Gonzaga University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Gonzaga University thrives on it's sense of community. At Gonzaga, everyone is quickly able to find their own way in a community that begins to feel like a family. The friendly atmosphere the Gonzaga continuosly has, even after orientation weekend has ended, allows students to be themselves without fear of judgement. The community here comes together to support one another, especially for our beloved Basketball players. Gonzaga's Basketball program has always been big, but that wouldn't be possible wihtout the support of the Kennel Club (student section) at all the games.


Gonzaga University is best known for our high academic standards and for our men's basketball team.


It's academics, friendly student body and staff, and it's basketball team


Gonzaga is a well-known name both for academics and for our men's basketball team.


Gonzaga is known for it's outstanding academics and incredibly small class sizes (my average class size this semester is around 12.) However, when you tell somebody that you go to GU, the first thing out of their mouth is usually, "They have an awesome mens basketball team!" Well yes, we do; we're currently ranked #13 in the nation. But back to academics, Gonzaga's study abroad program, (particularly it's campus in Florence, Italy,) truly allows students become a functioning part of today's world on a global scale. Students emerge from Gonzaga ready to change the world.


Gonzaga is often known for its awesome basketball team. However, what really makes Gonzaga special are all the students that make up one of the greatest fan clubs for our awesome basketball team. The students really come together to show school pride at all the games: screaming out cheers, making special shirts and showing up to every game to make Gonzaga a fun, exciting place to go to school.


Basketball. We have a pretty good basketball team and probably the best school spirit in the nation. We are also known for our academics.


Gonzaga is best known for our very good basketball team.


Gonzaga is best known for its basketball team. Although I am not a die hard fan as many of my peers are, I do enjoy the name recognition that goes along with attending a NCAA Div. 1 school. Because of its sports programs, Gonzaga has more resources to use on facilities, classrooms, and teachers. Additionally, baseball, soccer, and basketball games are great studybreaks and further the sense of school spirit that is rampant on campus.


Gonzaga basketball, Fr. Spitzer, great alumni, very tight groups on campus, friends for life.


The basketbakk team.


our basketball team


Gonzaga is best known for its Basketball team and school spirit. There is also a strong concentration of engineering and pre-med students.


Gonzaga is nationally recognized as one of the top universities to attend for academics. It is also well known for its competitive basketball team in the NCAA.


athletics and basketball


The is best known for its basketball team. We have a great team and that is how most people here about the school. However, it is also a great academic school that has a strong community, with a lot of school spirit. It also has a lot to offer for students once they move on later in life.


the basketball team, the start of the season not only brings the students together but also Spokane


Basketball team, and it's business program.