Germanna Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Germanna Community College know before they start?


The one thing I would make sure to drill into my former self is absolutely know for a fact that you're taking the right classes for your major. It would alleviate a lot of stress if you sat down and made a list of what you have to do in order to graduate. Then after that make sure to not skip class because skipping class might be fun at first but in the end you could be at the lower end of a C when if you went to class you could've had that A. Also once you start working at your new job to leave enough time to do homework. It starts to consume you if you aren't careful.


Hey Christian, I’m you from the future. How’s senior year at Gar-Field High School? I've come back to the past to surprise you, you’re going to college! So before you graduate this year from Gar-field make sure you read a couple of books and get used to it, because in college you will spend most of your free time reading and writing. I know it doesn’t sound like much fun but it’s going to be well worth it. In college you need to stay on top of your grades because each grade counts much more towards your total grade than in high school and you even get graded on less things. Practice passing test’s now on your first time because in college you are not allowed to try again on a test that you did not pass. Christian you will do great in college don’t be intimidated, it’s not as tough as you are thinking. I know that you know, you can live comfortably as an H-VAC Mechanic but you got the opportunity to do something better in life. Going to college is the best decision to make.


Given the chance to speak to my younger self, I would have a great deal to say. For one, I would advise myself not to exclude the community college option. I was very eager to get out of the house as a high school graduate, and overlooked the opportunities closer to home. Not only will a community college provide transferable classes at a much lower cost, but classes are smaller and students have more access to their professors. Another topic of discussion is meeting people. After freshman year, students solidify their social circle. One can meet some one at any time in college, but it can’t hurt to take advantage of the time when people are most open to new friends. Finally, I would tell myself to not be afraid to take time off from school. Having the proper career plan is crucial to making the most of college in life; unfortunately, between classes, clubs, and friends, it can be difficult to find time to think of the larger picture. Taking a break can help one find one’s path. I have more to say, but with these suggestions I would help the young me with the journey ahead.


If i could go back to senior year i would tell myself to start on my college classes that year and apply to all the universitie I can instead of trade schools. Im missing out on the experience of college with the path i took. I would tell myself to not be so afraid of what was to come. I would also tell myself to start saving because it is tough when you have to start from nothing.


I would tell myself that you would be okay and not to worry so much. I would also tell myself to do more researching about what I want to be and plan out how to get there. Don't wait till the last minute to make a quick decision cause your not thinking it all the way thru and you don't know what that decision might lead to.


There are many unknowns that all college freshman will experience. Making the transition requires a flexibility to a new style of learning and living that you won't be instantly ready to assume. The best way to prepare for this transition is to work as hard as possible on studying and homework skills during your last year, while trying to live as independently as possible duing this time. Learn to rely on yourself at college, but seek help early if you encounter any trouble, otherwise the hole will become too big for you to crawl out.


The advice I would give to my high school self would be to save your money to help pay for college, always be trying to find better ways to study, and learn to relax. I think that given this advice I would have had an easier time transitioning into college.


Dear Abbie Lucas, This is yourself from the future. I'm writing you to tell you some things I think would have been helpful for you to know before you went off to college. When you are in high school, realize that this is a place of learning. Not a place to find your true love or BFF. This is a crucial time in your life, to really make a difference and a decision of what lies ahead in your future. Take all the AP classes you can, considering your family cannot afford to send you away to college; these AP classes will help you in the long run when it comes down to paying for them. Also make the best grades you can, because GPA matters! Join all the clubs you can and volunteer as much as possible. Giving to the community really looks good on a college application and can also help in getting a career. Take advantage of every opportunity and never let anyone tell you, you cant. With this being said, you will make something wonderful of yourself, with as less stress as possible. Good luck in college and remember what I've said. Abbie Lucas


Dear Korri, For years all you have talked about is leaving, and now that the time has come to get up and go, you aren't so sure. It's okay to be scared. Embrace the uncertainty, for not knowing what comes next is the only thing that makes life possible. You are about to embark on the most incredible journey of your life. Take full advantage of every opportunity, and learn from every bump in the road. I promise you, there will never be an obstacle so great that it knocks you off your path.


Given the chance to go back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would let myself know some things to expect in college and to take my grades more seriously therefore making it easier for me to get accepted to college. I would tell myself to not worry about impressing my peers, but to impress the teachers with better study habbits and a progressive GPA. Though, I would not advise myself to change anything about my social personality and my life expectations. All my life I have have long term goals of becoming a lawyer and I knew that I had to getinto college if that could at all be possible. Although I did not know where to start, I was persistant enough to find out on my own. I am now in a two year college with the highest GPA I have ever had. Given the chance to tell myself a little about what to expect probably would.nt prepare me more than I am now, but the change my studying habbits in high school would have helped me in having more options and choices in preparing for college.