Glenville State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


For being considered the smallest school in the state of West Virginia, Glenville State College does extremely well at keeping students safe. While there are still our incidents, Glenville, in my opinion, should be recognized as one of the safer campuses across the United States.


The fact that there is fewer students means that there are smaller classes. With these smaller classes you get more hands on attention from your teachers, which has done me some good when i have needed help.


I think that the best aspect about my school is the availability of professors and help with coursework when I need it. Professors here are very friendly and honestly care about their students. The small-school atmosphere leads to having quite a few friends because everyone knows everyone. The school is located in the beautiful hills of West Virginia, and there are many opportunities to participate in outdoor recreational activities.


Its small and the teachers care.


The teachers and how much they care. They try very hard to reach out to each of their students


Friendly environment. Helpful teachers. Beautiful campus. Small class sizes. Variety of activities.