Georgia State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I chose Georgia State, because it was affordable, downtown, and has a good nursing school.


I decided to go to Georgia State for several reasons. One of the main reasons is because I loved the ambience of the school and the fact that it's located in the center of Atlanta. I also, fell in love with the importance the school placed on the science department (but not the only majorly important department they focus on, btw). Moreover, Georgia State, in a sense, resembles the real world, not a utopian- like campus where school is the only thing present. You get a real sense of the big picture, which is useful preparation, to me. And most importantly was diversity, diversity, diversity, oh and diversity. I chose Georgia State, in part, to network with future leaders of the world, not just our nation.


Georgia State was my first and only choice school because of its renowned business school. I actually picked my major based on my decision to attend this university! I am from a small town, and I wanted to break away from the way of life that I new in order to try something different. I certainly found that here! Georgia State is far enough away from home that I can retain some freedom and independence, yet still close enough that I can come home when I need to. Georgia State is the perfect fit for me, that's why I go here.


It was close to home and affordable with the financial aid I was receiving. It also an academically challenging school which is more attractive than an easy, party school.


I decided to come to GSU because of their impeccable reputation, the cool dorms, and it's location: The center of Atlanta - perfect for internships and career opportunities!!


The HOPE scholarship is a great program that helps Georgia residents with their college careers. It was a big part of why I decided to go to Georgia State University. I also love that the campus is in the city and relatively close to home.


The environment was definitely what attracted me at first sight. Everyone was so loving and lots of positive energy was flowing throughout the entire school



I underestimated my ability and I picked GSU as my top choice. When I started to think I may want to apply to UGA, Emory, and GA Tech, it was too late. The deadlines for those schools were over. I applied to GSU and got a scholarship that was paying $7,000 per semester towards my out-of-state tuition (which totaled $11,000/semester). So this scholarship was a total catch (it was worth more than HOPE). I heard that GSU was a decent school in the middle of downtown Atlanta so it was relatively close to my home and close to everything. It was a good school for business (which is what I like to do). It was a big school and it is pretty well promoted (it has a good amount of state funding). Also, my boyrfriend at the time also got accepted to GSU before I did and it has a good music school so we both agreed that we would go here.


One of the reasons I decided to go to GSU is for the diversity. I was raised in a small town and did not get much exposure to different cultures. I also came here because of the location and thought that it would be easier to network with people, since there are a lot of businesses around.