Glenville State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The thing that preturbs me the most about Glenville State College is the lack of opportunities for students to voice their individualized opinions. I am an advocate for children the have developed mental illness because of bullying and I want to get the word out about just how harmful bullying is to children and teens across the United States. I want to be able to change the lives of others, through my work I have saved over 2000 lives, but I can't even give a presentation at my college as a freshman.


Glenville state college is just very small and very far from anywhere. The closest big cities, with shopping, are at least one hour away. Other than this one thing i really don't like is how the classes are. Instead of offering one class in both the fall and the spring, it is only offered in one or the other, meaning you might have to wait a whole semester or year to take a class that you might need then. That somewhat interrupts people who would like to graduate early or even on time.


The alumni relations. We had a very sad reception for the graduating seniors in the Fall of 2008. I was greatly embarassed that my family was subjected to that and my name was completely spelled wrong on the Alumni Newsletter. It needs to be more professional as an alumni organization.


The campus is on top of a hill, so lots of stairs.


People in general are not very friendly when it comes to homosexuality. Yes there are open minded people; however, many tend to look down upon it. That has been my biggest struggle on this campus.


Needs to be more considerate of commuters...parking and timely announcements of delays/cancellations. Needs a Walmart or 24 hour store during school.