Georgia State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the diversity of the students one of the best things about Georgia State University. This allows for enlightening class discussions from a varying cultures and ethnicities. The professors at Georgia State University are another great thing about GSU. They are supportive, encouraging, and generally experts in their fields. Personally, I like the location of the campus. It provides easy access to great food, public transportation, local attractions, and much more. I also like that they have a plethora of student driven clubs and associations. These clubs often provide access to information pertaining to job and research opportunities.


The best thing about my school is that I have ample amounts of opportunity to grow in my field of study being in such a large city.


The education program puts you in the field to allow you to experience first hand all the wonderful things you read about in text books and write about in papers. It's one thing to know the pedagogy, but it's another to practice it hands-on.


Our school emphasizes how diverse we are, but it's actually true. I genuinely enjoy walking into a classroom that looks like a UN convention! With so many religions, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, languages, and sexualities represented, it really molds you into becoming a more open-minded, world-thinker.


I consider the student life to be the best thing about our school because there are many organizations that students can get into at school. Whether a student is looking for an organization to make friends with, volunteer for, or to explore their major, Georgia State University will have something for them. Our student life is very strong because of these organizations that help bring the school community together as one.


The best thing about Georgia State University is its open campus. We are exposed to not only the academics withing our buildings, but the realness that is Atlanta. Being downtown, I get exposed to every type of citizen. There are merchants on the street selling whatever they can to make a quick buck. There are homeless people everyone struggling to survive. There are corporate businessmen and politicians everywhere. It is as if downtown is where all sides of the socio-economic spectrum collide. It is a unique experience that allows you to be more open-minded.


I think the location is probably one of the best aspects of the school. Our campus is in the heart of downtown Atlanta so students have many chances and opportunities; it's really up to us to go out and look for them. Being in the city instead of sheltered away in the suburbs is a change of pace for a lot of students and helps them grow up more. It literally feels like you have the world in your hands...even if you're only 20!


The best thing about my school is the nontraditional campus itself; Georgia State is a part of the city of Atlanta, I love the atmosphere. As someone that lived a very sheltered life, going to college in the city offers me a freedom that I've never experienced before. There is always something going on downtown, not just clubbing and partyting. And although students are in the city GSU Police are just a call away.


The best thing about my school would have to be the ease of access to vital resources. A lot of the resources we need (scholarship resource center, advisor offices, etc) are located on the main campus, and are easy to get to.


It's location because there are so many opportunities and things to do in the city of Atlanta.


The people I've met, because they're very interesting and diverse and usuall incredibly smart.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is the learning atmosphere. You are constantly greeted with new people and new ideas. The whole campus seems to have the attitude that learning is a chance to expand your own ideas by listening to another's. It is an open forum for discussion and it is always easy to find people with similar interests and ideas.


I love the diversity of my school and the scene of downtown Atlanta. While on campus, you are exposed to many different perspectives and views. The people are generally friendly and accepting of your views. It's probably one of our most valuable aspects.


My school is the best experience under the Hope Scholarship for Georgia Residents.


one of the most diverse university in the country with students from all over the world.


The interaction between falculty, staff and students towards incoming freshman. The encouragement they give the new students of Georgia State is amazing. They are very empowering and the school is full of outstanding leadership.


Georgia State University campus is unique because it offers a city-vibe that not many campuses have available. You are in downtown and must use buses and cross-walks and you will learn how to handle yourself in a variety of situations.


The campus is located in downtown Atlanta so it is surrounded by big, beautiful buildings and an endless number of places to visit.


The students are the best thing about the school. There is a diverse community who interact with each other and are very open to new ideas and backgrounds.


The campus and the atmosphere. It was comfortable, open-minded and flexible. The diversity was incredible and the options were endless.


The location of my school is the best thing about the university. It is in the heart of downtown Atlanta which allows easy access to major companies and it makes it easier to find internships and jobs. There is also so much to do downtown it is hard to ever get bored. We have on campus sporting events, professional sporting events, concerts, and hundreds of restaurants to choose from whenever we want to be entertained. Most importantly, Georgia State is only thirty minutes from my house so whenever I get home sick I can easily get home.


The best thing about my school is that its an the city and it gives you a lot of indepedence. You have to go out and explore the school to find things out, but although its spread across downtown there is always someone around willing to help you on campus.


The unique places around campus are the CNN building, the aquarium (the world biggest aquarium), the Olympics 1996 historic field, Fox Theatre, the Botanical Garden (even though not that close by), the Centre of Puppetry Arts (not that close), World of Coca Cola, Underground, Woodruff Park (where the Occupy Atlanta people resided), some bar, a hooka lounge and restaurant, eateries, Five Point Marta Station. and Georgia State Marta Station. Every year we parade along with thousands of other proud panthers for our football, basketball teams to bring back trophies. We also gather in the GA World Congress Center to witness the exhibitions of many local businesses and to get interviews with them. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies was named after ambassador Andrew Young who promoted education and introduced us to many different non-profit organizations. These include Operation HOPE, a non-profit who promotes financial literacy to students age from pre-K to college; now they are working their virtual program. Many economists also graduated from GSU one of who is Mr. Kenneth Shiver, went to GSU, now is Chief Economist of Southern Company. Professor Felix Rioja of the Economics Department of the Andrew Young School previously worked for the Federal Reserve. Dr. Shelby Frost, Head of the Economics Department, also won numerous awards for being the best teacher. She is truly a dedicated and intelligent teacher. It is not easy to find a spot around campus that I like. It is just constantly crowded and sometimes hard to breath! There are people everywhere! The only place that I can think is maybe the balcony of the Aderhold Learning Center (up in the upper levels). The Law library (across from the Sports Arena) might be a smarter place to get work done. This school may be better at the pride that many residents have for the school. We have high spirits and that's what makes it exciting for many to be a part of. In sports seasons, we are just thrilled and it is difficult to describe in words. The atmosphere is just blown up and it's loud and fun.


The best thing about GA State University is the diversity of the school. There are students from all over the country and the world and there is always something new to learn. The campus is also very interesting in that it is all over downtown Atlanta and you get the mixture of the city and of a college campus all at one time.


The best thing about my school is the ethnic and cultural diversity it provides. I grew up in a very diverse society in the North several years ago. When first moving to Georgia many years ago, I lived in a very culturally closed society. My current school, which resides in Atlanta provides me with the opportunity to once again be in a culturally diverse society. The school also does a great job trying collaberate all different ethnicities and cultures together in order to form a harmonious society for students.


The best thing about attending GSU is that it is located within the active city life. This gives you the opportunity to comingle with other professionals.


Georgia State University trys it best to provide the best service for students. Although Georgia State is a commuter school, the school is willing to help students to get the most out of school. Georgia State University find ways to help students in financial needs, housing needs, saftey needs and most importantly academic needs. Georgia State has the dedication to help students reach success.


The kind of curriculem that they offer related to my major as well as helping me finding a better career for me.


The diversity


The best thing about Georgia State University is that they put on a lot of events that make you feel as if yout closely connected to the school. They also give you a lot of assitance with anything that you are having trouble with.


The best thing about my school is that there are alot of activities for students to participate in. I like the atmosphere of the school.


I like how everone is different. It's a VERY diverse school. The school is diverse because it's located in downtown Atlanta.... and therefore attracts all kinds of people from all around the world.


I love Georgia State University because it has so many different majors. At first, I was attracted to GSU because it was one of the only schools in Georgia that had a Sound Technology major. Since I started going here, I realized that that major is not for me but I am fine with that because I have countless more options. Currently, I am considering International Economics and French but I have no completely made up my mind.


The best thing about Georgia State University is their classroom environment. The teachers make lessons very interactive, andreally push you to succeed. They also offer freshman learning communities for the first semester of your freshman year. They help estahblish connections with other freshman students. It helps a great deal and keeps you on track with your assignments if you miss a day of class.


My school really gives students the opportunity to be at their best. My school helps kids connect and meet other kids from different cultures.


The best thing about my school is the career advisement center. The career advisement center helps student find jobs and internship at high paying companies and organizations. It also coaches students on how build strong resume and cover letters, perform astounding inverviews, and develop public speaking skills. The career advisement center connects current students and post-graduates with the alumni network to better their chances at a career of their choice. The career advisement center also holds many events throughout the year, such as career fairs, etiquette luncheon, panel discussion, and work search classes.


I appreciate the diversity at Georgia State University. Also most of the other students that I've communicated with seem very focused and purpose-driven about their goals and aspirations.


The best feature about Georgia State University is that the small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to work closely with professors and fellow students. This creates a community in which the division between student and teacher becomes slightly blurred and allows everyone to learn from and teach each other. In the two and a half years that I have attened GSU, I have learned far more than what is required in class. I have learned about myself and who I can become. I have also met remarkable people, students and professors, who truly care about my success.


The best thing about my school, besides the great faculty, is its location. Regardless of what your major may be, the opportunity of job/internships are endless because of the vast amount of companys that surround the school. You could be walking up the street and network with some one who could potentially help land you a job. We may not be a typical college campus, but our location is well worth attending.


Diversity is the best thing about Georgia State. Students and teachers are here from all over the world! Even from within this very state, there are many different beleifs, styles, and races to be found. No matter your background, you will be able to find people who relate to you! But even better, you will be able to find people who are different. For the most part, the students are respectful but also challenging. If you don't know who you are when you come... you will by the time you leave!


The best thing about my school is variety. From the majors to the students, there is a lot of variety.


I think the best thing is diversity among the students that attend and the artistic nature of the students here. The location and the city-environment is also a plus for me because it keeps me engaged and excited.


Georgia State is a great school. The campus is beautiful. The best part about our school is the art department. I love graphic design, and the classes I have signed up for are purrfect! There are many opportunities to create art. The mood is breathtaking. I enjoy photography. I feel like I am having a moment to open up creatively. We also have a wonderful gym. I am still making my way around campus discovering places to create. I am enjoying every minute of self-discovery and personal growth. I like both of my professors. Each has their own style.


The best thing about my school is its diversity. During my freshman year of college, I had a chance to meet all differents types of people from different backgrounds. Aslo , staying on campus is a lot of fun and it gives you alot of time to focus on your studies.


The campus. I love the fact that the campus is downtown right next to Peachtree and other busy attractions. It's a good distance from stores, and even Little Five Points.


Georgia State is home to many indivduals from many nations. Making it a very diverse school. It isnt one of those close minded schools, meant for solely "nerds", athletes, or for a specific religious group. We have all types of people, jacks of all trades. It is like the United States in the sense that it is a melting pot. There are so many beliefs, opinions, and many different personalities. The univeristy embraces this by allowing students to express themselves. The courtyard the heart of our school is where we all come together and soke in what makes us UNIQUE!


Georgia State University is one of the most diverse schools in the nation. Here you will have a chance to not only meet different types of people but ingage in different types of activities as well. At GSU there is always an opportunity to get involved on campus and meet new people. This, in my opinion, is the best thing about my school.


The School of Music here at Georgia State University is among the best in the Southeastern United States. We have nationally recognized teachers and the conductor of our Symphony Orchestra is simply amazing. While GSU isn't Julliard, it gives kids who started at an older age a chance to catch up to those who do attend Julliard through hard work and persistence.


I would consider location to be the best thing about Georgia State. Some would consider downtown atlanta to be a dangerous place but because of the location it offers so much more than a university in the suburbs could. Cities, after all, are the ideal areas of any career you go to college to gain. Moreover, being a student within the city allows you get a feel for life in the city while you're still learning yourself, and with alternate means of transportation the ways to entertain yourself and how far you could go to do so are limitless.


The best thing about Georgia State is the diversity of people. Almost every race, religion, and nationality is represented at GSU through both the students and faculty. Because everyone is so different, we unite in a bigger way- as Georgia State University patriots.