Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I do not know what the worst thing about GCC is. I love it there. Everyone has been amazing. I truly believe that this school will help make me a wonderful Nurse.


The worst thing about Glendale Community College would be how bust the parking lots are in the mornings. You have to arrive at least an hour early to get a decent parking spot, which seems to be a little ridicilious. Other than that, GCC is a wonderful school.


The only thing I don't like about community college, and just the classes that I have taken in particular, is that I feel like my teachers treat me as if I'm still in high school. I would really love to have a REAL college experience, and being in classes with hundreds of people, and living in a dorm.


I feel that the worst thing about the school is that the parking is not close to the classes.


I actually have no problem with anything Glendale Community College has to offer me. My entire experience with the college has been a educational one and enjoyed.


After pondering this question for quite awhile, I would have to say that the worst thing about my school would be the unkempt restrooms. The fight against sickness is a battle the will never die and restrooms are known to carry many types of dangerous bacteria. If one was to get sick it would affect their ability to do well in class and put other students and teachers at risk. My school should put forth more of an effort to keep restrooms clean to prevent illness during the duration of the school year.


The worst thing about my school is the apathy in both teachers and students.


The worst thing about any community college is perception. The perception of the community college is that you are not smart enough or don't have the money to go to a "real" university. The reality is the community college is a good alternative to starting out ones college career, getting some instruction in specific areas such as IT, or taking a course in a personal interest.


I haven't found or heard anything bad about Glenale Community College yet.


The only bad thing I can say about my school is that it has a reputation of a Community College, however I feel I am getting the same quality education that I would receive from a university.


The thing that can be frusterating with Glendale Community College has got to be dealing with the advisors and councilors. Most of the time students will find themselfs in line waiting for hours just to see one. Maybe this problem could be solved if they brought a couple more on staff. Other than that I really have no complaints, everyone is very friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help their students!


Some of the teachers aren't as helpful as I would like.