. Welcome to city life :). Driving in Atlanta is jsut as frustrating. It's like a video game trying to avoid the pedestrians and other crazy city drivers.


The commuting may pose a challenge for many students. The campus is located in a high traffic, moderate crime area which may cause concern for parking and safety. Overall, I did not find anything frustrating about the school I attended.


The most frustrating thing about GSU is that there is no social campus life or any campus life.


As an art history student our department is lacking in non-western courses and specialists. We fortunately hired an Africanist professor last year. I hope that the department will make improvements and expand staff and curriculum to meet the demands of our diverse student body.




The most frustrating thing about GSU is the availablity of affordable and convenient parking.


The most frustrating thing about GSU is that it's so business oriented. The school forgets about the students. Even though there are some activities for the students, at the end of the day, GSU is a business. GSU robbed many students of the college experience. I wish they did more to help new freshman adjust, old students communicate, and non-traditional students fit in.


Being in class, trying to listen to your professor lecture and the sound of construction/sirens/loud music coming from outside


It is virtually impossible for students to get any help directly for the higher up administration at GSU. While professors tend to help as much as possible, the specific offices tend to cause more problems than solve.


Everything is done online, so if you dont have internet asscess, it is harder to get things done, such as requesting transcripts or registering for classes.


Getting involved is hard because if you want to get involved on campus, you basically have to live in the dorms or stay in the city all day. UGA in Athens is a "college- town" where Atlanta is crowded and has a lot of traffic.


Urban environment


The bureaucracy is frustrating


I absolutely hate having to deal with the financial aid and the "One Stop Shop." While Georgia State is a large school I feel like its understaffed. So when there are times where problems concerning regristration or financial aid; it may take a while to get those problems resolved.


Lack of student parking on campus, they have grown faster then their policy/procedures have updated


The most frustrating thing about Georgia State Univesity is the amount of students that attend the university. It becomes extremely overwhelming, and quite tiring. Sometimes it feels like I am in rush hour traffic, slowly manuevering to class, because of the high volume of individuals at the school. At times, it becomes hard to concentrate, because of the amount students per class; everyone does not attend Georgia State Unveristy for the right reasons, resulting in very disruptive students.


There are homeless people that sometimes walk on campus.


The most frustrating thing I encounter is how all of downtown shuts down at about 6pm including Georgia State. The library is open, but there is no where else to go. There should be more businesses that stay open for students who are going to night classes or stay to study.


The most frustrating thing about GSU was the inability of the administrative offices to get things done in a timely manner and to the best of their abilitiy. The registrar's office, for example, repeatedly ignored my requests they stop sending me reminders about HOPE ineligibility after I graduated, and it took three or four calls during my tenure at GSU to get the Registrar's office to answer my questions.


Waiting in long lines when registering for classes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the pace and manner they conduct their departments. At many times the departments here are very unorganized and slow in doing their job.