Georgia State University Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


Depending on where you go- the Georgia Dome, Turner Field, Underground Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium or the Georgia World Congress Center.


When I step off campus, I see many big buildings, countless people and cars. The location of GSU in downtown Atlanta brings with it numerous sights.


My campus is located in an urban setting. The down town Atlanta area has a lot of walkers. Not all of them follow traffic rules, unfortunately. You usually need to pay attention to where you are going. Just ignore the people who call you names or ask you questions (pretentiously) to get your attention for no clear purpose. In Marta stations, you might hear screams of "crazy" people, just don't let them see you are peeking at them. Parking down here is obviously hard and expensive. If you park at a meter for an extra 3 minutes near the main campus area (i.e. Student Center), you get a $25 ticket. Students go to parties, the malls, clubs, bars, work, home when they go off campus. The most popular area around my campus is probably the Opera Night Club or the Hooka Lounge (they got their liquor license). People around here are pretty friendly. They mostly work in the office buildings around here (GA Pacific, Suntrust, etc.) and they go to grab lunch and coffee.


You will see many stores and restaurants around campus. There are also many historical places in the downtown area. The fox theater is around campus, as well as the Philips Sports Arena and the Georgia Dome.