Gettysburg College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The opportunities the Career Center provide for students. Over breaks there are several networking dinners and job shadowing experiences.


I brag about the quality of my education and how beautiful the campus is. Classes were small and professors were very accessable. The campus is also immaculate. The small campus size allows most students to know eachother and form close relationships. Also SERVO the cafeteria is really great.


Gettysburg has a small, beautiful campus and less than three thousand people. This small school atmosphere makes for small classroom sizes and better, more involved professors. We have a wide range of majors here at Gettysburg, including those not-so-common ones that I am taking (Anthropology and Classical Studies), and even the option to create a major. Gettysburg has a lot of clubs and organizations that not many other schools have, like fencing, for instance. We have a fantastic study abroad program that includes over 40 countries one can study in as well. Also, the food is fantastic!


Normally I brag to friends about how comfortable and friendly our campus is and how engaged our faculty is in the lives and interests of the students.


I brag about the activities offered on campus (like the concerts and dances) and I also brag about the small size of my classes and the materials on my syllabus. Smaller class sizes offers more opportunities for discussions and simulations.


The friends i've made.


Gettysburg is unique because it allows students to be active on campus, while upholding academic standards. Activities range from community service to fraternity and sorority parties, outdoor activities to research trips. There is always something to do.


I always brag about how easy it is to get involved in something meaningful.