Germanna Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Since I was one of the few people in my family to go to college I didn?t know much about the college when I started out. I was really confused about the online system that is used by professors at my school to communicate with the students. However what I really wished I had known more about before I came to college is the financial aid system. My advice to new college students know about the online programs your school uses and learn as much about financial aid as possible.


I wish I had know that taking your basic core classes in high school (AP classes) was actually really beneficial and so helpful when it comes to paying for them, and saving your self a semester by being ahead. I wish I had known the real importance of a GPA, and how my grades looked, becuase now the college want to base all the classes I'm taking now off the ones I took in high school. Good thing I did really well in most classes in high school.


What the criterias were to graduated and how they change each year due to the governments education regulations.