Gettysburg College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That everyone is preppy and rich.


Gettysburg is a private school full of rich kids that Mommy and Daddy sent to the best school possible, have never had to work, were Yale bound if they had actually cared in high school, and have trust funds. J.Crew, Vera Bradley and Vineyard Vines rule the fashion arena and partying is what the students know best.


Most students are preppy, like to party, have a decent amount of money. Everyone that goes there knows about the Civil War since it's Gettysburg.


A lot of people think Gettysburg is in Virginia, since there was such a huge battle there. They don't realize that the actual war really came this far north. People probably think we have a lot of history nerds here.


That everyone is rich and is either a member of a fraternity or sorority


waspy, wealthy, preppy, pretentious


Since Gettysburg is a private school and it's a bit pricey, a lot of people assume that it's only for rich kids.


A typical stereotype about Gettysburg students is that they are rich and overly preppy-that everyone wears J.Crew or Ralph Lauren. Girls walk around with their Lilly Pulitzer skirts with pearls and everyone drives a BMW or Mercedes. And of course with wealth comes the stereotype that all of these students are snobby.


A lot of people thing Gettysburg students are all preppy and rich. People also assume that we're all history majors since we're located in such a historically significant place.


Gettysburg is known as a very rich and preppy school.


We are preppy We are surrounded by battlefields We are friendly and welcoming


Preppy rich drunk


That they are preppy and snobby.


Some stereotypes are that its a very rich, white school.


Students are spoiled, preppy, caucasian, and involved in Greek life.


The students are very rich, very preppy and very spoiled.


Preppy, rich, conservative


I think the most common stereotype about Gettysburg students themsleves is that they all look as if they walked out of a J.Crew catalog. Another stereotype is that Gettysburg is in the middle of nowhere. A third stereotype is that all Gettysburg students are jocks.


Wasps....Frat bros/Sorority girls......Binge-drinking.....Preppy.....Very conservative


Higher class, snobby, preppy students. Hard partiers, and a strong frat life.


preppy, white, rich, drunk


Gettysburg = "southern cultured" town....hickville. GC Students = "prepdom"....preppy.


There are a lot of stereotypes regarding the typical sorority girls and frat boys on campus, how rich the students are. Every girl on campus owns a North Face, Vera Bradley, and Uggs.


Some say this is a party school. They say there is a lot of drinking that goes on here, and that that is really the only thing to do on weekends. One stereotype is that Gettysburg college is like a mecca for all the preppy attire you could ever imagine, not to mention more BMW's and Mercedes than you can count. Sports is also said to be a huge deal here, especially lacrosse and football. And Greek life is supposed to be prevalent.


Preppy, rich, fratty, attractive


There is a reciprocal rushed judgment made by locals and students. Locals will tell you that Gettysburg students are spoiled, rich brats who buy a coke and candy bar with their daddy's platinum master card. Students will tell you that the locals are rednecks that are just jealous.


Gettysburg is known as a school full of rich, mostly white kids from New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. People know it as a party school where Greek life is huge and students put a lot of energy into their social lives.


Preppy, rich, wear pastel colors, popped collars, sockless loafers, madras pants, etc. Big partiers, drink lots of beer and hard alcohol


1. Everyone is in Greek life, and you can't have a social life without it. 2. It's a grown up version of prep school.


Big party/frat school, lots of drinking, little/no social life other than partying and drinking


Half of the students are rich, conservative, materialistic, drunk preps, while the other half are nerdy, antisocial history freaks.


Preppy, upper middle class, white students.


We party hard and all of us are in the Greek system.


That we are all a bunch of rich preppy kids who are smart- but also party a lot and wear boat shoes and pearls.


The main stereotype is that they're all rich and there under daddy's dime.


Wealthy kids, low diversity, the epitomy of the Northeast coast


Gettysburg students are normally thought of as very wealthy, upper-class, preppy people and the campus is thought of as small and often very dull.


Preppy types, lots of Greek life and partying


Gettysburg students are stereotyped to be wealthy, preppy and obsessed with grades/money/clothes/partying.


That it is a white and relatively wealthy student population, where almost everyone is involved in Greek Life.


Going into my freshman year, I heard many things about the wealth of Gettysburg students as well as the lack of interest in service and a political population leaning very far to the right.


That everyone is white, religious and comes from a wealthy family. People think that we are all very politically conservative, spoiled and materialistic. People also think that every student joins a fraternity or sorority. Greek members don't really hang out with non-Greek members.


Preppy, rich, greek-life oriented


Lots of rich, preppy kids


The rich, preppy, Greek-affiliated students are the main stereotype on campus.




Gettysburg students are stereotyped as being very preppy and wealthy. There also seems to be stereotypes regarding the traditional fraternity guy and sorority girl.


A stereotype of Gettysburg is that we are an upper class, white, un-diverse campus with a good academic status but also a high party school status. We are known as a top private school in Pennsylvania, but many of our students fit a white upperclass preppy stereotype.


One thing I didn't realize before I got to Gettysburg was that it is a huge party school, and many of the students are very preppy and well-off.


town- small town, civil war hot spot, tourist town students- preppy, conservative, rich, attractive, white