Gettysburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Gettysburg has a diverse variety of students and there are very few I have ever met who were unhappy bing here. There were only three so far that i have met and two of them were only unhappy because they were too far away, and the last is a girl who is a olner. She talks about how she wants to be in a single where she won't have to deal with people and if you say hi to her she will often grunt in reconition of your words. Gettysurg is not a place for people seeking solitude.


A person who does not want to work for grades. It can sometimes be hard for students of non-christian religions. If you do not like being teased for not being wealthy, then you should not attend this school.


Someone who had morals and is concerned with their spriritual life. Gettysburg College attempts to destroy duch things.