Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone to everyone shold attend this school. They offer programs and classes that apply to every degree and age group.


Being a student at Glendale Community College has taught me how to preppare myself for a university. The science curriculum here is very rigorous, but the professors are very helpful which makes the workload manageable. I would advise any prospective student to enter with an eager mind, and be prepared to learn, because the professors will teach the concepts very well. Lastly, make sure to be out going and meet new people since networking is paramount for college success.


The kind of people that should attend this school is really any person. This school/ community colleges help you find a major you are intrested, they help you save money etc.


Someone who is looking for a mathematics or engineering degree and are planning on transferring to one of the three state schools in Arizona should highly consider Glendale Community College. The mathematics program is very strong all the way through Modern Differential Equations. The courses are guaranteed to transfer to ASU, U of A, and NAU through the MAPP program. It is more cost effective to attend GCC for the first two years towards a bachelor's degree.


Just about anyone who plans to succeed and is still thinking of a good career for themselves should attend the campus; it is better than spending thousands of dollars at a University especially if you are still figuring out your major.


This school is great for anyone who wants to further their education and is on a budget.


Anyone who are willing to do the dirty work. College is not easy, especially to freshmen. However, if the person is motivated and has a passion at something he/she should pursue it at a post-secondary education. Not everyone is going to like the idea of hardwork but if you have what it takes to move up in the ever-competitive environment of the real-world you have to take the stairs because there's no elevator to it.


To attend this school you should be self-motivated. If you can be dependent upon yourself then this is a great school for you.


Glendale community college consist of mostly of students who recently graduated from high school who wish to start classes at a community college level as opposed to the university level. There are also older students who attend this school ages 30 to 60 years old who are pursuing either their bachelors degree or masters degree who wish to attend this school to fulfill a prerequisite. I was a student in 2009 desiring to fulfil a prerequisite requirement for a graduate program in Occupational Therapy at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ.


Any person should attend this school who has no confirmation on their life and who also has the commitment to make the best out of the experience.


Glendale Community College is full of different kinds of people. If I had to choose one type of person it would be someone that is driven to enhance their own skills, dedicated to going to school, and is willing to help others. GCC has many different programs to fit anyone. But all of the programs need people with these traits.


Any person who wants to go to college should attend this school. It's a great cheap way to get you required classes out of the way, and see if college is actually for you. It can be people who can't afford to go to a university. It allows for them to continue building their scholarship funds. Adults who choose to go back to school. It allows for them to work around their schedule and its affordable.


Someone who is wanting to succeed, does not mind doing some hard work. They must also be able to deal with all kinds of teachers,a nd figure a way to succeed anyways. It does not cost much to go there, but you get a lot out of it. Including lessons about yourslef, and how you personally deal with other indivuduals.


I think that any person can attend this school. Its made for people 18 to 100. People that work two jobs or one. An individual that is single or married with children. If you eager you earn your degree wihtout breaking the bank than this is really the right school for you.