Gettysburg College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular groups are the Fraternities and Sororities. Parties are the main event on campus. Frats host parties every night Wednesday through Sunday. It is loud and drunken come the weekend. Since it is in a small tourist town, if you do not drink, you can go on tours of the battlefield or just explore downtown.


the most popular organization to be involved with is CAB-Campus Activites Board. CAB plans many of the activities on campus. They also finance many activities. The biggest activity planned by CAB is Springfest, which is basically a weekend of fun games, concerts, eatting, and drinking.


The stat is 32% of the student body is greek. Well, 30% of that student body are freshman who are not allowed to rush. So that's like 40% of the student body (soph-sr) who are greek. That's almost half of each class. 600-700 students a class. That's about 300 students a class greek. Go greek is my point - the school is very into that. And off-campus there is not much to do. I grew up not far from Gettysburg and Gettysburg makes my town look like New York City. Mind you Wal-Mart was the hot hang out spot in my town. Take what you want from it.


Frat life is pretty big on campus. Soroities are also pretty important, however, they do not have houses. A lot of people go out partying on the weekends, but if that is not your style, there are still people who do not go out. Gettysburg also offers a program called RISE for students who are willing to commit to not drink or do drugs, although some people in RISE still do. If you do not like to go out you can always hang with friends, go see a movie, go into town and go to a restaurant, go to the outlet shopping mall which is about 10 minutes away, or do something on campus (the school usually provides some type of activity at least once a week). Popular events on campus include DTO(Drop the Octave)-an all male accapella group, Movie night-where the college shows a movie that is recently out of theaters and not quite out in stores yet, Shots in the dark-an improv show that everyone enjoys, midnight madness-once a month the college opens the dining hall at midnight for snacks, Springfest-a week worth of fun activies including some kind of a concert, and many other exciting events.


I have already said that it's not big on sports and is big on community service. I met my closest friends through the band and the community service fraternity I joined my freshman year, Alpha Phi Omega. It was absolutely the best decision I made while I was in college, although studying abroad comes close. As for the social scene, I guess I will have to be frank. If I was awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it was because I came back from pitchers at the bar and was giggling and eating pizza bagels with my roommate. There is definitely a lot of partying at Gettysburg, I would say. We have the RISE program, (no substance abuse) but honestly, even people in that drink. If I were to find something to do on a Saturday night...I honestly can't remember the last Saturday night I had at Gettysburg that didn't involve drinking. This does make me sound bad, but seriously, I was about mid-range. There were people who drank tons more than I did. There are two movie theaters in Gettysburg now though, which weren't there when I started, and that's great, and CAB (the campus activities board) sponsors movies and things. The Attic, the on campus club, has great events, which often serve alcohol but anyone can attend. They usually have a theme, we love theme parties at Gettysburg. And Servo, the dining hall, offers free food from 11pm-2am about once a month, called Midnight Madness. A lot of people do go drunk, because it's fried food and it's wonderful, but I don't want to give the impression that everyone drinks all the time, because if you have a great group of friends you love, it's just not necessary to be drunk to have fun together.


Despite going to a college with an influential greek life and despite being a member of a sorority myself, I do not embody the stereotype of a typical sorority girl who is constantly ditzy and drunk. There are plenty of things to do on campus where drinking is not necessary, and ultimately, the choice to drink is one the student makes (hopefully with the concequences in mind). Gettysburg is not a dry campus, so students 21 and over can have alcohol in the dorms. However, it is assumed that students who are legal will be responsible. Public Safety on campus is very prevailent, and their main goal is to keep the student body safe. For this reason, no questions will be asked if a student must go to the hospital and the burrow police are rarely called (unless violence errupts of it is out of Public Safety's hands). I have many friends who choose to drink and many who choose not to. Like at any college, it is a decision that the student must make for his or her self.


Everything revolves around greek life. I walk by tours, and having been a tour guide for 4 years in highschool, I understand some things are supposed to be exaggerated. I hear the tour guides say that even if you are not in a fraternity or sorority there is a ton on campus for you to do. If you are on a sports team I definitely agree, but if you are not an athlete, or a sister/brother, I feel that there is not a whole lot socially for you to do. we have mixers every weekend, spring fest weekend revolves around greek life, and for guys especially its impossible to get into frat houses. If i want to find something to do on a sunday night, or tuesday night, or ANY night, i can call people and even if i dont find something at first, at least SOME one will be doing something social, or drinking. I can go out every night of the week if i really wanted to. the school that i went to for freshman year was very different. kegs would be kicked at 1130 on a saturday night. being from new york city that was impossible. gettysburg is the greatest place on earth.


From the second that I set foot on campus, I was surrounded by the friendliest and most outgoing group of people that I had ever been a part of. I lived on the only all-girls floor on campus, and while I know there were certain things I was missing out on, I feel like I gained so much more from just having girls on the floor. We got a lot closer a lot faster without all the testosterone getting in the way. Almost every door was open, and it's impossible to mope or sit around and do nothing when you're surrounded 24/7 by people that truly care about you. The girls from my floor are still my closest friends today, and I'm rooming with on of them next year. There is a lot of drinking that goes on at Gettysburg, but that's pretty much the case everywhere nowadays, except what, Brigham Young? That's just the way it is. I, however, found plenty of things to do on campus other than frat parties (which i think are disgusting and completely not entertaining). We would have movie nights on our floor, we would go out in the middle of the night to the Lincoln Diner for their gigantic ice cream dish, the Thing, on warm nights we would stargaze and have philosophical discussions, sometimes there was a band or a comedian to see, and some weekends there would be Midnight Madness (free hot dogs and doughnuts in Servo!!!). Springfest happens the weekend before finals week in April, and for four days there is constant activity on campus. Unfortunately, this is when a LOT of the drinking goes on, but even if that's not your thing, there are great musicians and concerts, fantastic food, and a carnival set up on the main quad. Especially towards the end of the semesters, there are a lot of student performances and events going on. The concerts for the a cappella group FourScores are always packed, the dance ensemble shows are always fun, especially when the B.O.M.B. Squad and D.O.D (hip-hop groups) were on, and SMuT (musical theater) usually puts on a show per semester. I was part of an Opera Workshop class that got to sing backup for a married couple that are both international opera stars, as well as perform solos and scenes individually. And last but not least, it should be a school requirement to go on at least one ghost tour. They're everywhere around the town of Gettysburg, and they're more fun than you'll like to admit! You'll be a true Gettysburgian if you go on a ghost tour.


Gettysburg has a lot of clubs and organizations. There is something for everyone. Dance, singing, political groups, club sports, community service, etc. I met most of my friends through either clubs, my classes, or my freshman year hall. Everyone leaves their doors open freshman year to meet friends but after that mostly everyone keeps them closed. We have had some good guest speakers-we recently had Chelsea Clinton and there was a large turnout. The dating scene sucks in my opinion-the guys are still in the "hook up" stage. I honestly have not met one decent guy besides my gay guy friends while at Gettysburg. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but I DO know that you will NOT meet a nice guy at a frat party. Drinking is big on campus and frats are a popular destination for the weekends. Besides drinking, you can go to the movies, take a road trip to Philly or DC or Baltimore, or just chill in your room with your friends. Sometimes the college hosts movie nights, Midnight Madness (free food at the dining hall), comedians, or bands. The social life could definitely use improvement, but depending on who your friends are you can be creative and find fun things to do.


Greek life is big, but there is a lot more going on on any given weekend, as well. Some club will have a dinner or a speaker, an author or other scholar may be giving a talk, students hang out in each other's rooms, Pizza House is open until late and is really close, and the Lincoln Diner is open all night. Every year we have the fall concert with a popular band, the Snow Ball-a semi formal dance, and Spring Fest, which is basically a carnival with free food, inflatable boxing rings, velcro walls, or toilet bowl races, face painting, a band, and lots of alcohol. Most people meet their closest friends their first year on their dorm floor. First years bond because half of your floor is in your first year seminar, and either it's really awesome and you all have a lot of fun, or you get stuck in the anarchy seminar with the crazy paranoid professor with a combover. Either way you'll bond with your classmates since you see them all the time, eat with them all the time, and hang out. The school generally does a really great job of selecting your first year roommate. There was only one room on my floor where the roommates didn't get along really well and stay friends throughout their school experience.


Gettysburg social life consists of mostly fraternities. I was not sure I would love that going into school but they ended up being really fun. After a while they do get a little bit old but they are a lot of fun to say the least.


Intramural sports are big. We leave our dorm rooms open- until the hallways get too loud. Unless you are the one being load. Athletic events are popular when a team is doing well and going to finals. I met my closest friends through the clubs a joined. Join clubs! If I am awake at 2am, I am probably studying for an exam, writing a last minute paper, or worrying about a track and field meet. Many people party often, others occassionaly. I don't party and don't feel left out.


Greek life is the main extra-curricular that almost everyone seems to participate in. There are other clubs like newspaper, radio, and cheers that are very active, but it is predominately greek things. Greek organizations sponsor most of the events that are the big headliners. I am in a sorority but all of my roommates I just met because we lived together my freshman year. We are all in different organizations so it kind of helps to break up all of our different events because we always hang out together. So far as things to do on camppus I know there are movie nights and various sponsored nights at the Attic, the school night club / bar. I don't know anyone that doesn't drink and that has made me feel uncommfortable occasionally, because really almost all anyone ever does is drink and go out.


The one thing I hated about undergrad in Gettysburg was all the Greek affiliations.


Greek life is a very popular option for many students because it allows them to join a community of friends with common interests. The frats and sororities also perpetuate the social scene on campus most weekends by holding parties and events. Sometimes these parties are exclusive to certain people or organizations, but oftentimes, they are open to everyone. There are also over a hundred organizations and clubs on campus, so there is literally something for everyone to get involved with that matches their interests. Athletics occupy a large part of campus life for many students, but there is no pressure to belong to athletic teams. People such as myself who seek more low-key athletic competition can take advantage of the various intramural sports that are played throughout the year. The college tries to have speakers and events on campus, but these are usually very interesting but lightly attended. Gettysburg is known as a place where people often meet their future significant others, but that is exaggerated. I met my closest friends freshman year, as did many others, because the dorm style forces interactions and builds friendships. Over 90% of the students live on campus in some style of housing, so there is a community atmosphere amongst the students.


The most popular organizations are the fraternities and sororities but it's also not odd or "uncool" to not be apart of them. Most students are involved in something though whether it's sports, CAB, italian club, dance ensemble, work-study or greek life. Students do drink. Most parties involve drinking games but mainly as a social lubricant. Freshmen guys have trouble getting into most frat parties unless they befriend an older frat brother.


Activities on campus encourage high levels of involvement from the student boday. We have an on campus nightclub that is in use on weekends. Gettysburg is also a greek school with a large number of upperclassmen involved in fraternities or sororities. The fraternities are open on the weekends and are a definate source of social life on campus. Howver, the Campus Activities Board is in charge of campus programming and provide excellent alternative programming.


My one complaint about Gettysburg is that if you're not Greek, it's very easy to feel like an outcast. The frat scene dominates Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and it's very easy to feel isolated if you don't join in the drunken revelry for those 3 nights of the week. The College does promote late-night booze-free events, but most people just show up to them already hammered. Aside from sitting in my room with a couple of friends, a pizza, and a couple movies from Blockbuster, I can't remember doing anything noteworthy on a Saturday night that didn't involve the frat scene.


Frat life= fucking awsome. SAE, phi alpha 292


The Greek life is more than strong. The average student is out at a frat every weekend. That being said, there's plenty to do for the non-partier. People are friendly, and usually leave their doors open, meeting people is easy. Random adventures are common, as people often decide to go somewhere 40 miles away at 3 in the morning. For the more bookishly inclined, the library is open 24 hours, and has a massive movie collection.


Greek life. lots of it. you can avoid it if you want, or you can try to, but inevitably you'll know someone who rushes somewhere. gburg is unusual in that you rush sophomore year, not freshman year. this can be unfortuante because people make "freshmen" friends and then ditch them all the next year to rush. even if they don't ditch their friends, they find it hard to balance Greek and non-Greek frienships because Greek takes over your life. gburg athletics suck, except for lacrosse. music ensembles are pretty big, and choir concerts bring in a large crowd (the band, though one of the larger ensembles, draws teh smallest crowd. go figure). there are weekend events and several yearly things--a dance, a spring party, stuff for seniors, etc. mostly on weekends i hang out with friends in the dorm, rather than going out and getting drunk and being stupid.


The social atmosphere is pretty positive and people are always willing to talk to you. Through your first year you’ll develop friendships that will last all of your college career and maybe even further (I haven’t gotten that far yet to find out). The College wants to keep its students as active as possible whether it’d be through college sponsored events or events run by student organizations. These are offered mainly on the weekends to provide some activity for the students who do not wish to take part in the drinking atmosphere. I’d rather not say that the college competes with Greek Life, but it is a force to be reckoned with – out of all the students who are eligible to rush (Gettysburg College does not permit you to rush until your sophomore year) 60% of those are involved with either Fraternities or Sororities. If you’re concern is about drinking then come prepared because students will always find an excuse to drink...that’s no matter where you go.


Gettysburg has tons of clubs and organizations, fraternities, sororities. As I said previously, students are very involved in every aspect. A lot of people participate in Greek life...either as part of a fraternity or sorority or by attending one of their events, but it's not a necessary part of campus life. We support students making their own decisions, whether you decide to remain substance-free or drink. Gettysburg can be a pretty big party school, though.


The social life here is great. In your freshman dorms you'll meet a lot of great people. I got lucky and made friends with nearly everybody both on my floor and the floor above me. There's always someone who wants to hang out, and just hanging out can be really fun. It's like having all your best friends from high school living just down the hall, or around the corner. People almost always leave their doors open, and there is usually a steady flow of kids from one room to the next, talking, getting homework help, or just relaxing with one another. There is no one singular club or organization that seems to reign on campus. But there are many that you can choose from. There's a seemingly endless supply of extracurricular here. You just need to ask where to find them, as sometimes it's not crystal clear where to go to find something to do. Athletic events are fun to watch, and probably even more fun to be involved in. You'll always have some Gettysburgians in the stands cheering you on if you're in a match. There are also tons of guest speakers hosting events on campus. Fun things, like comedians, and plays at the theater, but also speakers who inform you of job opportunities, internships and the like. People party pretty regularly here. Nearly every weekend there are parties and drinking going on. If you're into that, cool, but if you're not, don't sweat it because it's all up to you here. You're the adult. Fraternities are very prevalent here, I count seven just thinking about it now. I'm not into Greek life myself, but a lot of people are. I find almost all the frats a little sketchy, but if you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night and feel like dancing, if you know a couple people you can usually find an open frat and have fun. I would never join one though, but a lot of guys do. Sororities exist too, but they don't have houses thanks to some crazy 19th century law that says no 6 women or more can live in the same dwelling alone, as it is then considered a brothel (no joke!) The dating scene is big too. There are a lot more random hookups though, especially in freshman year, but dating is big too. Me and my girlfriend got together in the beginning of Soring semester and have been together ever since (it is currently the end of May). So if you want to date, it's completely doable. The college puts on a lot of dances and social events on weekends as an alternative to drinking, and they can be a blast. So again, don't sweat it if you don't want to drink! There's a lot more to college life then getting wasted, believe me.


There are a lot of sports events to go to which are division III or club sports. There are a lot of guest speakers offered by the school and are open to the general public usually. You meet most of the people you know for your college career either in your first year residence hall, sports team, or through greek life. Greek life dominates most of the social scene and about half the school is involved in a greek organization (students are not allowed to rush until fall of sophomore year). Student activities offered by the school consist or two big concerts, one each semester, parties in the school night club, movie nights, and other events such as crabfest and springfest. Depending on which fraternity you go to you could be able to drink 5-6 nights a week. If you're looking to go out and drink and you're under 21, fraternities are pretty much your first choice and if you're looking to socialize and not drink you could go to campus events, which are offered frequently. Off campus there really isn't much. There are bars and movie theatres. People that go off campus usually don't go into town but go to other schools or the baltimore area.


Gettysburg goes to great lengths to bring in speakers of interest. I went to see Carson Daly and Chelsea Clinton speak. I've watched presentations on garbage as a means of addressing environmental studies and the struggle of making global issues relevent to the individiual as well as macro economic presentations on the current monetary issues impacting the housing market.


Although they school doesn't like to advertise it on campus visits or in viewbooks, fraternities ARE the social scene at Gettysburg. Because we are in a small town and there isn't much to do off campus, the majority of us party at the frats--any night from Wednesday to Sunday. Parties are open to mostly everybody, though, so it's a fun way for the whole campus to come together on weekends and definately creates a sense of community outside of the classroom. Most first-years meet their friends on the hall (we live with people from our first-year seminars, so people often share similar interests), and these friendships tend to last throughout people's time at Gettysburg. The administration seems to know that the students are mostly interested in partying on the weekends, because there's not much else to do that is well-attended.


The craziest thing about Gettysburg is safety. Students reserve their desk at the library with their laptop, then leave for dinner. People regularly loose their ATM card and have it returned to them. During lunch time the lobby of Servo (the dining hall) is filled with backpacks. You could leave it there for days and no one will touch it. That kind of environment says a lot about the people who go to Gettysburg. I am involved with a variety of activities on campus, from athletics to tourguiding. Students are very involved in campus activities. Greek life is important, but not a requirement at Gettysburg. You can have an active and involved social life without being in a fraternity/sorority. The Attic is a place on campus where students can go to hang out. It hosts events on campus over the weekend life comedians and musicians. It's also open during the week for students to hang out, watch TV and play pool. If you're awake at 2 am on a Tuesday you are: a) studying for an exam on Wednesday b) frantically writting a paper c) out at "pitchers" at the Pub on Tuesday nights (if you're 21 of course) d) a night owl who is slowly getting ready for bed


Greek life is by far the most prevalent organization type on campus. I'm in a sorority and I never thought I would be. I'm still up in the air about whether I'm glad I joined it or not, and most of my closest friends are independent. There isn't much to do that doesn't involve drinking as far as I've seen, and I always wonder what people do if they don't go out on a Friday or Saturday night. The biggest party every year is called Springfest, where the college sponsors outdoor concerts, barbeques, and big outdoor activities. This year, MTV came to film an episode of Made, which was pretty cool. Athletic events are pretty popular, and sometimes we even have fan buses to other school for big games. The campus itself is pretty safe, people leave their doors in dorms open, but there are also thefts and vandalism sometimes, mostly by townies.


This is not a relationship school. Everyone is too busy for that. Greek life is prevalent but you don't have to be Greek to go to a party and most everyone on campus enjoys the social scene the fraternities and sororities provide. Seniors can live off campus so there is usually a healthy amount of off campus houses that throw parties but you've got to know someone to go so it's usually the same people you would see at the bars or the frats. Lacrosse is big here and the guy's games are the best attended sporting events.


There is always something to do, it's just a matter of finding it. If you like the outdoors, there are trips with GRAB to go rock climbing, kayaking, etc. If you like the arts, there's a gallery and a theatre where you can act, build, paint, sew, or just hang out and observe. If you like music, there are "coffeehouse" performances in the Junction on weekends and musicians who play in the Attic for happy hour. Free movies are also held in the Junction once in a while, sometimes playing double features on the weekend. If you want to go drink and dance, there are frat parties and bars in town. If you want to try something a little different, the theme houses on campus host a lot of different kinds of events. There's also Thursday Common Hours over lunch (no students have class at this time) where guest speakers come in and talk about relevent social issues-- AND you get free food.


Fraternities and sororities are quite popular with i think about half of the eligible (not freshman) student body being involved. Your freshman dorm is a great place to meet people and usually everyone has their door open at some point during the day. When the weather gets warm people usually congregate outside to lay in the sun or play some frisbee. The best friends I have are those who lived on my freshman hall, in fact by the time I graduate I will have lived with my freshman roommate for all 4 years! People tend to go out on the weekend to fraternities and some go out on the weekdays as well. Older kids go to the bars on Thursdays and one a month they have Midnight Madness late at night with free food in the dining hall (affectionately named Servo). If you want to get away for a weekend Baltimore and DC are close.


Okay- so Greek life is a HUGE part of the social life. If you like to drink and party- its just kind of inevitable that greek life will play a part in that. BUT I am here to be an advocate for clubs and such as well. There is a lot to be involved in on campus. Like I said, the people who are the least happy at Gburg are the people who don't get involved with the campus. Do you have to be a part of greek life to have fun? No. Do you have to be a part of greek life to party? no. Do you have to be a part of greek life to enjoy your four years at gettysburg... no. But If you are interested in Greek life- it is great at gburg. You can be as involved as you want to be- its not completely life consuming or even socially consuming (that is to say you're not necessarily categorized by what greek oranization you join). I have really enjoyed my experience.


The most defining characteristic of Gettysburg College is the partying. It's not uncommon, in fact, it's pretty standard that gburg students party 4, 5, 6, sometimes 7 nights a week. In the spring time when it's warm, students usually are day-drinking, usually whatever time they get out of class and if they have no work. Upper-classmen go to bars usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, and occasionally Wednesdays. Weekends are times for frat parties, other non-affiliated house parties are also popular. Pregaming begins around 9pm and the nights usually don't end til around 3am, but it's definitely not uncommon for people to party until 5, 6, or 7am (on any given day). Natty Light, Banker's Club, and Andre are names a part of everyday speech. If one decides to drink on a "random" day, they refer to it as: Monday Funday, Boozeday Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Sunday Funday (Fridays and Saturdays are clearly set aside for drinking and don't need a name). If per chance you are not drinking on a Friday or Saturday (often because of a game the next day - 48 hour rule), students spend their nights watching movies at home, going to the movies in town, or hanging out with their friends just not drinking. The most popular sports teams are 1. lacrosse (men's first, then girls), 2. football 3. guys basketball. More often than not, fans pregame sporting events. Students pregame pretty much everything. Students go to the library and class drunk on a regular basis. On Springfest students bring drinks in Nalgenes to class. It's really a wonder how more of us didn't end up in the hospital on multiple occasions. Basically, Gettysburg is like a bubble where it feels like you can do anything without anyone on the outside world knowing, nor understanding. My fellow classmates have often said "this place isn't real." Gburg's also been known as "Disneyland" or "GVegas."


In my freshman year, everyone left their doors open. However my sophomore year, no one did. My closest friends at Gettysburg are in my major. There is a large communal bond with people who are in your major, no matter your graduation year. Parties can happen any night (if someone brings alcohol), however the large party nights I've noticed people go to (I'm not a party goer myself) is Wednesday through Saturday nights, and yes they do return very loud, noisy, with paper thin walls to blanket their sounds. How important Fraterinites/sororities are, depends on where you live. If you live on campus, then fraternities/sororities play a larger part in ones social life. If you live off campus, then it is usually the people in the house you live in, who are your social life. There aren't a lot of places a person can go to have fun in Gettysburg beyond fraternities/sororities. There is the Blue Parrot and the Ragged Edge, however they are more sit down calm environments. The largest complaint is that there isn't much to do in Gettysburg, and that is very true. My suggestion to keep you involved if you don't want to go out drinking every night, would be to involve yourself in as many extracurricular activities as you can handle.


The most popular social groups could be classified as the sports teams and greek life. While the two may interchange, the social life centers around these two groups. Most parties are either mixers between fraternities and sororities or between girls sport's teams and boy's sports teams. While the popular sororities are only Gamma Phi Beta, Chi Omega, and Delta Gamma, the popular fraternities are SAE, TKE, ATO, Phi Sig, Phi Delt, and ATO. The sports teams that have the most social gatherings are probably the football team, the basketball teams (boys and girls), lacrosse teams (boys and girls), and the baseball team. The athletic events are usually very popular and a lot of the student body goes out to support them. When students turn 21 their social scene changes a little bit by incorporating the bar scene. Tuesday nights are pitchers at the PUB and LIT's and Trivia at Mama's. Thursday nights are karaoke at Mama's. People party a lot at Gettysburg College and most don't realize this because of the small population... in all actuality, the fact that there are so few students makes parties that much more fun because you start at one end of campus at a party and can wonder all around hopping from house to house or fraternity to fraternity. Events that do not involve drinking at Gettysburg are basically only movie theatres. Drinking is constantly going on at Gettysburg and the party scene is out of control but so fun.


I've mentioned this a lot already I think, but there are lots of organized groups that give a lot of structure to the social life, events held by the college that give students something to do on weekends, and it's also equally possible to find a group of friends to just chill with on weekends. Clubs benefiting social life aren't just Greek life, but also sports teams (especially the Ultimate Frisbee team), theme housing (a group can apply for a theme house that is based on a similar interest, so you live in a house dedicated to an interest of yours and lead events based on said interest), and from my experience Gettysburg College Choir. The events the college leads for social life are really great too; the comedians are usually very entertaining, there is a hypnotist during freshman orientation every year, well-known bands and speakers do stop by as well as less well-known but very interesting and relevant speakers. Also a lot of over-21s enjoy "host provider" events, where any student over 21 gets a wristband on the way in to the event and can enjoy three free alcoholic drinks (beer or wine). There are of course also non-alcoholic drinks that are also free, sodas and that kind of thing. It is possible to find a party on campus most days a week, but weekends are more likely, and it's also possible to avoid a party on campus if it's not your thing (after three full years at the college, I've still never been to a frat party and don't really care to go, and still find myself readily entertained without that kind of partying). People do also dedicate themselves to work, even if it is pulling an all-nighter to write a 15-page paper due the next day (...though I don't recommend that). The library gets progressively more full toward the end of a semester and finals week it is near impossible to find a computer there (though there are less-well-known computer labs across campus if you need to use a computer somewhere quiet... also, these computer labs make it possible to survive without a computer even though most students have a laptop... I went without a laptop for a semester and had no problem getting work done, but email is really heavily relied on for contact).


Students are friendly and social. The most popular clubs include Ultimate Frisbee, Alpha Phi Omega, GECO (Gettysburg Environmental Concerns Organization) and Italian Club. Athletic events, particularly lacrosse games, are huge. Football games are huge also: a win dictates whether or not there is an enormous open fraternity party that night. There are tons of guest speakers and the theater department and Conservatory sponsor concerts several times each week. The best Gettysburg traditions are Springfest and the coffee cart at the library. Springfest is two weeks befre finals in the spring. The college hosts an outdoor concert with a popular artist, a barbeque and a carnival. It's a huge weekend for partying, especially for seniors: it's the last hurrah before students hunker down for straight studying. The coffee cart is at the library. Every night at midnight (the library is open 24/7!), the librarian on duty wheels out hot water and coffee. Students take a brief break for cocoa, tea or coffee and socialize before hitting the books. Students work hard and party with dedication. Sororities don't have houses, but fraternities do throw parties. They are not essential to the campus life, but personally, I love frat parties. They are free for anyone who attends and in addition to free beer, it's a great excuse to dance the night away. Frequently you'll suddenly realize the DJ is your lab partner, or the girl dancing next to you is a classmate from your philosophy lecture. Activities on campus that don't involve drinking include concerts, movies in the campus union building, hanging out at The Attic (the on-campus night club with a pool table and TVs) and taking advantage of the fabulous history surrounding the town. There are plenty of coffeeshops and bookstores. Baltimore and DC are also very close.


Greek Life rules the school for the most part. The six sororities and eleven fraternities comprise nearly half of the eligible student body. Weekends consist of frat parties or mixers (open to some, not all) and week nights are split between frats and town bars. There are certainly some people who are in serious relationships, there is also a huge amount of "hooking up" that happens. People at Gettysburg work hard and play hard, which makes for a fun experience. The College also sets up events for students over the year, with the best being "Springfest" -- which is an all-campus, all-weekend blowout party at the end of the year. Overall, Gettysburg is a very fun place to party for four years. For sports, the Lacrosse teams (Men's and Women's) are the most popular, but the soccer teams and swim teams also draw big crowds. Generally there is a high amount of school spirit for the Gettysburg College Bullets.


The most popular organization on campus is probably the intramural sports, Everyone loves sparts at Gburg. People are pretty active and like to work out and have a fun time. The dorms are very open and friendly and you'll usually know most people in your building but especailly on your floor. People almost always keep their doos open for study breaks of chatting and snacking with friends! I met my closest friends in my dorm and in DCF (DiscipleMakers). Each year there are 3 big traditions: (1) Crabfest: everyone eats crabs in the ballroom one night. (2) snowball: our semi formal in febuary (3) springfest: a big week of concerts and parties. The party scene is pretty big. There are parties at just about every frat on Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday nights... sometimes Thursdays. Lots of drinking. If I were awake on a Tuesday at 2 am, I'd probably be at LD's with my room mate and girls across the hall drinking cocoa, stardgazing on the quad, or cramming in the library. Frats and sororities are pretty big here... but its easy to get by w/ out them. Things to do on Sat that don't involve drinking: bowling, mini golf, movies, going to DC/ Phillie, frat parties (you'll be one of the only sober ones), hanging out with friends, nighttime adventures through the battlefields, ...keep your eyes open. There are pleny of fun things to do if you are creative :-)


Most restaurants close early but lately new places have opened up which cater to late-night food cravings. Fraternities and sororities are a big aspect of social life but if you're not in one, DON'T FEAR. There are lots of people who aren't Greek and most hang out together.


there's a ton of stuff to do on campus, sometimes too much. sports are a big deal: we have really good mens and womens lacross teams as well as women's rugby and women's field hockey. we're D-3 so there are no scholarships but ppl still turn out for games and have a good time. there are always special events (like comedians, movie nights, etc) and high-profile speakers at gburg. every year we have crabfest, and every wednesday is blizzard day at the caf (like dariqueen only make your own). drinking is a pretty big activity, but i know a good amount of ppl who dont drink and find there is still a ton to do. the night/weekend life is mainly on campus at frat-houses or house parties off campus. the people here are awesome, you'll find people who match up with your beliefs, values, etc as long as you look in the right places and make an effort.


The baseball team and the football team are the most fun groups of people. We're all really chill guys and throw a lot of parties throughout the year. I met my friends through varsity sports and intrumeral sports. On a 2 AM on a tuesday I'm either watching movies with my buddies or at a frat house drinking. If you want to party you will find one at all times of the day and night. If you don't want to party then you will find other things to do. The frats and sororities are very important and there is one for everyone at Gettysburg. They can range from if you aren't really a drinker to if you're a hardcore alcoholic. I go out to the frats as often as possible because it's the most fun activity and you get to meet a lot of new people every time out.


The freshman dorms are very inclusive--doors are often left open and orientation groups tend to stick together throughout most of the first semester. As far as things to do go, there's not a whole lot in town open at night, other than the Lincoln Diner. Most of the partying is done at fraternities (which are a huge part of the campus). But if that's not your thing, you'd best be creative and invent other things to do--such as some midnight ultimate frisbee! But Gettysburg is close to several cities (Harrisburg, Baltimore, Frederick), so if you don't mind a drive, you can find your own activities and places to visit.


There are over 100 hundred clubs on campus and there is always something to do. All clubs are popular on campus. Students are very outgoing and social.


Community service through the Center for Public Service is one of the most popular extracurricular activities. Almost 90% of students are also involved in either varsity or intramural sports. Unfortunately, there isn't much to do on weekends but drink or study.


My advice to students: get involved! It is a great way to make new friends and explore your interests and opportunities. Sports draw a large number of studetns, especially football and lacross. The students are trusting, kind, and friendly. Doors are usually open. Many students get involved in other clubs, such as the campus activities board, etc. Traditions are important to Gettysburg, as we are such an old college. Fraternities and sororities provide other entertainment opportunities, although there are no sorority houses on campus. While Gettysbirg does have a reputation for being a party school, the campus also provides a number of things to do on any given night. The Attic, which is the on campus night club, has parties, dances, comedians, bands, solo artists, and other entertainment on weekend nights. It is also open on some week nights for another hang out spot. It also serves beer and wine to students 21 or older (on "host provider" nights and events only). Also, the campus activities board plans many events and has a number of traditions each year, such as an end of the year carnival (Springfest), A formal dance (Snowball), coffeehouses, movie nights, special events, the Attic events, and bi annual concerts, etc.


No lie, greek life and partying are pretty big on campus, but you can still fit in easily if you don't like that scene. Some dorms are more cohesive than others, and even floors within dorms can be close or not at all. I found my closest friends by doing stuff outside of class with them. Gettysburg has some traditions like Crab Fest (all you can eat crab!), Fall Concert, the Snow Ball (a formal dance), and Spring Fest (outdoor concerts over several days). People usually only attend athletic events if they have friends on that particular team.


Greak organizations are pretty big on campus, as are athletics--regarless of the level- varsity at D3, club or intramural. However, there are over 160 student groups aside from those. Dorms- doors are typically left open. My first year hall, everyone always left their door open and welcomed visitors. I met my closest friends freshman year, although we didn't become close until sharing an apartment together as sophomores. 2am on Tuesday- school work or hanging out with friends. Traditions-- Servo (the dining hall) theme nights-crabfest, thanksgiving dinner, halloween "boofet," and many more; Springfest--celebration of spring with lots of outside activies and concerts; fall concert; Greek events--Airbands, Mr Fraternity, Anchor Splash, runs, wings eating contests.


Students in dorms always seem to leave their dorms open and socialize, especially in freshman year. Yearly traditions include: Crabfest, Springfest, Snow Ball, various events at the dining hall (Servo), Homecoming, among others. While there is a pretty pronounced greek life presence, they aren't very important aside from weekend parties. Off campus, there are many restaurants, shops, movie theaters, and places to visit to occupy your free time.