Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Glendale Community College is surrouned by smiling teachers and cacti.


GCC has a local vibe that draws in people of all ages and color giving it a great sense of diversity.


Great enviroment with many options to go where you desire.


My school is very personal to my needs from registering to selecting teachers and courses to outside applications.


My school is always changing one day dead another day livly and full of bliss.


Glendale Community College is very big, well maintanced , and busy.


A staff and student population that represents a functioning community of all different ethnic backgrounds from multiple societal classes.


My school has palm trees first of all which reminds me of how my moms birth place looks like. which is the island of Tonga. I like the way its set up because once you reach the school you see palm trees lined up in two lanes so right away you get a tropical vibe. as you walk down the lane you'll see a abundant of students outside chatting it up with friends while you pass up light red colored buildings.


Glendale Community College has the best teachers and peers to get along with.


My school is convenient because it works around my work schedule and also has great teachers that have been amazing in making my school experience very enjoyable.