Gettysburg College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diversity is something of a scarce resource at Gettysburg. As a white male, I never feel directly out of place, but I do tend to feel awkward that most of the campus looks just like me. The campus also tends to be rather wealthy and rather conservative, particularly for a small liberal arts college. We may be the only school of our size and caliber in the country with even close to equal-sized college democrats and republicans. Generally, however, there does not seem to be much tension. My friends, while almost exclusively white, come from a variety of social backgrounds.


Gettysburg is big on diversity, but once you get here, you'll notice that the majority of students are white, upper-middle class Christians, fairly conservative, from New England and the PA/NY/NJ tristate area. This doesn't mean we take issue with those of other race, religion, sexual or political orientation. In fact, diversity tends to be celebrated to the extent that it becomes a little silly and a running joke among students. The administration loves international students and anyone or anything that breaks up our otherwise mostly homogenous population. As with stereotypes, prejudice tends to prevail in generalization, but at the end of the day, you'll be welcome here no matter who you are, and you can be friends with whomever you choose.


The campus is predominantly conservative and white, although that really has been changing, even in my two years here. A good chunk of the student body has been working on racial relations among the students, and I feel like diversity is increasing at an incredible rate. A lot of students though, possibly even the majority, aren't politically aware. Still, even though it's changing, not a lot of different types of students interact; you have your black students, white students, hippie students, white party students, international students, etc. But again, you'll find that everywhere, and we're working on it.


Most students can be seen wearing jeans and a Northface jacket or sweatshirt. There are people who dress up and there are people who dress down. I have seen a variety of styles on campus. A lot of Gettysburg students seem to be from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, as well as a good bunch from New England.


not too much diversity at gburg, but activist groups are always seen a student who is not interested in a future career, or is not outgoing some get very dressed up, i on the other hand go in what i wake up in yea, it is common to see different types of students interact jocks, socially awkward, sorority/frat, friends from the same dorm lot of long island kids, and from surrounding states (PA, NJ, MD, VA) many upperclass people, yet you will also meet many middle-class Politically there is a variety of awareness, but most students know the basics some are right some are left some are center the conversation about your future does arise quite often


I have participated in a few Hillel events, and even though the Jewish community on campus is small, they are very welcoming and supportive. People wear a variety of things to class...anything from PJ's to dresses to leggings. Gettysburg has different types of students...while most are the partyers, there are those who find other activities. However, the different groups don't seem to mix much.


Gettysburg is not very diverse. Everyone is very accepting of each other tho. There are many races and different ethnic backgrounds on my floor in particular and everyone gets a long great with each other. To class you get a mixture of outfits. For the most part everyone dresses very comfortable - sweats, espcially if its an early morning class - if not jeans / polos/ uggs / flip flops Some people do dress up more tho - it doesnt really matter it mostly has to do with what you want to wear and what classes you have - some days its easier to roll out of bed in whatever and thats great, other days when your classes are later and your not so busy its nice to take a shower and get dressed!


Gettysburg's population tends to be very steriotypical with not a whole lot of diversity. People are accepted though no matter what even though this is true. MOst students wear preppy outfits (Hollister, Abercrombie and so on). Students are mainly from middle, upper class backgrounds but some are outside that.


about half of gettysburg college's population gets dressed up for class in the preppy polo and khaki pant and the other half drags themselves to class in their sweats or pjs- it really doesnt matter what you wear in my opinion. mostly all students interact- it was really easy for me to fall into place- gettysburg has diversity. dinning center:: one table ALL HUGE (well for the most part) football or lacrosse players (some good looking, haha), second table ALL soriety girls, dressed very similar... eating salads. third and forth table my hall! almost my whole hall eats together well we split up but we are all there somewhere and we are so diverse! i love eating with my hall! most students are from high social class- rich.


none. I mean it is obvious that there are not many people of color. I am the only black girl on my floor but i have not experienced any problems. I think that there are more rich kids here than not.


The campus as a whole is not very diverse. THere are about 20 or so international students in my freshman grade. What is good though is that is doesnt feel like there are racial bounderies. THe few african americans that go here feel very at home and I never felt like I was going to a "white" school. When you walk into servo there are many tables filled with the different sports teams. People tend to sit with friends they made on the hall regardless of race or gender. Many students come from long island of New York area. Because this school is so expensive many of the students are very wealthy but it does not really show. This school is probably more conservative but the student body has many liberal views. Like all college students money is always a topic of conversation.