Georgia State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To never give up! Obtaining a degree is better than working a full-time job dealing with miserable co workers.


I wish I would have known that my anxiety leading up to move-in day was something that all other students were facing if they wanted to admit it or not. I wish I would have been more prepared to fathom the costs of college. I wish I would have worked less at my minumum wage job and focused more in school. Georgia State is AWESOME but its very challenging like any other college. Word of Advice: Always have a goal and try your best to stick to it, but stay open-minded!


That my major was very small and that the details about its nature were left out of the online location on gsu's website.


I wish I had known a little more about the opportunities that the GSU offered. They had a ton of information handed out at their student orientation, INCEPT, but it didn't do much to tell me before coming on campus about the rainbow of student groups and clubs that they offered before being accepted.


I wish that my high school teachers would have better prepared me for college. I also wish that I had known my way around the school before I started, because there are still some parts that I haven't been to yet, and I hope that my next three years are even greater than this one.


the campus more


There is one thing I wish I had known before I came to Georgia State, and that is knowledge of financial aid. When I started applying to GSU there were many problems with financial aid. Eventually the problems sorted out, but if I had more knowledge of the process, the application would have been much smoother with maybe, better results.


One thing I wished I had known would be to dress for the weather.


I wish I had know how expensive the manditory fees were going to be.


Security is very tight in Housing. Research all the resources (offices, scholarships, etc.) available to students. Download the GSU app - it comes with a newsfeed, campus map, and lots more! Avoid joining a Freshman Learning Community your first year (they will try to pressure you in to it.) If you will not receive the HOPE Scholarship, do well your first semester and reapply. It will save you 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your tuition dollars.


It is intimidating at first but once you meet friends it's fun! I love my time here and plan to get more involved on campus soon.


I wish I knew how much I would gain from being at Georgia State University. Truly, I have experienced a lot at this school and I am thankful for the experience.


I wish I knew about the summer program they have for freshman; because I would have joined the program, to help me become more accustomed to the school. As well as learn helpful tips and bits and pieces of information that I need to know, to help me succeed to my full potential my freshman year of college.


i wish i had known there were people in my classes that i could get along with. i spent half of the year trying to find those exact kind of people. i wouldve found them sooner if i had just looked past their apperance.


I wish someone would have helped me choose my classes, because my counselor was no help.


Even though I love Georgia State, I wish I knew how many students went home on the weekends. Since most of the students commute, it is not easy to meet up with classmates to study or just hang out. On top of that, the students who do live on campus are never in the dorms on weekends and most of the time I am stuck studying by myself for my assignments for the upcoming week. It is the second largest university in Georgia, but after noon on Fridays it is a ghost town.


It would have been good to know early on about all the clubs available in school before the semester started. That way, instead of wasting time searching for what is there while already focusing on studies in the middle of the semester, I would already know what was there and check out what there at the beginning, which is convienent.


I wish that I was diligent enought to work with an academic advisor to aid me in taking the most benefit in my academic studies.


I wish I had known how easy it is to loose scholarships in college. I didnt realize how expensive tuition and housing are and I'm not used to having to make straight A's to stay in school. In high school I was content with having a B average but now it is difficult to keep my GPA up so that I can keep going to school.


I wish I knew about HOPE that helps students to pay for college tuition.




I wish I had known of the huge networking opportunity and career services lab. Together, these two entities can provide a students with the tools to succeed post-graduation.


I wish I would have known that it is very important to join organizations during the first year.


I wish I had known how valuable parking spots are - especially in M Deck - and how toned my legs were going to get just by going to class.


I wish I had come tot his school my freshman year to met people through the social activities Georgia State sponsors for Freshman.


I wish i had known that my department offers classes once a year due to low student population. Also these teachers also teach diiferent courses each semester. This really slows down our graduation rate.


I wish that I had known how to drive in downtown Atlanta. It got really confusing the first couple of days because there are many one way signs and the people there aren't very forgiving if you cross in to a lane and they don't want you to.


I wish I would have know about all the job opportunities available on campus.


I expected a high level of education , professional teachers and an organized system . All the things I expected where there in Georgia State University.


How difficult it is to park and drive to school. Also how urban it is


I wish that I had known about the amount of homeless people that inhabit the area. Most of them don't bother you, but sometimes you do experience the "pushy pan-handler. I also wish that I had known about the tremendous amount of distractions on campus. There are always events going on around the school for you to attend, so sometimes those can take away from your study time.


I wish I would have known more about the city, just as far as utilizing the public transit, the layout of the city, etc. It's sometimes hard to get all your school work and errands done with the inclusion of travel time, so scheduling and time managment skills are crucial to succeed at Georiga State.


I wish I had known how vast the urban environment of the school and campus lifestyle was so heavily integrated. Unlike a typical college campus, Georgia State University does not isolate itself from its neighboring communities. Along with the traffic of students walking to class, one can also observe the amount of working people shuffling to get to their offices. Georgia State University allows its students to become an active part of the urban community and give them a glimpse into the real world.


I wish as a returing student I had undertood the importance of staying in school. We should take any opportunity for education and get as much out of it as we can. Taking the time to understand how the education we receive at the early levels impacts everything that follows and how putting yourself ahead then can save you alot of time later on in education and life.


I really wish I would have known how great GSU would be before I came. The biology program was far better than the one I originally started out in, and the teachers take a great deal of time instructing the students, which makes for an excellent study environment.


I wished I had planned out what I acually wanted to do as a career rather than what my parents wanted of me. Most of my family members are in the medical field. I thought that it would be wise to follow in their foot steps, but eventually reality hit me, and I realized that it was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to do business administraton so that I can work for government organizations and companies abroad. I enjoy traveling and I also want to make a difference in people lives.


I wish I had known that Georgia State University was this inexpensive. Although educational costs have increased over the years, the school I attended to get my Associate degree was significantly more expensive back in 1996. I would've selected this school years ago, had I done more research.


To put it simply, I wish I new how the real wold worked. Growing up in the Vrigin Islands, I never experienced life in the states.


Been more prepared for the work load. The way in which the school opperated in terms of layout, student body and practices.


That these 4 years in high school are very important for my future and should be taken seriously. I should not have thought about how easy it would be to transition to college but rather on the over-all benefits of attending each college. I feel like I missed out on alot by going to this college instead of one of the other ones that I was accepted to. But they always say the grass is greener on the other side so who knows.


Before attending Georgia State University, I wish I had known that the campus life could be very skimpy at times. Other than that, I love Georgia State!


Before I came to Georgia State University, I wish I had known that even though the classes seem easy at first and the teachers seem nice, the classes end up being hard and certain teachers being unthoughtful.


I wish I had known more about the area of downtown Atlanta


Honestly I wish I had known more about the ways you can get involved in things. I thought things would just jump out at me, but you actually have to look for things and no what it is you want to do somewhat.


I wish I had known that Georgia State University was a very good school in Georgia and that it offered me many opportunities academically and career wise. I overlooked this school, I wish I had noticed it before I graduated from high school.


Before coming to this school, I would have liked to know that a commuter campus hinders lasting friendships because of how few meetings you have with the same people. Also, it takes more dedication to attend a commuter school because of the need to not only wake up early enough to leave but also have the determination to get to class.


Rainboots are an absolute necessity, along with gloves, scarves and layers of clothes. It is extremely cold in the city during winter. High school I never needed anything but a warm jacket or sweater, but since I have to walk from building to building it became evident I needed more than just a jacket. The worst time I ever had at school was when it rained while I was wearing cloth flats and stepped in a puddle. I sat in my classes the rest of the day literally freezing to death because my feet were wet and cold.


I knew that the campus was not your average colloege campus, but i wish i knew that there were so many other people intertwined throughout the campus. The campus is beautiful but there is a huge number of homeless people around. Although they don't bother you, it's a sad sight to see everyday.


That I did not need to go to college for real estate, but I did for Interior design. I would have started as a design student instead of a business student, that way I would be almost finished with my core classes.


that the teachers are so horrible