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The unique factors of my school are how small the campus is and it's location. It is hard to go out side without running into at least ten people you know. The campus is really small and convenient. The most interesting part about Gettysburg College is the fact that it is surrounded by history and a battlefield. There are supposedly ghosts and spirits all across campus because of the great battle that was fought here. There is also the Civil War Institue that no other college has.


The professors were uniquely involved in the student's progress, and there was ample opportunity for interaction with faculty members.


The beautiful campus and the size of the classes. Student-professor interaction is very important here as well.


The historic setting of Gettysburg is an ideal location to learn all kinds of interesting things about American history. It's also an absolutely gorgeous place to live and learn


Very small. The history in this area is overwhelming, what with the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. The townspeople are very proud of their history, and the college itself never lets its students forget that we are historical, too.


Going out at night is huge. There are parties at night from Tuesday through Saturday. There are also day parties Fridays through Sunday. Many students plan everything else around going to parties.


The only thing I'd like to add is, study abroad! About 50% of Gettysburg students study abroad, and they have some great programs. The best part is that with most of them, you just pay the same tuition that you pay Gettysburg, it's not complicated at all. I know it can seem kind of scary and like a big step, but take it from a girl who grew up in the same small town her whole life and went to college 30 minutes away--you will never regret broadening your horizons and opening your eyes to the world.


i feel that i really let my bar down and let everything out.


Gettysburg is a great school, but of course it lacks a few things. Nowhere is going to be 100% what you want.


Gettysburg is a great place to get out of your comfort zone, experience new things, and mature into an intellectual individual.


Gettysburg Running is the best!


Gettysburg College has a lot to offer for the right type of person. I believe that anyone attracted to a specific course of study or feature of the college should not let its preppy image deter them from applying because there are social groups that encompass every type of person, and people in these groups seem relatively happy and adjusted to campus life. My experience at Gettysburg has afforded me many friends, experiences, and opportunities that I would have never had otherwise, and for that, I am truly happy and appreciative.


Freshman housing sucks -- if you get the wrong quad. Paul, Stein, and Rice are old, run-down, and smell nasty. They're supposedly renovating them over the summer, but just know that you're in for an interesting year (with no temperature control, drafty windows, nasty bathrooms, floors that haven't seen a mop since the 50s, and a foul stench of an unknown source that just refuses to go away).


I already said it all. Go to Gburg if you want a great education in addition to the awsome social life and beautiful campus. Have a blast, regret nothing, skip classes, fuck fat chicks, drink before tests, don't wear condoms, stay up all night, do drugs, drink every night......COLLEGE!


Whether you decide to attend Gettysburg or not, try your best to be involved. Too many times have I seen people sit in their rooms and not take advantage of what a college has to offer. Join a club, get a job, go out and drink; do something. College (for most of you i'm sure) will be the best time you'll have so go and have fun with it. That doesn't mean you need to get blackout drunk everynight...even though those nights turn out to be pretty good stories. Do something.


I love Gettysburg for its academics and I know it will help me get a great career in the future. It has a great reputation and the students tend be to very happy...we have a very low transfer rate. However, it can be a very stereotyped campus and I definitely suggest you visit and get to know people before you choose to attend Gettysburg.


It sounds cliched but I am a better person having been a student at Gettysburg. I have made friends that I will never forget and I feel prepared to enter the teaching profession.


I just graduated from Gettysburg and I can honestly say it was the best four years of my life. I made wonderful friends, got a great education, had a lot of practical experience though leadership opportunities and internships, and had the time of my life. It's a very special place.


Even though Gettysburg has a lot of things I'm not so fond of, I still have had many great experiences and have made a lot of close friends. If you like to party and appreciate stylish clothes and big social scenes, then you'll definitely like Gettysburg.


Gettysburg College has given me four of the best years of my life! My aunt, a fellow alumna, told me upon my high school graduation that if you don't love Gettysburg right away give it time, everyone falls in love with it eventually. I felt at home from day one and now that I've graduated I feel an immense fondness for the place. I feel that Gettysburg has prepared me for what is ahead and I'm excited to see where I'm going but I'll always love Gettysburg and miss my home there!


While you might get frustrated with how Gettysburg chooses to spend its money, the quality of the community, your professors, and the friends you make are so wonderful that it makes it all worth it.


The small town can get pretty boring and without a car it is hard to get anywhere. At this stage everyone, even freshman, can have a car on campus but parking spaces are getting harder and harder to find so this may change in the future. The athletic facilities, specifically the indoor track and pool are out of date but construction for a new fitness center will start soon. You are guaranteed on campus housing for all 4 years but can choose to live in a theme house or off campus. Gettysburg does have some really nice personal touches/traditions- if you are stuck in the library doing work you can get free hot chocolate and coffee at midnight, there are theme dinners from time to time which are usually amazing, and there is a Thanksgiving meal where each table gets its own turkey and all the fixings and you might be lucky enough to have your professor serve you!


If you go to Gettysburg: 1. Schedule your classes VERY early. Expect not to get into any of them, even as a senior. 2. You will feel like money is being taken from you left and right. There's no avoiding it. 3. It gets better and better every year. Senior year will most likely be the best year of your life. 4. Don't be afraid of TKE. They seem intimidating, but are generally nice guys. 5. Really think hard about whether you want to join a sorority or fraternity, and look into all of your options. A lot of life is centered around them, which can be a good or bad thing. Talk to upper-classmen about it. 6. Don't get a fake ID to get into bars. Wait your turn. A lot of fun can be had pregaming in your apartments using the doors of your closets. Just don't get caught. 7. Frat-hop. You'll have your favorites but try them all out - don't waste too much time at just one. You never know who's at the others =) 8. Your freshman-year floor is really special - most remain good if not best friends with these people all 4 years. Even though it's a diverse group, cherish the time you have with them and keep them in your lives. 9. Try to meet as many people as possible. Don't feel intimidated by ANYONE. Be yourself, have a good time, and don't try to prove yourself. As a recently graduated individual who just this past year met some of the most amazing people, I regret not trying to talk to them before. Talk to everyone! 10. "Do Great Work." You'll understand when you get there. 11. 4 years goes by in a heart beat. Play and do and live as greatly as possible. Gettysburg is another world and you'll miss it when it's over.


Gettysburg College is an amazing party school and also a very challenging academic school. The atmosphere of this campus is so overwhelming that when I drove away after graduation it felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me. My entire senior class was awesome and I feel so lucky to have experienced a college like this. Choosing Gettysburg College was the best decision of my life and all my friends and family agree. Not only are your friends a big part of your experience but the college encourages your family to be a part of it as well.. whether it is family weekend, homecoming weekend, or just some weekend your family is always welcomed with open arms and even fraternity parties and house parties want families to participate. GETTYSBURG COLLEGE was the BEST time of MY life and I am SO sad it is over.


I just think it's important to note once more that there's a place for everyone at Gettysburg socially... I know I for one am not a stereotypical Gettysburg student but I absolutely love my time at the college and have made several friends that I know I will keep in contact with for the rest of my life, as well as developed great faculty relationships, and I've also been dating a wonderful guy I met at the college for nearing 2 1/2 years now and surely much longer from here. I have lots of friends and acquaintances who are all very different but all have found a great niche for themselves. And, of course, the academics at Gettysburg are great. I love it here :)


Tuition goes up every year, without fail. Be prepared for hidden costs that suddenly appear. The town isn't wild about the college due to a number of incidents: for example, they feel the College takes advantage of their police force for security. But honestly, I love Gettysburg. It was a great fit and if I could drive home one final selling point, the professors make the difference. Gettysburg professors are commited to teaching and connecting with the students.


p.s. the caf is actually pretty good in comparision to other campuses AND professor Larson in the poli sci department is the best! (if you do come to gburg and want to take international relations class, don't take borock!!)


2 bad things about gettysburg, Jack Ryan and the AP credit crap.


Gettysburg College is a good school already that seems to be moving in a positive direction.


The college tries to downplay the amount of drinking and partying that goes on. They turn a blind eye to it and pretend it doesn't exist. The Department of Public Safety doesn't care if there is underage drinking and the Alcohol Policy/Points system is a joke. I wish someone had told me that if I didn't want to do major drinking or partying, this was not really the school for me. It's not that there are not alternatives, it is that drinking seeps into every part of your life, even if you don't partake. Many weekend nights I am kept awake (I work Sunday morning) by stupid drunk people who decide it is a good idea to scream at the top of their lungs at 2AM while walking up the street. Yet even if I call and complain, the Deparment of Public Safety won't do their job.


Gettysburg is a wonderful place that takes some time to get used to. Greek letters and madras are everywhere. When the work is done, the students play hard. The work is always paramount. The president Katherine Hailey Will, "resigned" after this year because she wanted to be closer to her husband. I want to know where she was, because in two years on campus, I have only seen her once. She was a drunk who cared more about her gin and tonics than keeping the tuition at a manageable level. Although I do enjoy my time at Gettysburg because of my fraternity, personally, I feel cheated by the administration and I will never contribute another cent to Gettysburg College after I graduate. $200,000 for a college in bumfuck, PA? For that price we should be dining on gold and given free computers.


I think I pretty much said everything I wanted to. :)


I have a good time here


I love Gettysburg, and it's perfect for ME! It's not perfect for everyone, but for an outgoing girl from a college town in New England Gettysburg is the right place for me.


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There is a great mix here. people do their work so they can party as hard as they work. we all work very very hard and we all like to let loose and have fun. people generally go to class, and education is important to almost everyone here. this is not a place to come and mess around, you have to do your work but you will have your fun too.


The only thing I would like to comment about is Safety and Security. Although I see them present on campus, I do not feel as though they would be very protective. Once, my friend injured herself (she fell on her way to class) and needed someone to drive her home. She went to a blue phone and it just rang and rang and Safety and Security never picked up. She went to another phone and no one picked up again. Aren't the blue phones supposed to be for emergencies? And they didn't even pick up?


Studying abroad is very popular at Gettysburg. I think it's important to mention this because i am taking this survey from France. Over half of the student body decides to study abroad, and the school makes it very easy.


Coming from public school the lack of diversity kind of surprised me. While there are a fair amount of international students, they kind of stick to themselves.


I hope I haven't come off as too cynical or romantic! It's funny how one can be both at once. I love Gettysburg, honestly. It's my home away from home, and I really do think that being here has made me into a better person, more active and intelligent, than I would have become at any other school.


servo is very good once you accept that its cafeteria food wide variety in frosh dorms, some 4X as big as others great people to meet up here, good connections