Gonzaga University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are friendly and eager to help to ensure success for all.


Everyone at this school is determined to do the best to their own ability, they thrive on challenges and know how to work together, and finally they are able to be innovative with their thinking and create new ways of accomplishing similar tasks.


My classmates are very intelligent and for the most part very kind and outgoing; because of the small size of our school, we have already started to form a strong community.


All of my classes are online so my experience is limited.


Friendly, well-meaning and driven individuals who find comfort in the familiar and in a community with which they can feel a part of.


As a Califronian resident, I have always been surrounded by a diverse community. Attending to Gonzaga that was one of my fears, not being accepted. Gonzaga's diversity is low, and I was surrounded by a lot of white people, which sometimes can frighten you. But I was proved wrong, in Gonzaga all the students are friendly and kind. Everyone smiles at you as you walk by, if you start a random conversion with some stranger they reply to you. The community is so tight, that everyone feels welcome, I know I was.


My classmates are mostly friends who are curious to learn and unafraid to participate and speak their minds.


Classmates are generally friendly and study groups are common.

People who value their education and find giving back to the community or service related activities important.


I feel like my classmates are all similar to me, in that they are attending Gonzaga to get a great education and to discover a learning experience away from home, that allows a person to grow through independent experiences in life.


My peers are friendly and open-minded. Everyone is happy to be at Gonzaga University and feel privileged to be there. The students range from the most liberal thinkers to the most conservative-centered people you could ever hope to meet: there is never a dull moment getting to know the diverse student body on and off campus.


My classroom is filled with interesting characters from all walks of life, some young, some old, some loud some quiet, all different in there own respective way.


In my classes I am surrounded by well-rounded, dedicated, socially aware individuals who are willing to learn from Gonzaga's moto to serve others while benefiting intellectually, physically, and spiritually inside and outside the classroom.


My classmates are some of the most reliable and some of the most insanely awesome people I know!


They push me academically, are well grounded people and have interests in things that affect not only us but the community around us


In mostly all my classes, my classmates have been very friendly and ready to help in any situation; friendly not only in a smile, but in willing to meet new people at the beginning of the term and wanting not only their success, but also those around them.


Really nice, fun, excited to learn.


Professors who work hard to make sure students succeed and will give that extra help if the student seeks them out. Classes are typically 15-35 students.


Many people here are bubbly and seemingly carefree. Though not many are especially studious, most keep up with their classes (even if it only means C's or B's). Pretty much everyone is friendly and likes to have a good time. I also feel, however, that students here tend to be attached to cliques and can sometimes be exclusive. If you are outgoing enough, you can know pretty much everyone at this school.


Enthusiastic and outgoing, smart intelligent fun loving.


Eager to learn and give help to peers.




Some are cool, others not so cool.


Most of them are rich kids who don't appreciate the education their mommies and daddies are paying for and it's sad because they think they're better than you and they really need to wake up.


Eager community-focused students who excel in group projects and public speaking.


Extremely driven and motivated, with the majority of them coming from private school backgrounds, and a rich family tradition of attending Gonzaga, but overall extremely nice, friendly, helpful and willing to share connections and resources.


Superficial people who don't really care about learning; just about when the next house party will be and how popular they are.


Gonzaga's campus has a community feeling where everyone is welcome. I always see different types of students interact. Most students wear sweats to class because it is comfortable.


My experiences at Gonzaga have been predominately good. I haven't had representatives from different groups tell me how what I should believe. The spectrum of groups here is so vast that chances are, you'll find something that you enjoy. It doesn't matter what your sexual, political, or racial orientation is, chances are you'll find a group just for you. The only kind of student I think would have a hard time here is one that has difficulties interacting with people of different backgrounds. Gonzaga is varied in certain ways, but we all interact with each other everyday. It's impossible not to. One of the best incidents I've had was during a Halloween costume party hosted by a Latino-Filippino group. I was dressed as Jack Sparrow and, ironically enough, so was a latino student I'd never met before. We both noticed this, smiled, and chatted it up for a little bit. It's a part of the community. You'll end up meshing one way or another.


The student body is pretty relaxed. I mean we wear sweatpants, pj pants, or whatever to class and no one thinks the wiser. Im in a science based major, so perhaps some business classes dress up a bit more as upper classmen, but i really doubt it. There are religous, racial, LGBT, political, sport, and all other types of clubs so it is REALLY easy to get involved in your interests. Everyone interacts, it is pretty hard to not have friends here. I mean you really have to work for it.


I like the science club but I dd not have a good experience relating to people outside my major. But there are lots of ways to be involved. so many people are so active in so many activities that it is a little intimidating if you have a timid personality.


If you go to GU, you're more than likely white. We have a few Middle Eastern kids on exchange programs, and a handful of black kids (aka the basketball team), but that's about it. It's not like other races aren't welcome at GU, they apparently just choose to go elsewhere. Honestly with the long, cold, and boring winters we have, I can't say that I blame them. Everyone seems to get along at GU, though. I've never seen racial violence or anything like that. Most of the students wear your typical Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle-type clothing. Some people sport the anarchy or gangster look, which is retarded cuz they're going to a private college. But uniforms aren't required, and you can even bust out with the sweats and wife beater in class if you're the lazy type.


Most students here come from rich religious families. There are a lot of house parties full of people with popped collars. You won't see much diversity racially or religiously but, more importantly, there is no diversity of ideas or attitudes. It's just a bunch of preppy white kids trying to be as mediocre as possible in class in order to look like stereotypical college assholes on the weekends.


Gonzaga's student body is pretty well diverse. I have yet to witness a confrontation based on race, sexual preference, gender, religion or anything else. The students get along wonderfully and when clubs have fundraisers to help raise awareness or help a cause whether it's racial, religious, socio-economic, gender, sexual preference or something else the student body really comes together to support that club and that cause. The student body may be honest and practical but they have hearts of gold and we all stick together for the common good.


I chose Gonzaga because of the close-knit community feel, and I definitely experienced that through the students.


The Gonzaga student body tends to be mainly white, thin, and from economically stable families. Most of the students are from Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska; however their are students from all over the US and international students as well. Most students wear fairly casual clothes year round; i.e. American Eagle, Northface, and Jeans. Uggs are a must. The political atmosphere is fairly apathetic and non-existent as students would prefer to stand in line for basketball tickets than to stand in line to vote.


Although Gonzaga makes and effort to espouse diversity, it is a Catholic school through-and-through. Do not come to Gonzaga if you are unconfortable discussing Christianity and Catholicisim in the classroom. Do not.


Most of the students at Gonzaga are like the same person, outdoorsy, smart, from a pretty well off family, friendly.. it seems like a lot come from private schools too. I think all people would be welcomed at Gonzaga, except I could see some not fitting in completely. I think for the most part this is a pretty conservative campus as well.




Gonzaga is lacking in diversity, diversity issue are being talked about and are trying to be improved but there is still a lot of work to do, students are mostly white upper middle class, most people are laid back and dress is casual


About half are Catholic, and none of them really seem to want to have a good time.


It's a catholic school, but less than half the students are catholic. Even fewer actually practice the religion. That said, there are some very conservative catholics on campus, who are not afraid to advertise their beliefs regarding abortion, etc. Similarly, we do have a very active LGBT population and club on campus. There is plenty of room for discussion among the different facets of student life. Sadly, racial diversity is not our strong suit. A majority of students are from WA or at least the northwest, though my best friend was from Singapore. Students are really interested in social justice and care about the population around them. They also enjoy drinking and basketball. It's a fun place to be.


Gonzaga's student body is very welcoming and friendly, but not very diverse. Besides the basketball team, there are very very few African Americans, Asians or Hispanics. Most are middle to upper class whites from suburbia. This lack in diversity doesn't seem to lead to a lack in tolerance or acceptance, I think that Gonzaga has just traditionally attracted a particular demographic (which I hope will change in the future, but that is the way it is at the moment). Besides the athleticism mentioned before, Gonzaga students are fairly similar in the way they dress. Usually a laid-back/outdoorsy kind of style. I remember reading a student interview before I went there about the students' attire and he said "you know, it's your typical northwest abercrombie and fitch wearing school." Although I don't think it's quite abercrombie and fitch anymore, you get the picture a little preppy but not overly concerned with image. It's rare to see a girl in heels and very common to see sweats, running shoes, and flip flops littering the classroom.


Always fun, they have a lot of Gonzaga spirit, very social, friendly


We are a group of people who live to serve. There is a passion at GU for it. We play sports, exercise and eat right. We love to learn and about all things. Gonzaga offers a wide array of majors and minors. Religion is somthing everyone must learn about as it is a core requirement. You can see the motto~ mind, body, spirit. What do most students wear to class?!?~ Whatever they want. Sweats, heals, ties, you name it. Most GU students are from the west, and proud of it! GU by its private nature attract some wealthy students, but there are many, like myself, who come from average, everyday middle class America! I'd guess that most students at GU are right when it comes to politics, although I have several Demi friends who are loud and proud. I don't know that I've ever heard anyone talk about 'how much they'll earn one day'...there seems to be more to life.


Gonzaga's campus is not very diverse unfortunately. The majority is Caucasia, middle to upper class. Most students are from the mid-west and west coast, Washington, Oregon and California. As far as colleges go Gonzaga leans more to the conservative side of politics and are moderately active.


Limited racial and sexual diversity on campus. Huge geographical diversity. Most of the students seem to be athletic or at least interested in sport, especially basketball. Everyone is nice to each other though.


not much diversity but for the most part people are hella chill, welcoming, and down to earth


Because Gonzaga is a Catholic, Jesuit university, there are some beliefs that are deep-rooted in Gonzaga's philosophy, and this can cause a lot of controversy, especially regarding diversity issues. Gonzaga has a wide range of clubs and organizations on campus, including HERO (Helping Educate Regarding Orientation), our Gay-Straight Alliance on campus; GLBT resource center; GSBA (Gonzaga Student Body Association); GAB (Gonzaga Activities Board); BSU (Black Student Union); John Paul II Fellowship; Pro-Life club; etc. I feel as though a racial minority may find it a little harder on campus, simply because Gonzaga as a campus is not SUPER racially diverse. It DOES have diversity, but not as much as could be found in larger, more urban cities. However, I would say that Gonzaga does a good job of trying to make these students feel included in our community. Although Gonzaga lacks racial diversity, it is a very socio-economically, politically and religiously diverse. In terms of "attire" for class, I have seen kids who probably spend an hour getting ready in the morning, as well as those who come to class in sweats and probably only woke up 5 minutes before class (I fall somewhere between the two categories, but am definitely closer to the latter...). There isn't a dress code or anything, and for the most part, the professors are pretty lax about what students wear. I would say that there is definite interaction between different types of students. The students at Gonzaga are VERY accepting of students different from themselves, and that also makes me very proud to be a Zag. The question given: "There are four tables of students in the dining hall. Describe them." Welllll... I can't. Because there are more than four tables, and it is nothing cliquey like high school. I guess if I HAD to describe four tables, I would say that all four tables would be similar: a very diverse group of people sitting together that were talking and laughing. Many Gonzaga students are from Washington state, since Gonzaga is located in Washington. However, we have students from all over the country (and even some kids from other countries, too!). The states that a good portion of our students hail from are: Oregon, California, Colorado, Alaska, Arizona and Montana.


Gonzaga is a Jesuit institution, and they don't let you forget it. For the catholics out there, yes, the Jesuits are a little more liberal than most (they can hold their alcohol, trust me). But if you're looking for people who are a little less traditional, a little more tolerant, don't look at GU. The Vagina Monologues would never come here. The health center is banned from giving out condoms. The GBLT population meets in a basement. About half the students are Catholic, the other half are mostly Christian. There is a lot of discussion about religion, and you should be prepared to defend your beliefs at least once. I'm not saying this is a bad thing: it's been wonderful to actually get to understand why people believe what they do. But if you're uncomfortable talking about it, you want to be wary.