Glenville State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


i wish i had known that this school was small and also how expensive it is to attend such a small school that isn't even a private institution. i wish i would have known how this school find ways to exhuast every bit of money you have out of your pocket and the social norms being comprimised by local students that leave to go home every weekend and public safety that target students that pose no threat to such a vacant campus even on a weekday. also the lack of things to do on and around campus.


I wish I had known more about time-management. It's easy to say before one goes to school that he or she will be on top of their school work, but in reality it's harder than what it looks. I also wish I had gotten more involved with on campus activities and filled out more scholarship applications because the cost to attend college is very expensive; especially if you plan on attending D2 or D1 schools with the intention of staying on campus.


What it would be like to live on my own. Also I would have liked to of met most of the staff/professors before I came out here so I would know a little bit about them.


I wish I had known how hard it would be to obtain financial aid to continue my education. I have had my paperwork lost, had to reapply and still am waiting and hoping to receive financial help. My family isn't able to help with much, but because of numbers that look good on paper, the financial aid seems to think otherwise, so I am stuck in the middle. I really need financial aid to continue my education.


I wish i had known that there wasn't as much cultural diverity has I was used to in high school.